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Contributions which only run on the Windows platform

  1206000Win32Constants6000 WIN32 Constants  Jacques DeschenesJun 28 1999WIN
 9-digit-problem9-digit-problem  Fred RansomApr 4 2011WIN Mathematics
 AbcmsmAbcMSM  William HeimbignerJun 30 2004WIN rds-hosted
 AbcmyfavsABCmyFavs  William HeimbignerJun 26 2004WIN rds-hosted Internet
 ABetterTextEditorA Better Text Editor  llamedosoAug 17 2016WIN rds-hosted Editors
 AboutWinabout win  amir rezaJul 5 2004WIN rds-hosted
 AcropdfDemoAcroPDF Demo  Greg HaberekAug 18 2008WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
 AdaptingTheRegistryToWorkBetterWithJudithsIdeAdapting the Registry to Work Better with Judith's IDE  Shawn PringleJun 19 2006WIN rds-hosted Documentation
 Add-onToTidy-printadd-on to tidy_print  Antonio AlessiSep 5 2004WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
 AddressBookAddress Book  Wolfgang FritzFeb 24 1999WIN
  300AiTrainerAI Trainer  Wes HermansonMay 3 2006WIN Mathematics
 AlarmClockAlarm Clock  Bernie SomesJan 15 2002WIN rds-hosted
 AlienAttackAlien Attack  GazApr 4 2008WIN rds-hosted Games
  150AllegroEuphoriaBitmapLibraryAllegro Euphoria bitmap library  Mike WeverJan 8 2004WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
 2050AllegroGraphicsForWin32Allegro Graphics for WIN32  Ray SmithOct 15 2002WIN
 AlphaBlendingAlpha Blending  Thomas Parslow (PatRat)Dec 2 2001WIN rds-hosted
 AmbiAmbi  David PlettsMar 27 2009WIN rds-hosted Sound
 AmbiplayerAmbiPlayer  David PlettsApr 2 2009WIN rds-hosted Sound
 AmptickerAmpTicker  Cassidy NapoliOct 30 2001WIN rds-hosted Internet
 AnagramQuizProgramAnagram Quiz Program  Jerry StoryMar 7 2010WIN Games
 AndreaCinisEuwinguiReloadedAndrea Cini's EUWinGUI reloaded  ChrisBurch3Nov 15 2010WIN rds-hosted User Interfaces
 AnimationTestAnimation Test  Greg HarrisFeb 9 1999WIN rds-hosted
 ApplicationLauncherApplication Launcher  Alistair MurraySep 29 2000WIN rds-hosted
 ApplicationStarterApplication Starter  Andrea CiniDec 17 2002WIN rds-hosted
 AppointmentCalendarDemoAppointment Calendar Demo  Al GetzFeb 26 2005WIN rds-hosted
  265ArchiveReaderArchive Reader  Tony StewardFeb 17 2002WIN rds-hosted Database
  115ArchiveSearchArchive Search  Roland StowasserFeb 23 2002WIN rds-hosted Database
 AssociatorAssociator  Jesse AdkinsSep 9 2006WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 Astro2astro  Mike ManturovApr 11 2013WIN Graphics Demos
  300AsynchronousHttpAsynchronous HTTP  PatRatJun 6 2001WIN Internet rds-hosted
 AtpInstallerATP Installer  Alexander ToressonApr 12 2004WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 Auto-generatePaste-inGuiCodeAuto-generate paste-in Gui code  Phil FrenchJan 20 2014WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 1270Auto-scaledControls-V21Auto-scaled controls - v2.1  MrTrickFeb 14 2005WIN rds-hosted
 Avi2gifAVI2GIF  micOct 14 2009WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
  100AviGenerator-windowsAVI Generator (Windows)  MicSep 30 2002WIN rds-hosted
 Axiom2Axiom2  Greg HaberekDec 26 2004WIN rds-hosted Editors
 AxiomEditorAxiom Editor  Greg HaberekDec 23 2002WIN rds-hosted Editors
 BabysumsBabySums  Fred ManganMay 29 2012WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 BalanceSheetBalance Sheet  Andy DrummondAug 30 2005WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 BalloonTooltipsBalloon Tooltips  Logan KodyszJun 4 2006WIN rds-hosted
 Base10To62ConverterBase10 to 62 converter  Russell SowersAug 16 2009WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 BasicWin32libAppBasic Win32Lib App  Tone SkodaMar 4 2008WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 BatchJobScheduleAuditScriptXpbatch job schedule audit script XP  Michael RaleyJun 17 2006WIN rds-hosted
 BatteryMonitorBattery Monitor  Greg HaberekMar 15 2006WIN rds-hosted
 BibleBrowserBible Browser  Greg HaberekFeb 22 2004WIN Database
 BilingualEu25SyntaxFileForTheAkelpadEditorBilingual EU 2.5 syntax file for the AkelPad editor  Igor KachanNov 27 2008WIN Editors
 BilingualEu25SyntaxFileForTheHippoeditBilingual EU 2.5 Syntax file for the HippoEDIT  Igor KachanNov 29 2008WIN Editors
  400BinaryClockBinary Clock  Greg HaberekFeb 28 2006WIN Simple Demos
  100BitmapConverterBitmap Converter  Mike WeverDec 29 2003WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 BitmapCrusherBitmap Crusher  Wolfgang FritzMar 17 2007WIN Utility Programs
 BitmapManipulationToolBitmap Manipulation Tool  MicMar 2 2002WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
   50BlackjackGameBlackJack Game  Jon SnyderNov 23 2001WIN rds-hosted Games
  150Bmp-Xpm-ConverterBMP <--> XPM Converter  Roland StowasserNov 15 2001WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 BoggleGameBoggle Game  Brett PantaloneJan 2 2006WIN rds-hosted Games
 BolakbalikGameBolakbalik Game  AkuDec 9 2002WIN rds-hosted Games
 Bookreaderc2BookReaderC2  Fred ManganSep 19 2011WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 BrowseForADirectoryBrowse for a Directory  AkuOct 14 2001WIN rds-hosted
   20BumpmapEffectForExoticaBumpmap Effect for Exotica  MicMar 4 2000WIN rds-hosted
 BundleOfWindowsGoodiesBundle of Windows Goodies  Patrick QuistJan 22 1999WIN rds-hosted
  200Bzip2LibraryBZip2 Library  Greg HaberekOct 14 2003WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
 CalendarCalendar  DaJaRoOct 11 1998WIN rds-hosted
 Calendar2Calendar  AndrewApr 5 2001WIN rds-hosted
 CalendarUpdateCalendar Update  Fred RansomMay 3 2012WIN rds-hosted
 CallItCall It  Lorri Wolk-LaniewskiApr 16 2003WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 Captureewcapture.ew  jacques deschenesSep 23 2007WIN rds-hosted
 Cards32ewWithCardsentrationDemoCards32.ew with Cardsentration demo  Brian BrokerOct 6 2004WIN rds-hosted Games
 CasinoBlackjackCasino BlackJack  James HuffFeb 4 2000WIN rds-hosted Games
 Cavelux-VlcActivexcomWrapperCavelux - VLC ActiveX (COM) wrapper  Gary ShinglesJul 9 2008WIN rds-hosted
 CdrMenuCDR Menu  Tony StewardOct 26 2001WIN rds-hosted
 CgiParserCGI parser  Gregg SomesSep 6 2002WIN rds-hosted Internet
  300CgiSearchEngineCGI Search Engine  Guillermo BonvehiMar 24 2002WIN rds-hosted Internet
 CgWrapperCg wrapper  micJul 24 2008WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
 ChaosGrapherChaos Grapher  SR WilliamsonJul 21 2000WIN rds-hosted Mathematics
 ChatServerClientChat Server & Client  Norm WalcottMay 2 2001WIN rds-hosted Internet
 CheckersGameCheckers Game  Mario SteeleAug 27 2002WIN rds-hosted Games
 CheckForFakedllsCheck for Fake .dll's  AkuDec 11 2002WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 CheckingAccountManagerChecking Account Manager  Al GetzDec 3 2007WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 CheckpointCheckpoint  Pete LomaxJan 16 2007WIN Editors
  600CheesySpaceGameCheesy Space Game  Steve AllenOct 5 2003WIN rds-hosted Games
  175Chip8EmulatorChip8 emulator  micSep 29 2005WIN rds-hosted Language Tools
 CityscapeCityscape  Guy ProgrammerNov 3 2003WIN rds-hosted Games
  100ClientAccessToolboxForIbmIseriesClient Access Toolbox for IBM iSeries  Jonas TempleFeb 1 2005WIN Utility Programs
  200Clipsclips  Mike DuffyFeb 1 2008WIN
