Other Libraries

The following libraries are technically not part of Phix, but are included in the standard distribution.

base64 - convert data to and from base64, which is safe for internet transmission.
cffi - parse C struct and function definitions, and use them.
complex - complex number arithmetic.
database - simple database system (copied from Euphoria).
dict - associative arrays.
ipc - ipc (inter process communication) using shared memory.
json - json parser/printer/converter.
libcurl - client-side URL transfer library.
librsvg - [draft] svg (scaleable vector graphics) handling.
LiteZip - extract from or create zip files.
mpfr / gmp - arbitrary precision arithmetic, much faster than bigatom, but needs dll/so files.
ordinal - number handling routines.
pGUI - The Phix portable Graphical User Interface - 32/64 bit, Windows/Linux compatible.
ppp - Pete’s Pretty Print.
pqueue - priority queues.
pSQLite - the most used database engine in the world.
regex - routines for handling regular expressions.
serialize - conversion to and from a flat series of bytes.
timedate - date and time routines, with timezone and daylight savings handling.
utfconv - simple conversion between UTF-8, UTF-16, and UTF-32.
xml - xml parser/printer.

Deprecated (but still supported):

Arwen - a fast, compact GUI library for Windows-based applications (32-bit only).
arwen32dib - fast bitmap manipulation (24-bit graphics).
bigatom - arbitrary precision arithmetic.