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  • Note that this is not a full list: ones without rating can be found via the HomePage.
20175EnhancedIde2Enhanced IDE  Judith EvansJul 27 2008WIN phix
18045Win32libWin32Lib  Win32Lib TeamJun 17 2008WIN phix
 9700EuwinguiLibraryAndIdeEuWinGUI Library and IDE  Andrea CiniOct 30 2006WIN rds-hosted User Interfaces
 5700MethodEuphoriaMethod Euphoria  Mike NelsonOct 9 2010GEN rds-hosted Language Tools
 5500Win32EngineWin32 Engine  Bernie RyanMay 31 2011WIN rds-hosted
 4400DiamondObjectOrientedLibraryDiamond Object Oriented Library  Mike NelsonMar 14 2004GEN phix Language Tools
 3400ObjectOrientedEuphoriaObject Oriented Euphoria  Matthew LewisOct 15 2006GEN Language Tools
 3200EugridGridControlV134EuGrid Grid Control v1.3.4  Phil RussellMar 17 2008WIN rds-hosted
 3150ExtraControlsExtra Controls  Don PhillipsSep 28 2004WIN rds-hosted
 3110KanarieTemplateSystemLibrary18bKanarie Template System Library 1.8b  Tommy CarlierOct 24 2006GEN Internet
 2900TruetypeFontConverterTrueType Font Converter  Colin TaylorAug 23 2003GEN rds-hosted Fonts
 2750GeneralFunctionsGeneral Functions  Ricardo FornoDec 31 2006GEN rds-hosted Library Routines
 2650ComLibraryCOM Library  Matthew LewisOct 10 2007WIN
 2630StringTokenRoutinesString Token Routines  KatDec 27 2002GEN rds-hosted Library Routines
 2430WinclassCPlusPlusStyleLibraryWinClass C++ Style Library  Al GetzApr 30 2006WIN rds-hosted
 2130Use32-bitIntegersInTranslatedDllsUse 32-bit Integers In Translated DLLs  Matthew LewisSep 8 2006GEN rds-hosted Language Tools
 2075BinaryPrint-GetBinary Print/Get  Gabriel BoehmeMar 30 1999GEN rds-hosted Library Routines
 2050AllegroGraphicsForWin32Allegro Graphics for WIN32  Ray SmithOct 15 2002WIN
 1800EuphoriaDatabaseBrowserEuphoria Database Browser  Matthew LewisAug 25 2004WIN rds-hosted Database
 1700DateAndTimeFunctionsDate and Time Functions  Carl WhiteJun 26 2001GEN rds-hosted Library Routines
 1700EusqlEuSQL  Matthew LewisOct 6 2006GEN Database
 1700XpmmerXpmIconGeneratorXPMmer XPM Icon Generator  Andy DrummondJul 27 2007WIN rds-hosted
 1550EugtkGtkLibraryForEuphoria40EuGTK - GTK Library for Euphoria 4.0  Irv MullinsApr 21 2017LNX User Interfaces
 1400OdbcDatabaseConnectivityODBC Database Connectivity  Matthew LewisMar 10 2005GEN rds-hosted Database
 1400AssemblyMini-debuggerAssembly Mini-Debugger  Alexander ToressonOct 10 2004GEN rds-hosted Machine-Level
 1375WindowsEditor-32-bitWindows Editor (32-bit)  Mike CarrollApr 24 1999WIN Editors
 1300CreateShortcutCreate Shortcut  Martin StachonMar 17 2003WIN rds-hosted
 1270Auto-scaledControls-V21Auto-scaled controls - v2.1  MrTrickFeb 14 2005WIN rds-hosted
 1250TsunamiRecordManagerWrappersTsunami Record Manager wrappers  H.W. OvermanJun 18 2005WIN rds-hosted Database
 1200CximageCxImage  MicMay 20 2010GEN rds-hosted Library Routines
 1200Diamond-liteObjectOrientedLibraryDiamond-Lite Object Oriented Library  Mike NelsonMar 6 2003GEN phix Language Tools
 1150Win32dib053Win32Dib 0.5.3  Tommy CarlierNov 17 2005WIN
 1130EdsGuiEDS GUI  Tone SkodaMar 4 2008WIN rds-hosted Database
 1050UtilityLibraryC-functionsUtility Library C-functions  Bernie RyanJan 25 2006GEN rds-hosted
 1050HelpFileHelp File  H.W. OvermanJun 18 2005WIN rds-hosted Documentation
 1030UpdatedAssemblerUpdated Assembler  MicMar 31 2008GEN rds-hosted Machine-Level
 1000BassAudioLibraryBASS Audio Library  Elliott Sales de AndradeNov 23 2005WIN Sound
 1000DisplayServerDisplay Server  Al GetzMay 25 2004WIN rds-hosted
 1000ProviewerProViewer  Tone SkodaMar 4 2008WIN rds-hosted Language Tools
  975Eutcp4uTcpLibraryeuTCP4u TCP Library  Ray SmithApr 16 2002WIN Internet
  970VincentsEnhancedEuphoriaV25Vincent's Enhanced Euphoria v2.5  Vincent HowellMay 3 2005GEN rds-hosted Language Tools
  925EnhancedInterfaceToEdsEnhanced Interface to EDS  A.C.HarperFeb 26 2003GEN rds-hosted Database
  900ForthCompilerForth compiler  micDec 4 2005WIN rds-hosted Language Tools
  900SpaceBlasterwasCheesySpaceGameSpace Blaster (was Cheesy Space Game)  Steve AllenMar 13 2005WIN rds-hosted Games
  850MorfitReloadedMorfit reloaded  Mark Brown and Todd RigginsNov 30 2007WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
  750TommysUnicodeLibrary12Tommy's Unicode Library 1.2  Tommy CarlierJun 13 2004GEN Library Routines
  720MathevalMatheval  Matthew LewisApr 20 2006GEN rds-hosted Mathematics
