Console Graphics

The following routines let you display information on a console screen.

For "proper graphics" you need to use a GUI library such as pGUI, which is included in the standard distribution.

clear_screen - clear the screen
position - set cursor line and column
get_position - return cursor line and column
video_config - return parameters of current mode
scroll - scroll text up or down
wrap - control line wrap at right edge of screen
text_color - set foreground text color
bk_color - set background color
read_bitmap - read a bitmap (.bmp) file and return a palette and a 2-d sequence of pixels
save_bitmap - create a bitmap (.bmp) file, given a palette and a 2-d sequence of pixels
cursor - select cursor shape
text_rows - set number of lines on text screen
get_screen_char - get one character from the screen
put_screen_char - put one or more characters on the screen
save_text_image - save a rectangular region from a text screen
display_text_image - display an image on the text screen
free_console - delete the console text window