  150ClockInARoundWindowClock in a Round Window  Roland StowasserDec 23 2001WIN rds-hosted
 CncControlCNC Control  Nathan hillApr 26 2004WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 CodeBeautifierCode beautifier  Jean-Marc DURODec 1 2015WIN rds-hosted Language Tools
   80Colorcolor  Mike DuffyFeb 1 2008WIN rds-hosted
  300ColoredButtonsForWin32libAppsColored buttons for Win32lib apps  Judith EvansJul 9 2008WIN
 ColorPickerColor Picker  Ben LoganApr 17 2000WIN rds-hosted
 ColorPicker2Color Picker  Robert SzalayMar 12 2003WIN rds-hosted
 2650ComLibraryCOM Library  Matthew LewisOct 10 2007WIN
 Comment-Un-commentMacrosForTextpadComment / un-comment macros for TextPad  Rubem PechanskyJun 4 2004WIN rds-hosted Editors
 CommonLibrariesModifiedToAvoidNamespaceErrorsCommon libraries modified to avoid namespace errors  Jean-Marc DUROOct 18 2014WIN rds-hosted
 CompareFiles2Compare Files  Jean-Marc DUROOct 21 2016WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 CompareFoldersCompare Folders  Jean-Marc DUROOct 21 2016WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 CompressionToolCompression tool  Guy ProgrammerOct 28 2003WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
 Connect4GameConnect 4 Game  David EltroApr 16 2003WIN rds-hosted Games
 ConnectToAWebPageConnect to a Web page  DaJaRoSep 21 1998WIN rds-hosted Internet
  100Conquest2GameConquest2 Game  Mark AkitaMar 12 2003WIN rds-hosted Games
  300ConquestDeluxConquest Delux  Jordan BellJun 28 2006WIN rds-hosted Games
   50ConquestGameConquest Game  Mark AkitaApr 14 2001WIN rds-hosted Games
 ConsoleClipboardRoutinesConsole Clipboard Routines  Greg HaberekSep 10 2008WIN rds-hosted
 ConsoleIOForWin32Console I/O for Win32  Ken RogerApr 12 2011WIN rds-hosted
  300ConsoleIOLibraryConsole I/O Library  Ken RogerMay 10 2002WIN rds-hosted
 ConsoleWidgetsConsole widgets  Jean-Marc DUROJul 8 2015WIN rds-hosted User Interfaces
 Contest2eubotsWindowsInterfaceContest #2 (EuBots) Windows Interface  cklesterDec 10 2004WIN Utility Programs
 ContextEditorFilesConTEXT Editor files  James CookMay 7 2008WIN rds-hosted Editors
 ControlCodeGeneratorControl Code Generator  Greg HaberekMar 7 2003WIN rds-hosted
 Convert3d2TonffConvert .3D2 to .NFF  Mark AkitaJul 8 2002WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 ConvertDataToAeFileConvert Data to a .e File  Jordah FergusonMay 19 2002WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
   50ConverthToeConvert .h to .e  Daniel KlussApr 23 2002WIN rds-hosted Language Tools
  100ConvertingdbfFilesToEdsConverting .DBF files to EDS  Sergio GelliApr 2 2008WIN Database
 ConvertMsWordDialogsToEuphoriaConvert MS Word Dialogs to Euphoria  Michael J. RaleyJan 9 1998WIN rds-hosted
  400CopyIncludedFilesCopy Included Files  Tone SkodaMar 4 2008WIN rds-hosted Language Tools
 CorrectedExoticaWrappersCorrected Exotica wrappers  DavideltrosoftMar 21 2004WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
 CpuFrequencycpu frequency  jacques deschenesAug 15 2007WIN rds-hosted Machine-Level
 CpuidCPUID  Hayden McKayDec 3 2015WIN rds-hosted Machine-Level
 CreateHotkeysForAppsCreate Hotkeys for Apps  Guillermo BonvehiDec 27 2002WIN rds-hosted
 1300CreateShortcutCreate Shortcut  Martin StachonMar 17 2003WIN rds-hosted
 CreditCardVerifierCredit Card Verifier  AkuOct 15 2004WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 CrossHairsCross hairs  don coleJul 16 2009WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 CrosswordsAssistantCrosswords Assistant  Jean-Marc DUROAug 2 2016WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 CrosswordSolverCrossword Solver  llamedosoAug 2 2008WIN rds-hosted Games
 CshelpCSHelp  Allen AshbyJun 28 2008WIN rds-hosted User Interfaces
 CustomAppointmentCalendar03Custom Appointment Calendar 03  Al GetzSep 16 2005WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 CustomEventsExperimentCustom Events Experiment  Don PhillipsDec 10 2001WIN rds-hosted
 CustomizedWin32DllCustomized WIN32 DLL  Francis BussiereDec 12 1997WIN rds-hosted
 CuteWindowsDemoCute Windows Demo  Jonas TempleJul 24 2003WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 CutrexServerCutrex Server  Luis CamposOct 11 2001WIN rds-hosted Internet
 DailyJournalDaily Journal  Jonas TempleDec 14 2000WIN rds-hosted
 DariusProjectDarius Project  Wes HermansonMay 3 2006WIN Simple Demos
 DatabaseManipulatorDatabase Manipulator  Philip DeetsJun 14 2003WIN rds-hosted Database
 DatabaseVisualControlLibraryDatabase Visual Control Library  Jean-Marc DUROMar 24 2013WIN rds-hosted Database
  210Dawg-BuildWrappersAutomaticallyDAWG - Build wrappers automatically  Chris BenslerApr 1 2002WIN rds-hosted Language Tools
 DbgviewInterfaceToEuphoriaDbgView interface to Euphoria  Karoly KovacsAug 4 2009WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 DbMakerDB Maker  Logan KodyszNov 16 2006WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 DdeLibraryDDE Library  Matthew LewisJan 9 2001WIN rds-hosted
  100Debug-magic-boxdEbUg_magic_box  Antonio AlessiApr 4 2006WIN Language Tools
 DebuggingAidForWin32libDebugging Aid for Win32Lib  S.R. WilliamsonFeb 18 2000WIN rds-hosted
 Decimal-HexCalculatorDecimal/Hex Calculator  Jerome NicholsNov 28 1998WIN rds-hosted
 DecisionHelperDecision Helper  Lewis TownsendDec 12 1998WIN
 DefineWordsdefine words  jacques deschenesOct 31 2008WIN rds-hosted Internet
 DeleteToRecycleBinDelete to recycle bin  Arthur CrumpNov 1 2010WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
 DeluxeSlideShowDeluxe Slide Show  Don ColeJun 24 2005WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
  350DeluxeSlideShow32Deluxe Slide Show3  Don ColeJul 3 2010WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
   70DemotesterDemoTester  Gary ShinglesSep 25 2007WIN rds-hosted
 DeslizzzpDeslizzzp  Rodolfo ValeirasJul 30 2003WIN Games
 DibDemoDIB Demo  MikeFeb 6 2002WIN rds-hosted
 DiggerDigger  stagasJan 29 2011WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 DigitalClockDigital Clock  Jesus ConsuegraApr 9 2002WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 DigitalElectronicSimulatorDigital electronic simulator  gazJul 12 2009WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
  100DipnDaubDip 'n Daub  David PlettsOct 8 2003WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
 DipnDaubExpertDip 'n Daub Expert  David PlettsJun 7 2004WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
  200DirectdrawFastScrollingDemoDirectDraw fast scrolling demo  Tone SkodaJan 11 2004WIN
   50Directe-DirectxForEuphoriaDirectE - DirectX for Euphoria  MicJul 9 2008WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
 DirectorySizeDirectory Size  Rolf SchroederSep 5 2003WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 DirectxDemoDirectX Demo  Matthew LewisJun 1 2001WIN rds-hosted
 DirSizeDir Size  Jean-Marc DURODec 15 2012WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 DirtMerchantDirt Merchant  Steven AllenMay 4 2005WIN rds-hosted Games
 DisplayLettersAndDigitsDisplay Letters and Digits  Joseph SemmelAug 2 2003WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 1000DisplayServerDisplay Server  Al GetzMay 25 2004WIN rds-hosted
 DistanceCalculatorDistance Calculator  Michael S. ThompsonSep 5 2003WIN rds-hosted Mathematics