  700SquidBlasterSquid Blaster  Liquid-NitrogenFeb 19 2008WIN rds-hosted Games
  700NexusCodeEditorNexus Code Editor  Don PhillipsNov 9 2002WIN rds-hosted Editors
  690EulibcurleulibcURL  Ray SmithDec 14 2005WIN Internet
  650BassmodLibraryBASSMOD Library  Elliott Sales de AndradeJul 6 2004WIN Sound
  640ExcelToolsExcel Tools  Roger MarinOct 30 2002WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
  625EulibneteuLibnet  Ray SmithDec 14 2000WIN Internet
  625SyntaxColoringSyntax Coloring  Irv MullinsApr 24 2004LNX rds-hosted
  600GallerymakerGalleryMaker  Tone SkodaMar 4 2008WIN rds-hosted Internet
  600GdiplusGraphicsLibraryGdiPlus Graphics Library  Al GetzMar 30 2005WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
  600SyntaxHighlightingEditorSyntax Highlighting Editor  Don PhillipsJun 2 2002WIN rds-hosted Editors
  600PopupsForEuwinguiPopups for EuWinGui  Colin TaylorNov 21 2002WIN rds-hosted
  600ModifiedPrintRoutineModified Print Routine  Gabriel BoehmeMar 29 2000GEN rds-hosted Library Routines
  600Smel4euSmel4Eu: SMEL 1.1 Core Package for Euphoria 1.25  Tommy CarlierSep 7 2004GEN
  600SystemTrayIconsSystem Tray Icons  Thomas Parslow (PatRat)Apr 10 2003WIN rds-hosted
  600TimesheetProgramTimesheet Program  Jonas TempleNov 2 2004WIN rds-hosted
  600CheesySpaceGameCheesy Space Game  Steve AllenOct 5 2003WIN rds-hosted Games
  600SerialCommunicationsSerial Communications  Kondor AttilaMay 2 2005WIN rds-hosted Machine-Level
  560WindowsRegistryReadAndWriteWindows Registry Read/Write  Davi FigueiredoNov 30 2002WIN rds-hosted
  560OracOrac  MikeMay 22 2012WIN Language Tools
  550ResourceUtilityForWin32libResource Utility for WIN32LIB  Bernie RyanJan 23 2006WIN rds-hosted
  550WrapperForHawknlWrapper for HawkNL  Elliott Sales de AndradeSep 3 2002WIN rds-hosted Internet
  550Eudoc-EuphoriaDocumentationGeneratorEuDoc - Euphoria Documentation Generator  D. NewhallOct 8 2005GEN rds-hosted Documentation
  550GreatComputerLanguageShootoutGreat Computer Language Shootout!  Jason GadeFeb 5 2007GEN rds-hosted Language Tools
  540Xcontrols206xControls 2.0.6  Greg HaberekJun 17 2008WIN
  520ArraysArrays  Juergen LuethjeDec 7 2005GEN rds-hosted Utility Programs
  500DuplicateFileFinderDuplicate File Finder  Doug WeinertNov 14 2003WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
  500GraphicsEngineForLinuxGraphics Engine for Linux  Bernie RyanDec 20 2000LNX rds-hosted
  500EffmEFFM: Euphoria's Free File Manager  H.W. OvermanJun 18 2005WIN rds-hosted
  500IrregularWindowsIrregular Windows  PatRatJan 16 2001WIN rds-hosted
  500ResourceFileDemosResource File Demos  Wolfgang FritzDec 6 2002WIN
  500Eds-NetEDS/Net  Jonas TempleAug 16 2001WIN rds-hosted Database
  500EuphoriaInstall-SetupUtilityEuphoria Install / Setup Utility  H.W. Overman & Al GetzJul 12 2005WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
  500WinampWrapperWinAmp Wrapper  MicAug 23 2001WIN rds-hosted
  500WebServerTwoWeb Server  Daniel KlussMay 28 2003WIN rds-hosted Internet
  500SearchItemsearch_item  amir rezaJan 22 2004WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
  500ConversionOfExerrConversion of ex.err  Juergen LuethjeDec 18 2007GEN rds-hosted Language Tools
  450Nexus24Pre-betaNexus 2.4 pre-beta  Don PhillipsFeb 11 2004WIN rds-hosted Editors
  450GdLibraryGD Library  Elliott Sales de AndradeOct 19 2005GEN Library Routines
  450WrapperForBlatSmtpE-mailSendingwrapper for Blat SMTP e-mail sending  Michael RaleyMar 14 2005WIN rds-hosted Internet
  450Glue-glutWrapperGlue (GLUT Wrapper)  MicFeb 11 2004GEN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
  450E-mailClientE-Mail Client  Jordah FergusonApr 12 2002WIN rds-hosted Internet
  440SimpsonsRuleSimpson's Rule  Don CahelaMar 24 2006GEN rds-hosted Mathematics
  430MultilingualMultilingual  Wolfgang FritzApr 12 2006WIN
  420ExtendedTaskingLibraryExtended Tasking Library  Mike NelsonOct 30 2005GEN rds-hosted Language Tools
  420MouseViaKeyboardMouse via keyboard  Thomas BetterlyJul 20 2007WIN rds-hosted User Interfaces
  400WindowFindingFunctionsWindow Finding Functions  PatRatJun 25 2001WIN rds-hosted
  400CopyIncludedFilesCopy Included Files  Tone SkodaMar 4 2008WIN rds-hosted Language Tools
  400HighResolutionTimingRoutineHigh Resolution Timing routine  Verne TiceJan 23 2005GEN rds-hosted Library Routines
  400WrapperForWininetdllWrapper for WinInet.dll  Fabio RamirezApr 16 2001WIN rds-hosted Internet
