A port of win32dib to arwen. Provides fast bitmap manipulation (24-bit graphics).

The arwen32dib library creates creates and manipulates bitmaps which should be stored in variables declared with the a32Dib type.
Individual colours (BGR-tuples) can also be stored in variables declared with the a32Colour type.

To create a new bitmap, use the newDib function.
To create a copy a bitmap, use the copyDib function.
To create a copy of part a bitmap, use the extractDib function.
To load a bitmap from a file, use the loadDib function.
To save a bitmap to a file, use the saveDib procedure.
When you no longer need a bitmap, you have to delete it by calling the killDib procedure.


include arwen32dib.ew
a32Dib0 dib, dib2
    dib = newDib(width, height)     -- create a new bitmap with the specified width and height
    if integer(dib) then oops("bitmap could not be created") return end if
    dib2 = copyDib(dib)             -- creates a copy of the first bitmap
    if integer(dib2) then oops("bitmap could not be copied") return end if
    ... -- some code
    killDib(dib)                    -- delete the bitmaps. YOU HAVE TO DO THIS.
The file arwen32dib.ew is just:
    include a32dcore.ew -- CORE LIBRARY
    include a32dcolr.ew -- COLOR MANIPULATION LIBRARY
    include a32dgeom.ew -- GEOMETRIC MANIPULATION LIBRARY
    include a32dfltr.ew -- FILTER LIBRARY
    include a32dclip.ew -- CLIPBOARD LIBRARY
    include a32dpoly.ew -- POLYGON LIBRARY
Feel free to just include a32dcore.ew and maybe one or two others, if you prefer.