  150DllAndIncludeForRunningLuaScriptsAndFilesDll and include for running Lua scripts and files.  Jeremy PetersonDec 2 2005WIN Language Tools
  300DllLinkageRoutinesDLL Linkage Routines  Austin CatheyMar 26 1999WIN rds-hosted
 DllSetupTechniqueDLL Setup Technique  Colin TaylorMar 29 1998WIN rds-hosted
 DocumentationHelperDocumentation Helper  Jean-Marc DURONov 10 2016WIN Documentation
 DonColesNifftyProgressBarDon Coles Niffty Progress Bar  don coleNov 6 2006WIN rds-hosted
 Dos-landDOS_Land  DB JamesMay 13 2007WIN rds-hosted
 DosRescueForPhixDos Rescue For Phix  Pete Lomax18th Sep 2017WIN phix
 DownloadFilesUsingFtpDownload Files using FTP  Monty KingFeb 26 1998WIN rds-hosted Internet
 DragDrag  Isaac RawayJan 23 2004WIN rds-hosted
 DragAndDropDrag and Drop  Al GetzFeb 6 2001WIN rds-hosted
   50DragonBlastDragon Blast  Mark AkitaMay 2 2003WIN rds-hosted Games
 Ds1620-2Ds1620-2  Wolfgang FritzDec 9 2006WIN rds-hosted Machine-Level
 DuoBibleViewerDuo Bible Viewer  Ferlin ScarboroughApr 6 2005WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
  500DuplicateFileFinderDuplicate File Finder  Doug WeinertNov 14 2003WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs EU4.1? Phix
 DynamicTextDynamic text  amir rezaJul 4 2004WIN rds-hosted
  450E-mailClientE-Mail Client  Jordah FergusonApr 12 2002WIN rds-hosted Internet
 Easy4capScreencaptureEasy4Cap ScreenCapture  Andreas WagnerDec 6 2014WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 Easy4euMediaplayerEasy4Eu Mediaplayer  Andreas WagnerDec 6 2014WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 Easy4eyesEueyesEasy4Eyes EuEyes  Andreas WagnerMar 30 2015WIN Simple Demos
 Easy4hangEasy4Hang  Andreas WagnerDec 8 2014WIN Games
 Easy4mystEasy4Myst  Andreas WagnerDec 8 2014WIN Games
  150EasyDesignToolForWin32libEasy Design Tool for Win32Lib  Jacques DeschenesJan 26 1999WIN rds-hosted
  120EasyWebServerEasy Web Server  Louis BryantDec 5 2006WIN rds-hosted Internet
 EdbeditorPrebetaedbEditor prebeta  AlgorythmDec 30 2008WIN rds-hosted Database
 EditEuphoriaFilesWithDevstudioEdit Euphoria Files with DevStudio  Tone SkodaMar 4 2008WIN rds-hosted Editors
  500Eds-NetEDS/Net  Jonas TempleAug 16 2001WIN rds-hosted Database
 1130EdsGuiEDS GUI  Tone SkodaMar 4 2008WIN rds-hosted Database
  500EffmEFFM: Euphoria's Free File Manager  H.W. OvermanJun 18 2005WIN rds-hosted
 EgfViewerEGF Viewer  DB JamesJul 30 2007WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
  200Elink032bElink 0.3.2b  Graeme BurkeOct 29 2006WIN rds-hosted Language Tools
 EncryptionUtilityEncryption Utility  Hayden McKayJan 25 2004WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 EnhancedIdeEnhanced IDE  Charles NewbouldApr 22 2014WIN rds-hosted
20175EnhancedIde2Enhanced IDE  Judith EvansJul 27 2008WIN phix
 EnhancedNexusEditorEnhanced Nexus Editor  Mario SteeleSep 7 2003WIN rds-hosted Editors
 EnhancedProcessListEnhanced Process List  Jean-Marc DUROJul 20 2012WIN rds-hosted
 EnvironmentVariableEditorEnvironment Variable Editor  Greg HaberekFeb 28 2006WIN Utility Programs
  100Eu2htmleu2html  Jules DavyFeb 5 2004WIN rds-hosted Language Tools
 Eu4glEu4GL  your average JoeJan 7 2006WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
  -10EuallegroRepackagedEuAllegro repackaged  Ray SmithDec 14 2007WIN phix Games
 Eubox2dEuBox2D  AndyJun 6 2017WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
 EuChessEu Chess  your average JoeJan 6 2006WIN rds-hosted Games
 EuchipmunkphysicsEuChipmunkPhysics  AndyMar 22 2017WIN phix Library Routines
  250Eucontrols102EuControls 1.0.2  Tommy CarlierAug 7 2004WIN
 EudialEuDial  Wolfgang FritzNov 13 2004WIN Internet
 EufreeimageEuFreeImage  Mike DuffyFeb 13 2012WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
 Euftp4wFtpLibraryEuFTP4w FTP Library  Ray SmithJan 25 2001WIN Internet
 3200EugridGridControlV134EuGrid Grid Control v1.3.4  Phil RussellMar 17 2008WIN rds-hosted
 1550EugtkGtkLibraryForEuphoria40EuGTK - GTK Library for Euphoria 4.1b2  Irv MullinsAug 2019LNX WIN User Interfaces
 EuirrEuIrr  AndyOct 31 2017WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
  690EulibcurleulibcURL  Ray SmithDec 14 2005WIN Internet
  625EulibneteuLibnet  Ray SmithDec 14 2000WIN Internet
 EuphoriaCalculatorEuphoria Calculator  Pierino MoroJun 28 2003WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 EuphoriaClipbookForNotetabEditorEuphoria Clipbook for NoteTab Editor  Jiri BaborMay 17 2000WIN rds-hosted Editors
 1800EuphoriaDatabaseBrowserEuphoria Database Browser  Matthew LewisAug 25 2004WIN rds-hosted Database
 EuphoriaDataSharingDemoEuphoria Data Sharing Demo  Jordah FergusonSep 5 2002WIN rds-hosted
 EuphoriaEditorEuphoria Editor  David RagazziMay 20 2005WIN rds-hosted Editors
 EuphoriaEditorForWindowsEuphoria Editor for Windows  Eric RandallJun 4 2002WIN rds-hosted Editors
 EuphoriaHelpFileMakerEuphoria Help File Maker  Virtual B / Roland StowasserJan 23 2003WIN rds-hosted Documentation
  500EuphoriaInstall-SetupUtilityEuphoria Install / Setup Utility  H.W. Overman & Al GetzJul 12 2005WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
  300EuphoriaJfwLibraryEuphoria JFW Library  Louis BryantMar 26 2006WIN rds-hosted Sound
 EuphoriaMediaPlayer-betaEuphoria Media Player (Beta)  Logan KodyszNov 19 2008WIN rds-hosted Sound
 EuphoriaSandpitEuphoria Sandpit  ChrisBurch3Jun 1 2015WIN Language Tools
 EuphoriaToWinInifileManagerEuphoria to Win INIfile manager  Antonio AlessiFeb 21 2006WIN Library Routines
 EupongEuPong  Chris BurchSep 5 2006WIN Games
 Eusdl2mixerEuSDL2Mixer  Andy P.Jun 2 2015WIN rds-hosted Sound
 EuseteuSet  Rene ConijnMay 24 2005WIN rds-hosted Games
 Eusfml2EuSFML2  Andy P.Mar 5 2017WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
 EuspeechEuspeech  Jeremy PetersonDec 23 2005WIN rds-hosted Sound
 EustudioEditorEuStudio Editor  Tone SkodaMar 4 2008WIN rds-hosted
  300EusudokuEuSudoku  Erik-Jan van KampenMar 31 2006WIN rds-hosted Games
 EuSyntaxColoringForFarNAndPspEU syntax coloring for FAR, N++ and PSP  Igor KachanMar 12 2007WIN rds-hosted Editors
  975Eutcp4uTcpLibraryeuTCP4u TCP Library  Ray SmithApr 16 2002WIN Internet
 Eutendo-ANesEmulatorEutendo - A NES emulator  micNov 9 2003WIN rds-hosted Machine-Level
 Euvide0220SetupProgramEuVIDE 0.22.0 Setup Program  Andy DrummondJan 10 2007WIN rds-hosted
  100Euvide100SetupProgramEuVIDE 1.0.0 Setup Program  Andy DrummondJun 6 2007WIN rds-hosted
 EuvideBoundInstallProgramEuVIDE Bound install program  Andy DrummondAug 1 2009WIN rds-hosted
  150Euviewer3EuViewer3  Al GetzJun 20 2005WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
  200EuwinfunEuWinFun  Roland StowasserMay 22 2006WIN rds-hosted
 9700EuwinguiLibraryAndIdeEuWinGUI Library and IDE  Andrea CiniOct 30 2006WIN rds-hosted User Interfaces
 EuWinGuiPhixEditionEuWinGui : Phix Edition  ChrisBurch3Jan 30 2017WIN phix
 EuwinguiPrintingEuWinGUI printing  Rod DamonNov 5 2006WIN rds-hosted
 EuwpbarEuwPBar  Fred ManganMay 15 2008WIN rds-hosted
 EventCodeGeneratorEvent Code Generator  Greg HaberekFeb 5 2003WIN rds-hosted
 ExampleOfAnimationExample of Animation  Hongyanto SetioAug 5 2004WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