  400BinaryClockBinary Clock  Greg HaberekFeb 28 2006WIN Simple Demos
  400System-wideHotkeysSystem-Wide Hotkeys  Ting (Aku)Jun 17 2003WIN rds-hosted
  400RoutinesForWin32ProgrammingRoutines for WIN32 Programming  Bernie RyanSep 24 1999WIN rds-hosted
  400ZlibCompressionLibraryZLib Compression Library  Elliott Sales de AndradeNov 29 2003GEN Library Routines
  400EuphoriaSyntax-fileForTextpadEuphoria Syntax-File for TextPad  Tommy CarlierNov 24 2004GEN Editors
  400PatternMatchingPattern Matching  Karl BochertApr 23 2002WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
  400PatternMatchingForTextStringsPattern Matching for Text Strings  David CunyFeb 4 2000GEN rds-hosted Library Routines
  380Text-modeFormsText-mode Forms  Andy CranstonMar 17 2003GEN rds-hosted User Interfaces
  380EvaluateSimpleExpressionsEvaluate Simple Expressions  Martin StachonJul 30 2001GEN rds-hosted Simple Demos
  380BitsBITS  Mike DuffyJan 24 2007GEN rds-hosted Library Routines
  350CgiSupportRoutinesCGI Support Routines  AkuApr 26 2002GEN rds-hosted Internet
  350SendMessageBetweenAppsSend Message Between Apps  Guillermo BonvehiJul 25 2001WIN rds-hosted
  350DeluxeSlideShow32Deluxe Slide Show3  Don ColeJul 3 2010WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
  350UrlMonikerWrapperURL moniker wrapper  MicSep 8 2003WIN rds-hosted Internet
  350EeForLinuxEE for Linux  Irv MullinsOct 25 2003LNX rds-hosted
  350SaveEuphoriaObjectsInMemorySave Euphoria Objects in Memory  Jordah FergusonSep 20 2002GEN rds-hosted Library Routines
  330BitOperationsBit Operations  Juergen LuethjeMay 3 2007GEN rds-hosted Library Routines
  325GzipDecompressorGZIP Decompressor  Davi FigueiredoOct 10 1998GEN rds-hosted Utility Programs
  325Win32libexWin32LibEx  Matthew LewisAug 21 2000WIN rds-hosted
  325MidiFileGeneratorMidi File Generator  Mark AkitaMar 31 2001WIN rds-hosted Sound
  305NetworkGameEngineNetwork Game Engine  AndrewDec 19 2001WIN rds-hosted Internet
  300Win32libKeywordLookupWin32Lib Keyword Lookup  Andrew HallAug 7 2004WIN rds-hosted Documentation
  300DynamicConditionalIncludeLibraryDynamic/Conditional Include Library  Vincent HowellNov 11 2005GEN rds-hosted Language Tools
  300Euphoria311-405SupportForVimEditorEuphoria 3.1.1/4.0.5 support for Vim editor  Shian LeeApr 12 2014GEN rds-hosted Editors
  300CgiSearchEngineCGI Search Engine  Guillermo BonvehiMar 24 2002WIN rds-hosted Internet
  300ReadOrWriteFileDateAndTimeRead or Write File Date and Time  Rolf SchroederSep 20 2003WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
  300RussianEuSdlRussian EU SDL  Igor KachanMay 18 2006GEN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
  300ConsoleIOLibraryConsole I/O Library  Ken RogerMay 10 2002WIN rds-hosted
  300PopupEliminatorPopup Eliminator  Robert SwistonMar 28 2003WIN rds-hosted Internet
  300AsynchronousHttpAsynchronous HTTP  PatRatJun 6 2001WIN Internet rds-hosted
  300ScratchAFileScratch a File  Carlos ValdesAug 16 2003WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
  300EuphoriaBookEuphoria Book  Mike SabalJan 15 2003GEN rds-hosted Documentation
  300Spritecoresprite_core.e  Hayden McKayApr 18 2005GEN rds-hosted Machine-Level
  300DbfFile-dbase-AccessRoutines.DBF file (dBase) access routines  Daniel BersteinNov 4 1996GEN rds-hosted Database
  300ColoredButtonsForWin32libAppsColored buttons for Win32lib apps  Judith EvansJul 9 2008WIN
  300TestToCompareEuphoriaAndCGraphicsTest to Compare Euphoria and C Graphics  Andrew KatzApr 28 2007WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
  300Eudebug-ag-version100EuDebug_AG (Version 1.00)  Al GetzFeb 14 2006GEN rds-hosted Language Tools
  300RecordSortingRecord Sorting  Derek ParnellOct 10 2004GEN rds-hosted Library Routines
  300EusudokuEuSudoku  Erik-Jan van KampenMar 31 2006WIN rds-hosted Games
  300WindowsSerialPortAccesswindows serial port access  jacques deschenesMay 24 2009WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
  300Win32libCustomGuiWin32lib Custom GUI  H.W. OvermanJun 18 2005WIN rds-hosted
  300StructuresStructures  Derek ParnellJul 22 2002GEN rds-hosted Library Routines
  300RichEditorRich Editor  Jason MirwaldOct 5 2002WIN rds-hosted Editors
  300RestartLibraryRestart Library  CoJaBoSep 20 2004WIN
  300ReadAndWritewavFilesRead/Write .WAV Files  Daryl Van den BrinkMay 14 2003GEN rds-hosted Sound
