Definition: bigatom ba = ba_div(object A, B bool bRound=false)
-- or --
bigatom ba = ba_divide(object A, B bool bRound=false)

-- and --

bigatom ba = ba_idiv(object A, B)
-- or --
bigatom ba = ba_idivide(object A, B)
Description: Divide A by B, and either round to the required prescision or truncate (the default), depending on bRound.

The ba_idiv[ide]() function invokes ba_trunc() on A and B before the division, and ba_floor() on the result, in other words it performs an integer divide and returns an integer result, but of course allows far more digits than the builtin integer type.

A and B can be an atom, string, or bigatom.
include bigatom.e
bigatom ba = ba_div("12345678901234567890123456789012345678",PI)