 ExampleOfUsingTheIpcLibraryExample of using the IPC library  Pete StonerMay 13 2005WIN rds-hosted
  640ExcelToolsExcel Tools  Roger MarinOct 30 2002WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 ExecutorOfEuphoriaFilesForScite-ruExecutor of euphoria files for SciTe-ru  Mike ManturovFeb 10 2009WIN rds-hosted Editors
 ExerrorReaderex_error reader  Antonio AlessiApr 27 2004WIN Utility Programs
 ExoticaxDemosExoticaX Demos  Dan McGrathNov 9 2002WIN rds-hosted Games
 3150ExtraControlsExtra Controls  Don PhillipsSep 28 2004WIN rds-hosted
 ExtraRoutinesOfferedForWin32libExtra routines offered for win32lib  Arthur CrumpOct 7 2010WIN rds-hosted
 ExtraWin32FunctionsExtra WIN32 Functions  Jonas TempleJan 30 2003WIN rds-hosted
 Extreme10GameExtreme10 Game  Insight Concepts Inc.Aug 7 2001WIN Games
 EzipEzip  Paul PlummerJun 26 2003WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
 Fasm4efasm4e  Hayden McKayDec 3 2015WIN rds-hosted Machine-Level
 FastAccessfast access  llamedosoMay 9 2013WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 FastdllForValueFast .dll for value()  AkuOct 11 2001WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
 FastmenuForWin32libFastMenu for Win32Lib  cklesterOct 21 2004WIN
 FastScrollingFast Scrolling  H.W. OvermanJun 18 2005WIN rds-hosted
 FeEditorFE Editor  Mike DuffyDec 14 2002WIN rds-hosted Editors
 FileDecompressorFile Decompressor  ChrissyFeb 1 2002WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 FileExaminerFile Examiner  Pete KingMar 29 2000WIN
 FileNotesFile Notes  Doug WeinertNov 4 2002WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 FileOperationsFile Operations  AkuMay 18 2003WIN rds-hosted
 FileTransferProtocol-ftpFile Transfer Protocol (FTP)  Daniel BersteinMay 27 1998WIN rds-hosted Internet
 FinderFinder  Frank CollinsApr 24 2000WIN rds-hosted
 FindPictureFind Picture  Theo GottwaldOct 26 2000WIN rds-hosted
 FireballFireball  Evan MarshallNov 23 2003WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
  150FixForExotica-ExoticaxFix for Exotica/ExoticaX  Paul PlummerAug 28 2002WIN rds-hosted Games
 FlagsDemoFlags Demo  MicMay 23 2000WIN rds-hosted
 FlashWindowExampleFlash Window Example  Logan KodyszMay 29 2006WIN rds-hosted
  200Flat-assembler-wrapperFlat-Assembler (wrapper)  Hayden McKayMay 28 2007WIN rds-hosted Machine-Level
 FloppyBirdFloppy Bird  Evan MarshallDec 5 2014WIN rds-hosted Games
  150FluffyBunniesFluffy Bunnies  Mark HonnorOct 23 2008WIN rds-hosted Games
  200FmodSoundLibraryFMOD Sound Library  AkuApr 22 2003WIN rds-hosted Sound
 Font-sdlFont_SDL  Mark AkitaMay 31 2003WIN rds-hosted Fonts
   50FontConverterFont Converter  Juan ReinaOct 31 2001WIN rds-hosted Fonts
 FontEnumeratorFont Enumerator  Greg HaberekJun 20 2005WIN rds-hosted Fonts
 ForMigratingToANewerWin32libFor migrating to a newer Win32lib  ShawnAug 14 2005WIN rds-hosted
  900ForthCompilerForth compiler  micDec 4 2005WIN rds-hosted Language Tools
 Fractal-MandelbrotFractal - mandelbrot  Harald RegerFeb 13 2011WIN rds-hosted Mathematics
 FractalGeneratorForWindowsFractal generator for Windows  Dan-Ake EngqvistNov 26 2007WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
  100FractalScreenSaverFractal Screen Saver  Nick MetcalfeAug 4 2009WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
 FreebudgetV13FreeBudget v1.3  Jean-Marc DURONov 18 2012WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 Freedib011FreeDib 0.1.1  Tommy CarlierOct 17 2005WIN
 FreeimageFreeImage  Greg HaberekDec 23 2005WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
 FreeworldScreensaverFREEWORLD screensaver  Carlos ValdesAug 19 2004WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
  100FrogF.R.O.G  Jonas TempleDec 3 2007WIN Database
 FrontEndForRunningEditingProgramsFront End for Running/Editing Programs  WOLF InI SoftwareApr 13 1999WIN rds-hosted
  100FrostFrost  AndyJun 7 2009WIN rds-hosted Games
 FruitMachineGameFruit Machine Game  sotiris bellosNov 29 2003WIN rds-hosted Games
 FullSaveAsFull Save As  Antonio AlessiJul 1 2006WIN
 FullScreenClockForTheHolidaysFull Screen Clock For The Holidays  llamedosoJun 24 2016WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 FullScreenDemoFull Screen Demo  Greg HaberekOct 30 2003WIN rds-hosted
  600GallerymakerGalleryMaker  Tone SkodaMar 4 2008WIN rds-hosted Internet
 GameCreatorGame creator  gazNov 25 2007WIN rds-hosted Games
 GameMakerGame maker  gazFeb 19 2007WIN rds-hosted Games
  300GdiplusGdiPlus  Mike DuffyJan 16 2012WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
  600GdiplusGraphicsLibraryGdiPlus Graphics Library  Al GetzMar 30 2005WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
  100GenericGameboyIdeGeneric Gameboy IDE  Russell K. DavisFeb 15 2000WIN rds-hosted Editors
 GetadaptersaddressesWrapperGetAdaptersAddresses wrapper  Pete StonerMar 4 2006WIN rds-hosted Internet
 GetadaptersinfoWrappergetAdaptersInfo wrapper  Brian BrokerNov 19 2004WIN rds-hosted
 GetDriveInfoGet Drive Info  Al GetzAug 30 2003WIN rds-hosted Machine-Level
 GetForegroundControlGet Foreground Control  AkuMar 6 2003WIN rds-hosted
 GetpromptgetPrompt.e  Wes HermansonMay 3 2006WIN Simple Demos
 GettimeRoutinePatchGetTime routine patch  Shawn PringleOct 24 2007WIN rds-hosted
 GetvolumeinformationgetVolumeInformation  William HeimbignerJul 6 2004WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 GhostMaze2Ghost Maze 2  gazMay 8 2007WIN rds-hosted Games
 GlassworksGameGlassWorks Game  David CunyOct 23 1999WIN rds-hosted Games
 GlutWrappersGLUT wrappers  Daniel KlussDec 23 2001WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
 GooGoo  Karl BochertFeb 27 2001WIN rds-hosted Language Tools
   50GoogleSearchToolGoogle Search Tool  Robert SzalayOct 15 2002WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 GpgpuWithAtiFixGPGPU with ATI Fix  Daniel KlussNov 12 2005WIN rds-hosted Machine-Level
 GrabberGrabber  MrTrickNov 1 2003WIN rds-hosted Internet
 GradientFillGradient Fill  Martin StachonFeb 17 2003WIN rds-hosted
 GraphControlV002Graph Control v0.0.2  Greg HaberekJun 30 2005WIN rds-hosted
  170Graphexgraphex.ew  Gary ShinglesJul 24 2008WIN rds-hosted
 GraphicFileConverterGraphic File Converter  Normand BlaisJan 21 2000WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 GraphicScalingGraphic Scaling  Fred ManganJan 31 2008WIN rds-hosted
 GraphpeuGraphPeu  Jean-Marc DURODec 5 2016WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
 GravesGraves  GazJun 11 2008WIN rds-hosted Games
  200GridControlGrid Control  Jonas TempleJun 20 2002WIN rds-hosted
  100GrprintVersion2GrPrint version 2  Andy DrummondSep 15 2005WIN rds-hosted
 Gsl2014GSL2014  Fred ManganFeb 16 2016WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
 GuiForTranslatorGUI for Translator  Roland StowasserDec 28 2002WIN rds-hosted Language Tools
 GuiFront-endForBindwGUI Front-end for bindw  Pete KingApr 19 2000WIN
 GuyArcadeGuy Arcade  Guy ProgrammerNov 3 2003WIN rds-hosted Games
  100Gw-to-eGW_to_E  Daniel KlussNov 18 2003WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 GwdEuphoriaEditorGWD Euphoria Editor  Vedran GacoApr 28 2000WIN Editors
 HangmanGameHangman Game  Ray SmithMar 20 1999WIN Games
 HelpDeskUtilitiesHelp Desk Utilities  Michael RaleyJul 2 1998WIN rds-hosted
