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Categories: GEN rds-hosted Library Routines

Replacement print statement 3K

Author: Derek Parnell Date: Jun 3 2004

This include file implements a replacement for the standard 'print' statement, and a string user-defined-type. To use it, just include print.e and then your print statements will display strings as text rather than numbers. It also handles nested sequences. eg. string Name Name = "Derek" integer Age Age = 49 atom Weight Weight = 96.5 print (1,{"Name=", Name, ", Age=", Age, ", Weight=", Weight}) comes out as ... Name=Derek, Age=49, Weight=96.5 print(1, {{"abc", 34}, 5, {{1,2,3},{3,4,"def"}}}) comes out as {abc,34},5,{{1,2,3},{3,4,def}}

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