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Categories: WIN Mathematics

ParticleDraw (drawing progam / particle simulator) 517K

Author: John Ringland Date: Feb 27 2006

ParticleDraw is a novel Windows drawing program powered by a state of the art general system simulation engine. The brushes are dynamic systems of particles with interesting behaviours, which you can completely customise. This program is an implementation of abstract mathematics that arose from metaphysical research. It provides a virtual reality generative process that manifests virtual universes with fundamental properties similar to our own. This program is still in development and is evolving rapidly, it is entirely free with full source code and detailed information on the website. There is also another simple drawing program and a "Game of Life" program. See <a href=>screen shots and more information </a> or see the <a href=>Gallery</a>. Feb 27: ported to Windows with full menu system; psychedelic drawing functionality; better handling; zoom & pan

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