 1050HelpFileHelp File  H.W. OvermanJun 18 2005WIN rds-hosted Documentation
 HelpFileCreatorHelp File Creator  Ray SmithFeb 26 1999WIN
 HelpFileMakerHelp File Maker  Greg HaberekMar 19 2005WIN rds-hosted Documentation
 HexFileViewerHex File Viewer  Jacques DeschenesJan 5 1999WIN rds-hosted
 HexViewerHex Viewer  Maurizio MoroniApr 2 1998WIN rds-hosted
  100HexyGameHexy Game  Mark AkitaAug 27 2002WIN rds-hosted Games
 HiddenWindowsHidden Windows  Francesc OrtizSep 12 2002WIN rds-hosted
 HighScoresLibraryHigh Scores Library  MrTrickFeb 12 2004WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
 HistpieHistPie  OtterDadFeb 1 2010WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
 Histpie2HistPie  Fred ManganJun 5 2008WIN rds-hosted
 Horde3dForEuphoriaHorde3D for Euphoria  Mark BrownSep 18 2011WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
 Hyphenator-projecthyphenator-Project  Antonio AlessiDec 16 2008WIN Utility Programs
 IconsIcons  Mike DuffyFeb 28 2007WIN rds-hosted
 IDE104IDE 104 for win32lib 0.70.4 and eu 4.xx  ChrisBurch3Dec 22 2016WIN rds-hosted
 IdealatorIdealator  Ron TarrantOct 14 2002WIN rds-hosted
 IdeLanguageFileIDE language file  Fernando Jose Velo PerezFeb 26 2006WIN rds-hosted
 ImageEditorImage Editor  Tone SkodaMar 4 2008WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 ImageEditor2Image Editor  GazApr 4 2008WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
  120ImageEvolverImage Evolver  Alexander ToressonMay 28 2003WIN rds-hosted Mathematics
   80InfoboxinfoBox  Andy DrummondJul 27 2007WIN rds-hosted
 IniFileEditorIni File Editor  Matt ArriolaAug 19 2000WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 IniFilesUncomplicated.INI files uncomplicated  Sergio GelliApr 27 2010WIN Simple Demos
  150InplaceScientificCalculatorAndServerInPlace Scientific Calculator and Server  Al GetzApr 8 2005WIN rds-hosted Mathematics
 Inputboxinput_box()  Greg HaberekDec 2 2004WIN rds-hosted User Interfaces
  100InsertBitmapsInsert Bitmaps  Elliott Sales de AndradeOct 31 2002WIN rds-hosted
 InstallationWizardInstallation wizard  Emlyn MerlynOct 26 2004WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 InstallChessPiecesInstall Chess Pieces  Al GetzFeb 27 2003WIN rds-hosted Games
 InternetLibraryInternet Library  Tone SkodaOct 21 2004WIN Internet
 InternetLibrary2Internet Library  Jean-Marc DUROAug 8 2016WIN rds-hosted Internet
  150InternetServerInternet Server  Hawke'Dec 26 1998WIN rds-hosted Internet
 IOPortsI/O Ports  Jesus ConsuegraDec 10 2001WIN rds-hosted Machine-Level
  500IrregularWindowsIrregular Windows  PatRatJan 16 2001WIN rds-hosted
 JankenGameRockPaperScissorsJanken game (rock, paper, scissors)  micSep 20 2004WIN rds-hosted Games
 JapaneseTextConverterJapanese Text Converter  AkuDec 11 2002WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 JapaneseTutorJapanese Tutor  MicAug 8 2000WIN rds-hosted
 JapaneseVerbConjugatorJapanese Verb Conjugator  Matt ArriolaMay 17 2002WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 JapiForWindowsTestedAndReadyjapi for windows tested and ready  Carlos ValdesJan 30 2009WIN rds-hosted
  195JarodDual-platformMultimediaLibraryJarod Dual-Platform Multimedia Library  MicOct 7 2000WIN Library Routines
 JensFileEditorForEuphoria3xJens' File Editor for Euphoria 3.x  Alex AntypenkoNov 28 2008WIN rds-hosted Editors
 JimsTimerJims Timer  llamedosoAug 2 2008WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 JirisSudokujiri's sudoku  jiri baborNov 28 2007WIN rds-hosted Games
 JoedJoEd  Jonathan SantosFeb 9 2001WIN rds-hosted
 JoystickPadLibraryJoystick/Pad Library  MicOct 22 2002WIN
 JudithsIdeAsExeJudith's IDE as a .exe  Greg HaberekJan 12 2003WIN rds-hosted
  100JudithsIdeCompiledJudith's IDE compiled  AkuNov 21 2004WIN rds-hosted
 JungleMonkeyJungle Monkey  William HeimbignerAug 24 2004WIN Internet
 KakuroAssistantKakuro Assistant  Jean-Marc DUROJun 24 2013WIN rds-hosted Games
 KakuroAssistantV2Kakuro Assistant v2  Jean-Marc DUROJul 19 2013WIN rds-hosted Games
 KakuroTrainerV18Kakuro Trainer v1.8  Jean-Marc DUROOct 18 2014WIN rds-hosted Games
 KcregKCreg  keldepuloDec 13 2003WIN rds-hosted
 KeyboardKeyboard  Fred RansomNov 30 2012WIN rds-hosted
 KeyboardStatusKeyboard Status  AkuJul 3 2003WIN rds-hosted
 LaborSchedulingLabor Scheduling  Logan KodyszDec 19 2004WIN rds-hosted
 LAndDL and D  DB JamesAug 12 2007WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
 LAndDFullscreenL and D Fullscreen  DB JamesMay 9 2007WIN rds-hosted Games
 LanguageWarForWindowsLanguage War for Windows  Dave Craig / Rob CraigDec 31 2007WIN Extra Stuff from RDS
  150LaunchPadv403Launch Pad (v4.03)  Al GetzMay 26 2006WIN rds-hosted
  200Layoutpanels101LayoutPanels 1.0.1  Tommy CarlierAug 7 2004WIN
 LetterGameLetter Game  Erik-Jan van KampenApr 1 2002WIN rds-hosted Games
 LewisartilleryLewisArtillery  Lewis TownsendApr 18 2001WIN Games
 LewyTsRpgGameLewy T's RPG Game  Lewis TownsendJun 15 2005WIN rds-hosted Games
 Libcurldllslibcurl dlls for windows  Pete LomaxDec 24 2017WIN phix
 LibxlswriterForEu3libxlswriter for eu3  Jean-Marc DUROOct 9 2016WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
 LineNumbersLine Numbers  llamedosoAug 17 2016WIN rds-hosted
 Listroutines2ListRoutines  DB JamesJul 16 2007WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 ListviewTreeviewDemoListview/TreeView Demo  Wayne OvermanJul 24 2000WIN rds-hosted
   50LlamaLlama  David CunyJun 29 1999WIN rds-hosted
 LlamaDemosLlama Demos  Kenneth RogerJun 13 1999WIN rds-hosted
 LoadFileFromEuphoriaDataLoad File from Euphoria Data  Andrea CiniDec 20 2001WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 LoadgifWithWin32libLoad .GIF with Win32Lib  Martin StachonJul 9 2003WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
 Low-levelWindowsWrapperLow-level Windows wrapper  Jean-Marc DUROJan 10 2016WIN rds-hosted
 LowLevelMemoryRoutinesLow Level Memory Routines  Jordah FergusonAug 9 2002WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
  150LplannerLPlanner  Michael J. SabalMar 2 2005WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 LsdV03LSD v0.3  Jean-Marc DUROApr 18 2007WIN rds-hosted Database
 LtscLaptop Spy Camera  llamedosoMay 17 2016WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
  120LuaV502WrappersForEuphoriaLua v502 wrappers for Euphoria  Jeremy PetersonDec 20 2005WIN rds-hosted Language Tools
  200MagicDesigner-toy-EmulationProgramMagic Designer (toy) emulation program  Andrew KatzJul 2 2009WIN rds-hosted Games
 MagicPacketUtilityMagic Packet Utility  Andrew HallMay 31 2005WIN rds-hosted Internet
 MakedocMakeDoc  Derek ParnellDec 18 2006WIN rds-hosted Documentation
  200MakeProjectFileMake Project File  Martin StachonApr 5 2002WIN rds-hosted
 ManageExcelFilesManage Excel files  Jean-Marc DURONov 16 2015WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 ManifestMakerManifest Maker  Mike DuffyMar 24 2010WIN rds-hosted
 MapEditorMap Editor  Blair HowarthJun 20 2001WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
  150MaprulerMapRuler  jacques deschenesSep 9 2005WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 MarvinJabberClientMarvin Jabber Client  PatRatAug 19 2001WIN Internet
