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PCAN is (or aims to be) to Phix what CPAN is to Perl, implemented as a very simple publically-editable wiki ("The simplest thing that could possibly work").

Initially populated with some 2160 entries unashamedly pilfered from "The Archive", this version is (obviously) more Phix-centric, eg all DOS and wxEuphoria entries were automatically categorised as rejected, and some as already in the standard distribution. Anything added to "The Archive" after 12th July 2017 will need to be manually replicated here - on average there are only 2 or 3 added per month anyway. Up to date as at 16/01/2018.

Also, be sure to check out, many submissons of which are included in demo\rosetta in the standard distribution, and can be run via "p pdemo".

Organisation is based on pmwiki categories, simply add say [[!phix]] to an individual page, however the main page list of categories themselves is manually maintained, therefore should you create a new category you will also need to edit both the main page and then copy in the 3 or 4 lines of standard pagelist code from any other existing category page, to the new category page, obviously appropriately tweaked. The [[!broken]] category can also be used as a simple ticket system. Aside: I manually created Catagory pages, rather than using the auto-generated Category pages (which all now quietly redirect to Catagory), because of formatting issues.

Of course the smart way to find things is via the search box (top right) rather than by category, anyway.

The Password

The only people I want editing this wiki are those capable of running Phix code, hence there is an edit password on this wiki which can be revealed by running the following one-liner:

puts(1,sq_xor_bits(permute(#69-#65,tagset(69,65)),"2 $/N"))

Or, for those of you running RDS Eu/OpenEuphoria, this (which also works on Phix but with a couple of warnings) should give the same result:

puts(1,xor_bits("12348"+26,";/, X"))

Easily memorable, the same password applies to uploading (obviously pathetically weak, will be made more bot-proof as and when required and not before, hopefully the whole login/approval rigmarole can be avoided).

Questions and Discussions

While you are free to add any comments to entries in PCAN, for the benefit of future visitors, it is probably not a good place to ask questions or start a discussion - try instead.
(If you do update an entry, don't forget, when appropriate, to tag it with [[!broken]], otherwise your words will almost certainly never be noticed, not that said tag guarantees anything.)

Creating Pages

Open createpage copy the first half of that text, change [[newpagename]], click preview, and click on the link from the preview area (which should have a '?' next to it).

Then edit the new page and save. It should show up in any existing categories automatically (assuming you set them), and of course appropriate searches.

I think that is fairly simple, if anyone has a better idea, let me know (or just edit this page and/or the createpage itself).

Barred Words and Blocked Links

Watch out for barred words, such as w e b c a m and p o k e r - you'll get an inscrutable permissions denied message (quite right too).

Likewise some urls are blocked, in half a dozen (dead link anyway) cases, I had to use [[hxxp://]] and [[hxxp://]]]

(If it proves necessary, I may need to set $EnableWhyBlocked=1 in local/config.php)

I believe $UnapprovedLinkCountMax=5 is the default, meaning a limit of five external links per page are permitted, maybe I can up that a bit.
You should certainly use eg [[Win32lib7ForPhix]] in preference to [[]]

File Uploads

Simply add or [[Attach:image.jpg]] (to prevent inline display) or [[(Attach:)file.ext]] (to suppress the "Attach:" text) to an individual page.

You may want to browse the full list of attachments to grab yourself a unique filename (equivalently, open "Attach", top right, from any page, to view that list, and/or upload first).

When the page is saved, the link (if it does not already exist) will have a '?' next to it, and clicking on it will prompt appropriately.

I may need to add a few additional mime times to $UploadExts in local.config.php. You may need to clear your browser cache after replacing an upload.

Syntax Colouring

Simply place (:source lang=phix:) and (:sourceend:) around any code you wish to highlight, eg

-- some sample code
for i=1 to length(res) do
    res[i] = start
    start += step
end for

It uses the Cookbook:SourceBlock recipe, which in turn uses GeSHi, and I can tweak both locally.


I have pre-populated the old micro-economy scores as
 * (+3400)

Feel free to add lines such as:

  • (-3400) we don't want this page on the rating list (although that's taken care of below as well)
  • (+) gets my vote
  • (-) I don't like it
  • (+100) fabulous
  • (-100) cannot even sort numerically!

I suspect the asterisk-space-bracket must be at the start of the line. Uses the votecounter.php recipe.

Note that rejected and superceded entries (more specifically those words anywhere on the page) are excluded from the IndexByRating page.

No attempt is made to prevent or even deter "cheating".


You can make a backup of this entire wiki by clicking on this link. A download link will be shown at the end of the page.

It may get quite big since it contains the entire uploads directory, as well as all the individual pages and settings.

You might want to try something with Cookbook:Standalone, I have already implemented Cookbook:PageRegenerate.

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Page last modified on January 17, 2018, at 03:37 PM