  300RarFileExtractionLibraryRAR File Extraction Library  Elliott Sales de AndradeNov 24 2003WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
  300SpinballAndSpindiscSpinBall & SpinDisc  Tommy CarlierAug 7 2004WIN
  300DllLinkageRoutinesDLL Linkage Routines  Austin CatheyMar 26 1999WIN rds-hosted
  300ConquestDeluxConquest Delux  Jordan BellJun 28 2006WIN rds-hosted Games
  300NumberConversionsNumber conversions  David MoneyDec 31 2005GEN rds-hosted Mathematics
  300MusubiMusubi  Mark K. AkitaSep 2 2008WIN rds-hosted Games
  300UuidWin32ApiFunctionsWrappersUUID (GUID) win32 api functions wrappers  jacques deschenesJul 21 2006WIN rds-hosted Database
  300XchatPluginInterfaceXChat Plugin Interface  Elliott Sales de AndradeSep 20 2003WIN rds-hosted Internet
  300ShutdownShutdown  Doug WeinertDec 30 2003WIN rds-hosted
  300WebServerWeb Server  Peter BlueNov 21 2002WIN rds-hosted Internet
  300CrcCRC  Graeme BurkeJan 5 2002GEN rds-hosted Library Routines
  300GuideToObjectOrientedProgrammingGuide to Object Oriented Programming  Alex CaracatsanisSep 11 2003GEN rds-hosted Documentation
  300WatchServerwatch server  jacques deschenesJan 28 2005WIN rds-hosted
  300EuphoriaPreprocessor2Euphoria Preprocessor  Chris BenslerJul 23 2001GEN rds-hosted Language Tools
  300AiTrainerAI Trainer  Wes HermansonMay 3 2006WIN Mathematics
  300XmlParserXML Parser  Thomas Parslow (PatRat)Nov 4 2002GEN rds-hosted Internet
  300SendFilesToRecycleBinSend Files to Recycle Bin  Doug WeinertAug 14 2003WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
  300FileIOScreenIOAndOtherMiscFunctionsFile I/O, Screen I/O & Other Misc Functions  Bill ReedJul 17 2005GEN rds-hosted Library Routines
  300OdbcLibraryODBC Library  Tone SkodaMar 4 2008WIN rds-hosted Database
  300TimeitV02TimeIt v0.2  Guillermo BonvehiApr 23 2004WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
  300EuphoriaJfwLibraryEuphoria JFW Library  Louis BryantMar 26 2006WIN rds-hosted Sound
  300GdiplusGdiPlus  Mike DuffyJan 16 2012WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
  300SimplisticObjectOrientedProgrammingLibrarySimplistic Object Oriented Programming Library  Mario SteeleMar 28 2005GEN Language Tools
  300Non-englishLanguageSupportNon-English Language Support  Jiri NemecDec 18 1998WIN rds-hosted
  280EventSystemForEuphoriaEvent System for Euphoria  Jeffrey FieldingJul 21 1999GEN rds-hosted Language Tools
  275Bresenham-BezierCurvesBresenham/Bezier Curves  BarbarellaSep 3 2002GEN rds-hosted Mathematics
  265ArchiveReaderArchive Reader  Tony StewardFeb 17 2002WIN rds-hosted Database
  260SequenceParsingSyntaxSequence Parsing Syntax  Daryl BorderAug 26 2005GEN rds-hosted Language Tools
  260IdleTaskLibraryidle task library  Ryan W. JohnsonJul 14 2008GEN rds-hosted Library Routines
  250PreciseTimerDosAndWindowsPrecise Timer DOS and Windows  Daniel KlussAug 6 2004GEN rds-hosted Library Routines
  250Runge-kuttaNumericalIntegrationRunge-Kutta Numerical Integration  Don CahelaMar 8 2006GEN rds-hosted Mathematics
  250SkinnedWindowLibraryAndExampleSkinned Window Library and Example  Dave ProbertJun 22 2005WIN rds-hosted
  250CgiSupportLibrariesCGI Support Libraries  Greg HaberekAug 20 2005GEN rds-hosted Internet
  250ScintillaEditControlScintilla Edit Control  Mike DuffyMar 9 2008WIN rds-hosted
  250SpiderSpider  Daniel KlussMar 1 2004WIN rds-hosted Internet
  250Eucontrols102EuControls 1.0.2  Tommy CarlierAug 7 2004WIN
  250Win32libTutorialsWin32Lib Tutorials  Wolfgang Fritz and Ad RienksApr 15 2002WIN
  240MemoryMonitorMemory Monitor  H. W. OvermanDec 26 2002WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
  225SendkeysSendkeys  PatRatJul 5 2001WIN rds-hosted
  220SequenceViewerSequence Viewer  Andras SzaboApr 20 2002WIN rds-hosted Database
  210Dawg-BuildWrappersAutomaticallyDAWG - Build wrappers automatically  Chris BenslerApr 1 2002WIN rds-hosted Language Tools
  200Elink032bElink 0.3.2b  Graeme BurkeOct 29 2006WIN rds-hosted Language Tools
  200Clipsclips  Mike DuffyFeb 1 2008WIN rds-hosted
  200MagicDesigner-toy-EmulationProgramMagic Designer (toy) emulation program  Andrew KatzJul 2 2009WIN rds-hosted Games
  200Flat-assembler-wrapperFlat-Assembler (wrapper)  Hayden McKayMay 28 2007WIN rds-hosted Machine-Level
  200ExtendedPrecisionArithmeticExtended Precision Arithmetic  Antoine TammerMay 30 2002GEN rds-hosted Mathematics