 MastermindGame22MasterMind Game  Roland StowasserDec 2 2001WIN rds-hosted Games
 MasterSystemEmulatorMaster System emulator  micApr 5 2004WIN rds-hosted Games
 MathProblemGeneratorMath Problem Generator  Jon SasJun 24 2003WIN rds-hosted Mathematics
 MazeMakerMaze Maker  Evan MarshallJun 2 2002WIN rds-hosted Games
 Mboxmbox  Juergen LuethjeOct 29 2005WIN Utility Programs
 McatalogMCatalog  Fred ManganNov 5 2009WIN rds-hosted Database
 MdiDemoMDI Demo  Francis DowlingJun 12 2001WIN rds-hosted
 MemoMemo  Thomas JansenApr 14 2005WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 MemoryDumpMemory Dump  Jess HarpurFeb 16 2001WIN rds-hosted
  240MemoryMonitorMemory Monitor  H. W. OvermanDec 26 2002WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
  200MemoryV10Memory v1.0  Evan MarshallJan 2 2005WIN rds-hosted Games
 MessageBoxesForUnicodemessage boxes for Unicode  Arthur CrumpOct 14 2009WIN rds-hosted
 Meta-tagGeneratorMeta-tag Generator  Robert SzalayJun 12 2002WIN rds-hosted Internet
 MicrosoftOutlookBarMicrosoft Outlook Bar  David CunyDec 9 2000WIN rds-hosted
  325MidiFileGeneratorMidi File Generator  Mark AkitaMar 31 2001WIN rds-hosted Sound
 MinesweeperBeaterMinesweeper Beater  Daniel KlussSep 4 2005WIN rds-hosted Games
  150MinesweeperbeaterVer3MineSweeperBeater Ver3  Daniel KlussSep 10 2005WIN rds-hosted Games
 MineSweeperGameMine Sweeper Game  David CunyJun 1 1999WIN rds-hosted Games
 MinesweeperWithQuestionsMinesweeper With Questions  Daniel KlussSep 7 2005WIN rds-hosted Games
 Ming-swfOutput-Wrapper-alpha04Ming (swf output) wrapper (alpha04)  Gary ShinglesJul 24 2008WIN rds-hosted Internet
 MiscGraphicsProgramsmisc graphics programs  practicing01Dec 28 2004WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
 MixedFractionsMixed Fractions  Fred RansomApr 15 2012WIN rds-hosted Mathematics
 ModernOpenglTutorialsModern OpenGL Tutorials  Steve AllenJan 2 2013WIN rds-hosted Documentation
 ModifiedConquestGameModified Conquest Game  Shawn PringleDec 31 2001WIN rds-hosted Games
 ModifiedEdexModified ed.ex  T-DukeApr 21 2015WIN rds-hosted Editors
 ModifiedEuwinguiDesignerModified EuWinGui Designer  Andreas WagnerJul 9 2013WIN
  100ModifiedInterpreterModified Interpreter  Matthew LewisJul 14 2003WIN rds-hosted Language Tools
 ModifiedScriptingInterpreterModified Scripting Interpreter  wes hermansonDec 4 2005WIN rds-hosted Language Tools
 Monblamonbla  practicing01Mar 8 2005WIN rds-hosted Games
 MonitorAllWindowsMonitor All Windows  Greg HaberekApr 7 2003WIN rds-hosted
 MonsterMinesMonster Mines  Liquid-NitrogenOct 23 2008WIN rds-hosted Games
  850MorfitReloadedMorfit reloaded  Mark Brown and Todd RigginsNov 30 2007WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
  420MouseViaKeyboardMouse via keyboard  Thomas BetterlyJul 20 2007WIN rds-hosted User Interfaces
 MoveOrResizeBorderlessWindowsMove/Resize Borderless Windows  DadukoDec 31 2009WIN rds-hosted
  100MoveOrResizeBorderlessWindows2Move/Resize Borderless Windows  PatRatMar 25 2001WIN rds-hosted
 Moving3-dObjectsMoving 3-D Objects  Jason MirwaldJun 28 2000WIN rds-hosted
  100Mp3EvaluatorMP3 Evaluator  Tone SkodaMar 4 2008WIN rds-hosted Sound
  150MpegGopCutterMPEG GOP Cutter  Doug WeinertNov 17 2002WIN rds-hosted
 MrMr  Eric RandallApr 27 2016WIN rds-hosted Editors
 Multi-colorMulti-lineEditControlMulti-Color Multi-Line Edit Control  Mario SteeleJul 3 2002WIN
  430MultilingualMultilingual  Wolfgang FritzApr 12 2006WIN
 MultiplicationQuizFor3rdGradeMultiplication Quiz for 3rd Grade  HecnorJan 9 1999WIN rds-hosted
 MultisearchMultiSearch  Tone SkodaMar 4 2008WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 MunafaAccountingPackageMunafa Accounting Package  Anando BanerjeeJul 9 2005WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 MusicDatabaseMusic Database  Larry MearsOct 1 2001WIN rds-hosted
  300MusubiMusubi  Mark K. AkitaSep 2 2008WIN rds-hosted Games
 MyboxMyBox  Allen AshbyNov 20 2006WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 MydiaryMyDiary  Fred ManganNov 26 2015WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 MyeditorMyEditor  Allen AshbyJan 21 2007WIN rds-hosted Editors
 MyinputoutputMyInputOutput  eggMar 21 2006WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 MyPersonalGameDatabaseMy Personal Game Database  Andy P.Oct 8 2012WIN Simple Demos
 MyPersonalPiggyBankMy Personal Piggy Bank  Andy P.Oct 8 2012WIN Simple Demos
 Myquadmathmyquadmath  James CookJan 28 2017WIN Mathematics
 Mysql50ForEuphoriaFromFabioRamirezMySQL 5.0 for Euphoria from Fabio Ramirez  MC WongSep 26 2009WIN rds-hosted Database
  150MysqlForEuphoriaMySQL for Euphoria  Fabio RamirezJul 20 2002WIN rds-hosted Database
  130MywindowsMyWindows  KittenABAug 25 2006WIN rds-hosted
 NagDemoNag Demo  Wolfgang FritzSep 6 1999WIN
 Nel32SystemForEuphoriaWithWindowsApiNEL_32 system for Euphoria with Windows API  Tom JanesSep 5 2007WIN
  305NetworkGameEngineNetwork Game Engine  AndrewDec 19 2001WIN rds-hosted Internet
 NewtonianTelescopeSpotDiagramsNewtonian Telescope Spot Diagrams  Kenneth RogerMay 16 1998WIN rds-hosted
  450Nexus24Pre-betaNexus 2.4 pre-beta  Don PhillipsFeb 11 2004WIN rds-hosted Editors
  700NexusCodeEditorNexus Code Editor  Don PhillipsNov 9 2002WIN rds-hosted Editors
  300Non-englishLanguageSupportNon-English Language Support  Jiri NemecDec 18 1998WIN rds-hosted
 NotesNotes  Greg HaberekAug 25 2008WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 NotetabFileNoteTab File  Alvin KoffmanMar 31 2001WIN rds-hosted
  300OdbcLibraryODBC Library  Tone SkodaMar 4 2008WIN rds-hosted Database
 OddBehaviourInMletextOdd behaviour in MleText  Phil FrenchJan 22 2015WIN rds-hosted Fonts
 OnxxxToSethandlerIdeProjectConvertonXXX to setHandler IDE Project Convert  Andy DrummondMar 1 2004WIN rds-hosted
 Openal3dSoundOpenAL 3D Sound  Daniel KlussNov 8 2003WIN rds-hosted Sound
 OpenglDemoOpenGL demo  Steve AllenJan 12 2013WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
  100OpenglDemo-TrueGlOpenGL Demo - True GL  Daniel KlussNov 21 2003WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
 OpenglDemosForSdlOpenGL Demos for SDL  Mark AkitaFeb 6 2003WIN rds-hosted
 OpenglExamplesOpengl Examples  Daniel KlussMay 31 2004WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
 1275OpenglGraphicsForEuphoriaOpenGL Graphics for Euphoria  MicMar 23 2008WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
  200OpenptcGraphicsOpenPTC Graphics  Russell K. DavisJun 7 2000WIN rds-hosted
  560OracOrac  MikeMay 22 2012WIN Language Tools
 OrbitsOrbits  Erik-Jan van KampenFeb 15 2006WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
   30OthelloGameOthello Game  Jerry NicholsDec 1 1998WIN rds-hosted Games
 Papou32Papou32  NeoOct 18 2005WIN rds-hosted Machine-Level
  100ParallelPortMonitorParallel Port Monitor  Neil FraserMay 9 2003WIN Machine-Level
 ParRarEliminatorPar/Rar Eliminator  don coleJul 29 2006WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 ParticledrawParticleDraw (drawing progam / particle simulator)  John RinglandFeb 27 2006WIN Mathematics
 PasswordKeeperPassword Keeper  V.J. DemskyMar 16 2000WIN rds-hosted
  400PatternMatchingPattern Matching  Karl BochertApr 23 2002WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
