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Categories: WIN Extra Stuff from RDS

Language War for Windows 1314K

Author: Dave Craig / Rob Craig Date: Dec 31 2007

local copy:

This game was designed by Dave Craig in 1978 to run on a 16K RAM TRS-80. Now Rob has ported the DOS version to Windows by using dos_rescue.ew, an include file that overrides the built-in functions: graphics_mode(), pixel(), get_key() etc. It runs the Windows event loop as a separate Euphoria task. Perhaps you can "rescue" some other old DOS graphics programs. Hear Rob's voice, and if you win at the expert level, hear Junko's voice and see a picture of Junko & Rob! Source and compiled executables included. Dec 31: fixed memory leak in call to DrawText - thanks to Matt Lewis

see also DosRescueForPhix

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