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Categories: GEN rds-hosted Library Routines

Eu4 Standard Library 3358K

Author: Jean-Marc DURO Date: Jan 5 2018

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Port to EU 4.0 of the Eu3 standard library, documented and tested. - Includes libcurl, libSSH2 and WinHTTP wrappers to allow HTTPS and SSH. LibSSH2 may be usable in Linux too (not tested). - Added JSON parser
A set of libraries for Eu4, documented and tested. Complete rewrite.
Now all DLLs/libraries are wrapped the same way in two locations: lib/_w32routines_.e (Win32) and lib/_external_.e (Linux and multi-platform), either his or third party libraries.
v1.1.0 - CURL REST client, HTML index, bug corrections

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