   50PcSpeakerSoundsPC Speaker Sounds  Ting (Aku)Jul 9 2001WIN rds-hosted Sound
  150PearlHarborPearl Harbor  Robert SwistonMar 29 2003WIN Games
 PegConundrumPeg Conundrum  Michael RaleyMay 30 2005WIN Games
 PeriodicTableOfTheElementsPeriodic Table of the Elements  Guillermo Friant V.May 17 1999WIN rds-hosted
 PeriodicTableProgramPeriodic Table program  Jeremy PetersonDec 23 2005WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 PermutationsPermutations  Fred RansomApr 10 2013WIN rds-hosted Mathematics
 PhoneListPhone List  Guillermo Bonvehi / Gustavo BottegoniNov 21 2001WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 PhoneMasterPhone Master  Doug WeinertMar 25 2004WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 Photukiphotuki  Michael RaleyOct 5 2009WIN Graphics Demos
 PictureViewerPicture Viewer  Tone SkodaMar 4 2008WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
 Pikquik3PikQuik 3  David PlettsJun 21 2005WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
  100PikquikBitsPikQuik Bits  David PlettsJun 23 2005WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 PingAndTrace-routePing and Trace-Route  Alexander KarpeevApr 17 2002WIN rds-hosted Internet
 PoolDemoPool Demo  GazApr 4 2008WIN rds-hosted Games
  300PopupEliminatorPopup Eliminator  Robert SwistonMar 28 2003WIN rds-hosted Internet
  200PopupGorillaPopup Gorilla  Greg HaberekFeb 3 2004WIN Internet
  600PopupsForEuwinguiPopups for EuWinGui  Colin TaylorNov 21 2002WIN rds-hosted
 PortAccessPort Access  Monty KingJul 2 1998WIN rds-hosted
 PortForwarderPort Forwarder  Mario SteeleJul 14 2004WIN rds-hosted Internet
 PortOfTheWin32libToSupportOldVersionsOfWindowsPort of the Win32lib to support old versions of Windows  Shawn Pringle B.Sc.Oct 21 2007WIN rds-hosted
 Postgresql81WrapperForEuphoriaPostgreSQL8.1 wrapper for Euphoria  Jeremy PetersonDec 23 2005WIN rds-hosted Database
 PreprocessorForOopPreprocessor for OOP  Karl BochertSep 20 2000WIN rds-hosted Language Tools
 PretenderPRETENDer  Some SlackerDec 18 2005WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
  100PrintInColumnsPrint in Columns  Tony StewardAug 17 2003WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
 PrintPreviewAndReportGeneratorPrint Preview and Report Generator  Pete LomaxOct 22 2003WIN
 PrintUtilityPrint Utility  Barend MaaskantJul 29 1999WIN rds-hosted
   80ProcessViewerProcess Viewer  Pete StonerJun 16 2006WIN rds-hosted
  100ProfilerProfiler  Alexander ToressonNov 15 2003WIN rds-hosted Language Tools
 ProgramLauncherProgram Launcher  Brian JacksonFeb 26 1999WIN rds-hosted
 ProgramLauncher2Program Launcher  Norman WalcottMay 17 2001WIN rds-hosted
 ProgrammersFontsProgrammer's Fonts  Karl BochertMar 4 2001WIN rds-hosted Fonts
 ProgramWithFlowChartsProgram with Flow Charts  Claudio EmiliozziAug 6 2001WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 ProgramWriterprogram writer  don coleMay 15 2005WIN rds-hosted
 ProjectFileExamplesProject File Examples  Martin StachonDec 14 2001WIN rds-hosted
 PropertySheetProperty Sheet  Martin StachonSep 24 2002WIN rds-hosted
 1000ProviewerProViewer  Tone SkodaMar 4 2008WIN rds-hosted Language Tools
 PsionE-mailHandlerPsion E-mail Handler  David AldredJun 2 2001WIN rds-hosted Internet
 PtcDemosPTC Demos  Mark AkitaApr 28 2001WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
 PurgeFilesPurge Files  Greg HaberekJul 20 2003WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 QalarmclockQ_AlarmClock  DB JamesSep 16 2007WIN rds-hosted
 QhtmQHTM  Aku 2005Feb 26 2005WIN rds-hosted
 QuadraticEquationQuadratic Equation  Rubens Monteiro LucianoMay 19 2002WIN rds-hosted Mathematics
 Quick-alarmQuick-Alarm  Marc PoulinDec 20 2004WIN rds-hosted
 QuickPickQuick Pick  Logan KodyszApr 9 2008WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 QuickProgramLauncherQuick Program Launcher  Liu JunfengMar 27 2003WIN rds-hosted
 QuikCalendarQuik Calendar  Lorri Wolk-LaniewskiMar 25 2003WIN Utility Programs
 RacecarPoolCalculatorRacecar Pool Calculator  Wolfgang FritzMar 26 1999WIN
 RandomPhraseGeneratorRandom Phrase Generator  James BegleyAug 13 1998WIN rds-hosted
 RandomPlaylistGeneratorRandom Playlist Generator  Greg HaberekDec 27 2002WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 RandomwavPlayerRandom .WAV Player  Chris BurchOct 26 2002WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
  300RarFileExtractionLibraryRAR File Extraction Library  Elliott Sales de AndradeNov 24 2003WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
 RaySmithsEutcp4uWithLongSequencesRay Smith's EuTcp4U with long sequences  Jean-Marc DUROSep 30 2010WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
 RayTracingInOpenglWithTgasRay Tracing in OpenGL with TGAs  Daniel KlussNov 22 2003WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
 ReadKeysRead Keys  Ken RogerJun 8 2001WIN rds-hosted
  300ReadOrWriteFileDateAndTimeRead or Write File Date and Time  Rolf SchroederSep 20 2003WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 RecipientEditorPluginRecipient Editor plugin  Michael RaleyMay 31 2004WIN rds-hosted
 ReferenceReference  Pierino MoroJul 10 2006WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 Regewreg.ew  Shawn PringleJan 19 2016WIN rds-hosted
 RegistryFunctionsRegistry Functions  Jok3rMar 14 2000WIN rds-hosted
 RegistryModificationsForEuphoriaRegistry Modifications for Euphoria  Mathew HounsellApr 4 1999WIN rds-hosted
 RegistryRoutinesForWindowsNtxpvista78910And2000Registry Routines for Windows NT,XP,Vista,7,8,9,10 and 2000  Shawn PringleJan 23 2016WIN rds-hosted
  100RegressionAnalysisRegression Analysis  Marcelo MolinaApr 20 2002WIN rds-hosted Mathematics
 ReminderReminder  Mike WeverSep 22 2003WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
   25Reminder2Reminder  Jordah FergusonFeb 20 2002WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 RemoteAccessServiceremote access service  amir rezaMar 10 2005WIN rds-hosted
 RemoteDesktopSystemRemote Desktop System  Mario SteeleMar 26 2004WIN rds-hosted Internet
 ResizerResizer  Tone SkodaMar 4 2008WIN rds-hosted
  500ResourceFileDemosResource File Demos  Wolfgang FritzDec 6 2002WIN
  550ResourceUtilityForWin32libResource Utility for WIN32LIB  Bernie RyanJan 23 2006WIN rds-hosted
  300RestartLibraryRestart Library  CoJaBoSep 20 2004WIN
 RgbColorSelectorRGB Color Selector  Alan OxleyDec 29 2002WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 RgbviewRGBview  don coleJul 30 2008WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
  300RichEditorRich Editor  Jason MirwaldOct 5 2002WIN rds-hosted Editors
 Rotmg132GameClientRotmg 13.2 Game Client  gazMay 9 2013WIN rds-hosted Games
 RotmgEngineRotmg engine  gazDec 6 2014WIN rds-hosted Games
 RoundClockRound Clock  H.W. OvermanJun 18 2005WIN rds-hosted
 RoundRobbinRound Robbin  Fred RansomMay 28 2010WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 RoutinesForAccessingdllFilesRoutines for Accessing .DLL Files  Drazen MravinacAug 11 1999WIN rds-hosted
  400RoutinesForWin32ProgrammingRoutines for WIN32 Programming  Bernie RyanSep 24 1999WIN rds-hosted
 Rssgetrssget  Juergen LuethjeFeb 6 2006WIN rds-hosted Internet
