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WEE Editor v0.47 modified 4354K

Author: Kenneth Rhodes Date: Mar 12 2016

Extended context sensitive help for GTK widgets (thanks to Irv Mullins) and euphoria keywords - If html help is not available, the view_declaration routine is called automatically. Much improved Backup with timestamp routine options for current file, directory, or project list. Run Glade from Run menu. Irv Mullins' Getting Started with Glade html help tutorial available from Help menu. Several files have been renamed with the prefix "x" (ex:"xwee.exw", ".xwee_conf") so your official wee installation will not be overwritten. GTK/Glade help files are included. Simply Unzip the xwee.tar.bz2 archive into Home directory. Mar 12: Updated with Pete Eberlein's WEE v0.47 bug fix for "loop...until" case statements.

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