  200GridControlGrid Control  Jonas TempleJun 20 2002WIN rds-hosted
  200DirectdrawFastScrollingDemoDirectDraw fast scrolling demo  Tone SkodaJan 11 2004WIN
  200WindowAnimationWindow Animation  Logan KodyszMay 29 2006WIN rds-hosted
  200WrapperForTheEu2cWindowsTranslatorWrapper for the Eu2C Windows translator  Juergen LuethjeSep 26 2007WIN rds-hosted Language Tools
  200FmodSoundLibraryFMOD Sound Library  AkuApr 22 2003WIN rds-hosted Sound
  200Win32EngineRWin32 Engine_R  Igor KachanSep 14 2004WIN rds-hosted
  200PopupGorillaPopup Gorilla  Greg HaberekFeb 3 2004WIN Internet
  200Layoutpanels101LayoutPanels 1.0.1  Tommy CarlierAug 7 2004WIN
  200Bzip2LibraryBZip2 Library  Greg HaberekOct 14 2003WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
  200Windirwin_dir()  Greg HaberekDec 17 2005WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
  200HardwareDepEnabledEuphoriaHardware DEP enabled Euphoria  Shawn PringleDec 29 2008GEN rds-hosted Language Tools
  200MakeProjectFileMake Project File  Martin StachonApr 5 2002WIN rds-hosted
  200TileModelTile Model  MikeJul 2 2007WIN rds-hosted
  200SokobanGameSokoban Game  Kenneth RiviereMay 7 2001WIN rds-hosted Games
  200WavEditor.WAV Editor  Daryl van den BrinkMay 15 2003WIN rds-hosted Sound
  200Winprog-PetzoldProjectWinprog/Petzold Project  Craig GilbertApr 8 2012WIN
  200Win32ApiWrappersTwoWIN32 API Wrappers  Jacques DeschenesJun 1 1998WIN rds-hosted
  200EuwinfunEuWinFun  Roland StowasserMay 22 2006WIN rds-hosted
  200JapiGuiLibraryJapi Gui Library  Merten JoostJun 12 2002GEN User Interfaces
  200OpenptcGraphicsOpenPTC Graphics  Russell K. DavisJun 7 2000WIN rds-hosted
  200LzCompressionLZ Compression  MicMay 28 2003GEN rds-hosted Library Routines
  200MemoryV10Memory v1.0  Evan MarshallJan 2 2005WIN rds-hosted Games
  195JarodDual-platformMultimediaLibraryJarod Dual-Platform Multimedia Library  MicOct 7 2000WIN Library Routines
  190SimplexAlgorithmSimplex Algorithm  Gerardo Valenzuela LozadaMay 12 2003GEN rds-hosted Mathematics
  185GtkLibraryGTK Library  David CunySep 7 1999LNX rds-hosted
  180ComplexLuDecompositionComplex LU decomposition  Don CahelaDec 22 2006GEN rds-hosted Mathematics
  175Chip8EmulatorChip8 emulator  micSep 29 2005WIN rds-hosted Language Tools
  175ResourceBinderResource Binder  David CunyNov 13 1999GEN rds-hosted Language Tools
  170Graphexgraphex.ew  Gary ShinglesJul 24 2008WIN rds-hosted
  170TableDatabaseManagerTable Database Manager  KittenABAug 25 2006WIN rds-hosted Database
  160UseResourcesFromdllFilesUse Resources from .dll files  David MillsOct 10 2003WIN rds-hosted
  150DllAndIncludeForRunningLuaScriptsAndFilesDll and include for running Lua scripts and files.  Jeremy PetersonDec 2 2005WIN Language Tools
  150FixForExotica-ExoticaxFix for Exotica/ExoticaX  Paul PlummerAug 28 2002WIN rds-hosted Games
  150InternetServerInternet Server  Hawke'Dec 26 1998WIN rds-hosted Internet
  150LaunchPadv403Launch Pad (v4.03)  Al GetzMay 26 2006WIN rds-hosted
  150AllegroEuphoriaBitmapLibraryAllegro Euphoria bitmap library  Mike WeverJan 8 2004WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
  150MinesweeperbeaterVer3MineSweeperBeater Ver3  Daniel KlussSep 10 2005WIN rds-hosted Games
  150EasyDesignToolForWin32libEasy Design Tool for Win32Lib  Jacques DeschenesJan 26 1999WIN rds-hosted
  150InplaceScientificCalculatorAndServerInPlace Scientific Calculator and Server  Al GetzApr 8 2005WIN rds-hosted Mathematics
  150WindowsRulerWindows Ruler  Travis BeatyJan 18 2001WIN rds-hosted
  150PearlHarborPearl Harbor  Robert SwistonMar 29 2003WIN Games
  150FluffyBunniesFluffy Bunnies  Mark HonnorOct 23 2008WIN rds-hosted Games
  150LplannerLPlanner  Michael J. SabalMar 2 2005WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
  150MysqlForEuphoriaMySQL for Euphoria  Fabio RamirezJul 20 2002WIN rds-hosted Database
  150Tetrix3Tetrix3  MicOct 20 2003WIN Games
  150MpegGopCutterMPEG GOP Cutter  Doug WeinertNov 17 2002WIN rds-hosted
  150Bmp-Xpm-ConverterBMP <--> XPM Converter  Roland StowasserNov 15 2001WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
  150ABeginnersGuideToEuphoria-htmlA Beginners Guide To Euphoria (HTML)  Jules DavyMay 16 2007GEN rds-hosted Documentation
  150LoopLibLOOP lib  Lewis TownsendFeb 22 2001GEN Language Tools broken
  150SetsSets  Rod JacksonNov 19 2001GEN rds-hosted Library Routines
