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Win32Lib 1961K 425K

Author: Win32Lib Team Date: Jun 17 2008 $180.45

old link: [[]]
Phix contains demo\win32lib6, and I (PL) have uploaded - Note however that I use and recommend demo\pGUI (part of the standard distribution) instead.

This is the current version that includes documentation and lots of small example programs. Most Euphoria GUI programs for Windows depend on this library. First released several years ago by David Cuny, Win32Lib is now being developed as a group effort. You can add win32lib.ew and related include files to your euphoria\include directory, but it's better if you create an EUINC environment variable, and point it to the include directory of Win32Lib. To complete your installation you should get Judith Evan's Enhanced IDE. Jun 17: v0.70.4a: bug fixes (xControl, setMousePointer()...) and a couple enhancements (isDropped(), getRect() works on menus,...)

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