  150BrainfckInterpreterBrainf*ck Interpreter  D. NewhallFeb 27 2005GEN rds-hosted Simple Demos
  150MarkovianTextGeneratorMarkovian Text Generator  Ricardo M. FornoJan 27 2006GEN rds-hosted Simple Demos
  150StretchBitmapStretch Bitmap  Martin StachonFeb 5 2002WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
  150ClockInARoundWindowClock in a Round Window  Roland StowasserDec 23 2001WIN rds-hosted
  150Euviewer3EuViewer3  Al GetzJun 20 2005WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
  150SpectreSetupSpectre Setup  Pete KingApr 21 2000WIN
  150MaprulerMapRuler  jacques deschenesSep 9 2005WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
  150StackLibraryStack Library  Lucius L. Hilley IIIMay 22 2002GEN rds-hosted Library Routines
  140EunetEuNet  Michael J. SabalJul 8 2008GEN rds-hosted Internet
  130GlobalsExtractorForEditorSyntaxFilesglobals extractor for editor syntax files  Michael NelsonMay 21 2008GEN rds-hosted Language Tools
  130MywindowsMyWindows  KittenABAug 25 2006WIN rds-hosted
  130TommysIOLibrary10Tommy's I/O Library 1.0  Tommy CarlierSep 10 2006GEN Language Tools
  1206000Win32Constants6000 WIN32 Constants  Jacques DeschenesJun 28 1999WIN
  120LuaV502WrappersForEuphoriaLua v502 wrappers for Euphoria  Jeremy PetersonDec 20 2005WIN rds-hosted Language Tools
  120FastSortingForEuphoriaFast Sorting for Euphoria  Leks van der Voort van der KleijJan 13 2006GEN rds-hosted Library Routines
  120HtmlProgrammingLibraryHTML Programming Library  back_analysJan 20 2007GEN rds-hosted Internet
  120ImageEvolverImage Evolver  Alexander ToressonMay 28 2003WIN rds-hosted Mathematics
  120EasyWebServerEasy Web Server  Louis BryantDec 5 2006WIN rds-hosted Internet
  115ArchiveSearchArchive Search  Roland StowasserFeb 23 2002WIN rds-hosted Database
  110FilesForContextEditorFiles for ConTEXT Editor  Jiri BaborSep 4 2001GEN rds-hosted Editors
  100FractalScreenSaverFractal Screen Saver  Nick MetcalfeAug 4 2009WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
  100TerragenToEuTerrainDemoTerragen to Eu Terrain Demo  your average JoeFeb 13 2006WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
  100Eu2htmleu2html  Jules DavyFeb 5 2004WIN rds-hosted Language Tools
  100JudithsIdeCompiledJudith's IDE compiled  AkuNov 21 2004WIN rds-hosted
  100AviGenerator-windowsAVI Generator (Windows)  MicSep 30 2002WIN rds-hosted
  100HexyGameHexy Game  Mark AkitaAug 27 2002WIN rds-hosted Games
  100ScientificNotationParserScientific notation parser  Matt LewisAug 3 2007GEN rds-hosted Language Tools
  100SimultaneousEquationsTwoSimultaneous Equations  Don CahelaMar 18 2013GEN rds-hosted Mathematics
  100UdpUDP  GazApr 4 2008WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
  100PikquikBitsPikQuik Bits  David PlettsJun 23 2005WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
  100Mimocmimoc.e  agsFeb 9 2006GEN rds-hosted Library Routines
  100TelnetProtocolTelnet Protocol  Michael RaleyOct 5 2000WIN rds-hosted Internet
  100SimpleEdsEditorSimple EDS Editor  cklesterNov 15 2003GEN rds-hosted Database
  100GatherGather  Ricardo M. FornoMar 13 2007GEN rds-hosted Utility Programs
  100ParallelPortMonitorParallel Port Monitor  Neil FraserMay 9 2003WIN Machine-Level
  100ProfilerProfiler  Alexander ToressonNov 15 2003WIN rds-hosted Language Tools
  100Win32ProfileLibraryWin32 Profile library  CChrisAug 6 2007WIN rds-hosted
  100MoveOrResizeBorderlessWindows2Move/Resize Borderless Windows  PatRatMar 25 2001WIN rds-hosted
  100FrogF.R.O.G  Jonas TempleDec 3 2007WIN Database
  100BassCdLibraryBass CD Library  Elliott Sales de AndradeNov 23 2005WIN Sound
  100LlamaGtkEnhancementsLLama/GTK Enhancements  J. BrownSep 24 2002LNX
  100TextToPdfConverterText to PDF converter  Maurizio MoroniJun 5 2001GEN rds-hosted Utility Programs
  100SimpleObject-orientedEuphoriaSimple Object-Oriented Euphoria  No SolutionJul 12 2000GEN rds-hosted Simple Demos
  100QuartzQuartz: OOP in Euphoria  Roderick JacksonDec 14 1999GEN rds-hosted
  100MersenneTwisterMersenne Twister  Brendon SlyJul 20 2001GEN rds-hosted Library Routines
  100SyntaxFilesForCrimsonEditorSyntax Files for Crimson Editor  Andrew HallJul 22 2004WIN rds-hosted Editors
  100PrintInColumnsPrint in Columns  Tony StewardAug 17 2003WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
  100ClientAccessToolboxForIbmIseriesClient Access Toolbox for IBM iSeries  Jonas TempleFeb 1 2005WIN Utility Programs
  100WindowsPuzzleGameWindows Puzzle Game  Stanislav SitarAug 16 2000WIN rds-hosted Games
  100Memorymemory.e  Hayden McKayMay 2 2005GEN rds-hosted Machine-Level
  100PerlinNoiseLibraryPerlin Noise Library  Dan McGrathSep 3 2003GEN rds-hosted Sound
  100FinancialCalculatorFinancial Calculator  Jaime MarcosOct 25 2006GEN rds-hosted Mathematics
  100WebBrowserWeb Browser  AndrewMar 22 2002WIN rds-hosted Internet
  100SequenceOperationsTwoSequence Operations  Derek ParnellSep 17 2003GEN rds-hosted Library Routines
  100NcursesForEuphoriancurses for Euphoria  Chris BurchJan 26 2006LNX rds-hosted
  100Mp3EvaluatorMP3 Evaluator  Tone SkodaMar 4 2008WIN rds-hosted Sound
  100InsertBitmapsInsert Bitmaps  Elliott Sales de AndradeOct 31 2002WIN rds-hosted
  100MathLibrary2Math Library  Don CahelaJun 2 2009GEN rds-hosted Mathematics
  100GenericGameboyIdeGeneric Gameboy IDE  Russell K. DavisFeb 15 2000WIN rds-hosted Editors
  100ModifiedInterpreterModified Interpreter  Matthew LewisJul 14 2003WIN rds-hosted Language Tools
  100LibraryOfStatisticalFunctionsLibrary of Statistical Functions  Charles NewbouldApr 9 2010GEN rds-hosted Mathematics
  100BitmapConverterBitmap Converter  Mike WeverDec 29 2003WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
  100Euvide100SetupProgramEuVIDE 1.0.0 Setup Program  Andy DrummondJun 6 2007WIN rds-hosted
  100FileCompareFile Compare  Ricardo FornoAug 16 2002GEN rds-hosted Utility Programs
  100Gw-to-eGW_to_E  Daniel KlussNov 18 2003WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
  100Conquest2GameConquest2 Game  Mark AkitaMar 12 2003WIN rds-hosted Games
  100GrprintVersion2GrPrint version 2  Andy DrummondSep 15 2005WIN rds-hosted
  100Debug-magic-boxdEbUg_magic_box  Antonio AlessiApr 4 2006WIN Language Tools
  100EuphoriaHypertextHelpEuphoria HyperText Help  Juergen LuethjeFeb 5 2006GEN rds-hosted Documentation
  100HewForEuallegrohew for euallegro  Chris BurchJul 12 2005GEN rds-hosted Utility Programs
  100NaturalSortNatural Sort  Andy SerpaJan 13 2006GEN rds-hosted Library Routines
  100ConvertingdbfFilesToEdsConverting .DBF files to EDS  Sergio GelliApr 2 2008WIN Database
  100HyperbolicAndListRoutinesHyperbolic and List Routines  Brad OlsonFeb 4 2003GEN rds-hosted Mathematics
  100HexmathHexMath  Michael J. SabalSep 29 2008GEN rds-hosted Mathematics
  100AdvancedWildcardLibraryAdvanced wildcard library  AronNov 11 2006GEN rds-hosted Language Tools
  100WinprintWinPrint  Rod DamonJan 11 2006WIN rds-hosted
  100OpenglDemo-TrueGlOpenGL Demo - True GL  Daniel KlussNov 21 2003WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
  100DipnDaubDip 'n Daub  David PlettsOct 8 2003WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
  100TowersOfHanoiTowers of Hanoi  Martin StachonAug 16 2002WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
  100WebShepherdWeb Shepherd  Mark SmithJan 19 1999WIN rds-hosted
  100HypatiaCommandLineCalculatorHypatia Command Line Calculator  Robert SchachterOct 30 2007GEN Mathematics
  100SimpleDirectMediaLayerSimple Direct Media Layer  Mark AkitaJul 11 2002WIN rds-hosted
  100BlowfishForEuphoriaBlowfish for Euphoria  Alexander ToressonJan 28 2004GEN rds-hosted Library Routines
  100EgInterpreterEG Interpreter  Greg HaberekDec 8 2004GEN rds-hosted Language Tools
  100RegressionAnalysisRegression Analysis  Marcelo MolinaApr 20 2002WIN rds-hosted Mathematics
  100FrostFrost  AndyJun 7 2009WIN rds-hosted Games
  100EuphoriaPreprocessorEuphoria Preprocessor  David CunyJun 2 1998GEN rds-hosted Language Tools
  100EuphoriaCgiSetupEuphoria CGI Setup  Irv MullinsFeb 12 2001LNX rds-hosted
  100SousedMouseGameSoused Mouse Game  Robert SwistonOct 9 2002WIN rds-hosted Games
  100SimpleStandardLibrarySimple Standard Library  Not only Aku 2005 :)Jun 11 2007GEN Library Routines
  100XpmIconLibraryXPM Icon Library  Jonas TempleDec 19 2002WIN rds-hosted
  -10EuallegroRepackagedEuAllegro repackaged  Ray SmithDec 14 2007WIN phix Games
   80ProcessViewerProcess Viewer  Pete StonerJun 16 2006WIN rds-hosted
   80InfoboxinfoBox  Andy DrummondJul 27 2007WIN rds-hosted
   80WindowsServicesLibraryWindows Services library  Michael J. SabalJun 8 2007WIN rds-hosted
   80Cross-printingToConsoleAndAFileOrFilescross-printing to console and a file or files  J.GuyMar 23 2006GEN rds-hosted Library Routines
   80EuWebClick-DownloadCounterEU Web click/Download Counter  Pete StonerNov 3 2006GEN rds-hosted Internet
   80TaskManagerTask Manager  Mike NelsonAug 27 2005GEN rds-hosted Language Tools
   80StrongTypedDatabaseV05Strong Typed Database v0.5  Jean-Marc DUROAug 1 2009GEN rds-hosted Database
   80TorutoRU  Wolfgang Fritz / Igor KachanSep 8 2009WIN Documentation
   80Colorcolor  Mike DuffyFeb 1 2008WIN rds-hosted
   75WindowsEditor-PEWindows Editor  Pete EberleinDec 4 2014WIN rds-hosted Editors
   75Win32CommonDialogsAndMenusWIN32 Common Dialogs and Menus  Jacques DeschenesDec 4 1997WIN rds-hosted
   75SoundexLibrarySoundex Library  Jess HarpurOct 11 2000GEN rds-hosted Library Routines
   70DemotesterDemoTester  Gary ShinglesSep 25 2007WIN rds-hosted
   70CommandLineProcessorCommand Line Processor  Alex ChamberlainSep 15 2005GEN rds-hosted Library Routines
   70HandlingUndefinedValuesHandling Undefined Values  Juergen LuethjeSep 27 2007GEN rds-hosted Mathematics
   70Win32libDllExampleWin32Lib Dll Example  Logan KodyszMay 23 2006WIN rds-hosted
   70Command-lineOptionsForYourProgramCommand-line options for your program  James CookMay 27 2017GEN rds-hosted Library Routines
   70NormalDistributionNormal Distribution  Erik van KampenApr 10 2001GEN rds-hosted Mathematics
   50SplitterControlSplitter Control  Don PhillipsNov 22 2001WIN rds-hosted
   50SdlMixerLibrarySDL Mixer Library  Mark AkitaOct 5 2006WIN rds-hosted Sound
   50PcSpeakerSoundsPC Speaker Sounds  Ting (Aku)Jul 9 2001WIN rds-hosted Sound
   50EuappeuApp  Matt ArriolaJul 19 2003LNX rds-hosted User Interfaces
   50EuphoriaSerializationLibrary11Euphoria Serialization Library 1.1  Tommy CarlierJul 5 2004GEN Library Routines
   50BlackjackGameBlackJack Game  Jon SnyderNov 23 2001WIN rds-hosted Games
   50FontConverterFont Converter  Juan ReinaOct 31 2001WIN rds-hosted Fonts
   50GoogleSearchToolGoogle Search Tool  Robert SzalayOct 15 2002WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
   50LlamaLlama  David CunyJun 29 1999WIN rds-hosted
   50SimpleText-modeUserInterfaceSimple Text-Mode User Interface  Irv MullinsOct 28 2003LNX rds-hosted
   50TriangleFillersTriangle Fillers  MicOct 31 2000GEN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
   50Win3dWin3D  SpockyMay 17 2000WIN rds-hosted
   50ConquestGameConquest Game  Mark AkitaApr 14 2001WIN rds-hosted Games
   50FasterPiCalculation2Faster PI Calculation  Laurence DraperSep 24 1998GEN rds-hosted Mathematics
   50DragonBlastDragon Blast  Mark AkitaMay 2 2003WIN rds-hosted Games
   50ReadZipFileInfoRead ZIP file info  Jeff FieldingJul 28 2001GEN phix Utility Programs
   50EasterCalculationEaster Calculation  Ken RogerJan 7 2002GEN rds-hosted Library Routines
   50ConverthToeConvert .h to .e  Daniel KlussApr 23 2002WIN rds-hosted Language Tools
   50Directe-DirectxForEuphoriaDirectE - DirectX for Euphoria  MicJul 9 2008WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
   30OthelloGameOthello Game  Jerry NicholsDec 1 1998WIN rds-hosted Games
   30CallEuphoriaRoutinesOnAnotherMachineCall Euphoria Routines on Another Machine  Pete EberleinFeb 18 2000LNX
   25TextFormatterText Formatter  Mike NelsonFeb 4 2001GEN rds-hosted Utility Programs
   25Reminder2Reminder  Jordah FergusonFeb 20 2002WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
   25FormulaCompilerFormula Compiler  Al GetzMar 4 2001GEN rds-hosted Language Tools
   25WebPageConstructionToolWeb Page Construction Tool  Trevor DixonMay 4 2001WIN rds-hosted Internet
   20RubiksCubeRubik's Cube  Ian WrightJun 2 1999DOS WIN
   20GetCpuParametersGet CPU Parameters  Pete EberleinSep 17 1999GEN rds-hosted Machine-Level
   20AddressRoutingAddress Routing  Victor KaprilianApr 23 2001GEN rds-hosted Machine-Level
   20BumpmapEffectForExoticaBumpmap Effect for Exotica  MicMar 4 2000WIN rds-hosted
   15SimpleUserInputRoutineSimple User Input Routine  David CunyOct 10 1997GEN rds-hosted User Interfaces
   14SvgaGraphicsInLinuxSVGA Graphics in Linux  Pete EberleinAug 8 1999LNX rds-hosted
   12CompressoCompressionLibraryCompresso Compression Library  Roderick JacksonJul 15 2000GEN rds-hosted Library Routines
   10RandomNumbersRandom Numbers  KaseyApr 30 1998GEN rds-hosted Library Routines
  • Note that this is not a full list: ones without rating can be found via the HomePage.
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