   20RubiksCubeRubik's Cube  Ian WrightJun 2 1999DOS WIN
 RunProgramsPeriodicallyRun Programs Periodically  Travis MayOct 31 2002WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 SampleOdbcConnectionToAs400iseriesSample odbc.e connection to AS/400 (iSeries)  MC WongSep 25 2009WIN rds-hosted Database
 SampleOdbcCursorsConnectionToAs400iseriesSample odbc.e cursors connection to AS/400 (iSeries)  MC WongSep 26 2009WIN rds-hosted Database
 SamplerSampler  MicDec 7 2002WIN rds-hosted Sound
 SaveViaFreeimageSave via FreeImage  Arthur CrumpSep 10 2010WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
 SavingMasterYogaSaving Master Yoga  SpockyMar 17 2000WIN rds-hosted Games
  250ScintillaEditControlScintilla Edit Control  Mike DuffyMar 9 2008WIN rds-hosted
 SciteEditorSciTe Editor  Karl BochertDec 6 2002WIN Editors
  300ScratchAFileScratch a File  Carlos ValdesAug 16 2003WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 ScreenCaptureScreen Capture  DajaroSep 1 1998WIN rds-hosted
 ScreensaverScreenSaver  Andreas WagnerAug 25 2012WIN
 ScreenSaverExampleScreen Saver Example  S.R. WilliamsonMar 18 2000WIN rds-hosted
 ScriptslackerScriptSlacker  Steve AllenJun 29 2003WIN rds-hosted
 ScrollerScroller  Fred ManganJun 20 2011WIN rds-hosted Games
 SdlDatafilesSDL Datafiles  Steven AllenDec 12 2005WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 SdlDemosSDL Demos  Mark AkitaMar 19 2003WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
 SdlForEuphoriaSDL for Euphoria  Mark AkitaFeb 5 2004WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
 SdlGfxForEuphoriaSDL_gfx for Euphoria  Mark K. AkitaMar 23 2006WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
 SdlImageLibrarySDL Image Library  Mark AkitaJun 22 2003WIN rds-hosted
   50SdlMixerLibrarySDL Mixer Library  Mark AkitaOct 5 2006WIN rds-hosted Sound
 SdlTtfForEuphoriaSDL_ttf for Euphoria  Mark K. AkitaMar 23 2006WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
 SeaBattleGameSea Battle Game  Evan MarshallDec 12 2001WIN rds-hosted Games
  500SearchItemsearch_item  amir rezaJan 22 2004WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 SecurelyDeleteFilesSecurely Delete Files  llamedosoNov 25 2012WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 Sego-sdlEuphoriaGuiObjectsSego (SDL Euphoria GUI Objects)  Mark K. AkitaOct 25 2006WIN rds-hosted User Interfaces
 SendE-mailMessagesSend E-Mail Messages  Michael RaleyAug 19 2001WIN rds-hosted Internet
  300SendFilesToRecycleBinSend Files to Recycle Bin  Doug WeinertAug 14 2003WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
  225SendkeysSendkeys  PatRatJul 5 2001WIN rds-hosted
  350SendMessageBetweenAppsSend Message Between Apps  Guillermo BonvehiJul 25 2001WIN rds-hosted
 SendMouseSend Mouse  Guillermo BonvehiDec 14 2001WIN rds-hosted
  220SequenceViewerSequence Viewer  Andras SzaboApr 20 2002WIN rds-hosted Database
  600SerialCommunicationsSerial Communications  Kondor AttilaMay 2 2005WIN rds-hosted Machine-Level
 SerialPortsSerial Ports  Al GetzJan 7 2001WIN rds-hosted
 SetEuphoriaEnvironmentVariablesSet Euphoria Environment Variables  Al GetzJan 11 2005WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
 SeteuversetEUver  Wolfgang FritzMar 14 2007WIN rds-hosted Language Tools
   50SetGetEnvironmentVariablesSet/Get Environment Variables  Robert SzalayOct 26 2002WIN rds-hosted [[!superceded]
 SetUpRegistryForEuphoriaSet up Registry for Euphoria  Lionel WongApr 7 1999WIN rds-hosted
 ShellLinkShell Link  ShawnAug 14 2005WIN rds-hosted
 ShfileoperationWrapperSHFileOperation wrapper  Greg HaberekAug 15 2008WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
 ShgetFileInfoShget File Info  AkuJun 2 2003WIN rds-hosted
 ShortcutShortcut  Mike DuffyMar 15 2007WIN rds-hosted
 ShortcutCreatorShortcut creator  Jeremy PetersonDec 13 2005WIN rds-hosted
 ShowWindowsDesktopCodeShow Windows Desktop code  Thomas BetterlyApr 5 2009WIN rds-hosted
  300ShutdownShutdown  Doug WeinertDec 30 2003WIN rds-hosted
 SimpleBackupProgramSimple Backup Program  Rob CraigAug 21 1999WIN rds-hosted Extra Stuff from RDS
  100SimpleDirectMediaLayerSimple Direct Media Layer  Mark AkitaJul 11 2002WIN rds-hosted
 SimpleEncryptionProgramSimple Encryption Program  Marc HooverNov 15 2001WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 SimpleIniFileIncludesimple ini file include  Hayden McKayDec 15 2015WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
 SimpleInstallerSimple Installer  Guillermo BonvehiFeb 4 2004WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 SimpleOopTwoSimple OOP  Jean-Marc DUROMar 6 2013WIN rds-hosted Language Tools
 SimpleTextToPclConverterSimple text to PCL converter  Karoly KovacsJul 11 2009WIN rds-hosted Machine-Level
 SingleInstanceSingle instance  Douglas WeinertDec 28 2003WIN rds-hosted
  250SkinnedWindowLibraryAndExampleSkinned Window Library and Example  Dave ProbertJun 22 2005WIN rds-hosted
 SkipperSdlSkipper_SDL  Mark K. AkitaSep 27 2006WIN rds-hosted Games
 SlidersGameSliders Game  Roland StowasserAug 30 2003WIN rds-hosted Games
 SlipmasterSlipMaster  Normand BlaisJan 18 2000WIN rds-hosted Games
 SlotMachineSlot Machine  James GreenAug 21 2003WIN rds-hosted Games
 SnakeGameSnake Game  Philip DeetsFeb 3 2004WIN Games
 Snmp-SimpleNetworkManagementProtocolSNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)  Doug WeinertDec 15 2007WIN rds-hosted Internet
 SnoopSnoop  Jean-Marc DUROMar 14 2015WIN rds-hosted Internet
 SntpTimeLibrarySNTP time library  Brett PantaloneMay 9 2006WIN rds-hosted Internet
 SocksFirewallCommunicationSOCKS Firewall Communication  Mario SteeleMay 9 2005WIN rds-hosted Internet
 SoftwareRequestFormSoftware Request Form  Alan OxleyJun 20 2001WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
  200SokobanGameSokoban Game  Kenneth RiviereMay 7 2001WIN rds-hosted Games
  100SousedMouseGameSoused Mouse Game  Robert SwistonOct 9 2002WIN rds-hosted Games
  900SpaceBlasterwasCheesySpaceGameSpace Blaster (was Cheesy Space Game)  Steve AllenMar 13 2005WIN rds-hosted Games
  150SpectreSetupSpectre Setup  Pete KingApr 21 2000WIN
 SpeechEditorspeech editor  Bob ThompsonFeb 8 2006WIN rds-hosted Sound
 SpeechLibrarySpeech Library  C BouzyJan 25 2006WIN rds-hosted Sound
  250SpiderSpider  Daniel KlussMar 1 2004WIN rds-hosted Internet
  300SpinballAndSpindiscSpinBall & SpinDisc  Tommy CarlierAug 7 2004WIN
 SpinningParticlesSpinning Particles  MicMay 23 2000WIN rds-hosted
 SpiralogySpiralogy  Michael RaleyJul 9 2006WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
   50SplitterControlSplitter Control  Don PhillipsNov 22 2001WIN rds-hosted
 SqlUtilitySQL Utility  Jonas TempleMar 12 2001WIN rds-hosted Database
  700SquidBlasterSquid Blaster  Liquid-NitrogenFeb 19 2008WIN rds-hosted Games
 StarcraftBetaStarcraft beta  gazAug 9 2009WIN rds-hosted Games
 StartbarTemplateStartbar template  Wes HermansonJul 24 2005WIN Simple Demos
 StatesAndCapitalsStates & Capitals  Gene MannelNov 5 2000WIN rds-hosted
 Steelsnakes-ExhaustPipesDesignSTEELSNAKES - Exhaust Pipes Design  Claudio EmiliozziJan 2 2004WIN rds-hosted Mathematics
 Step-by-stepGuideLibraryStep-by-step guide library  Alexander ToressonApr 9 2004WIN rds-hosted Documentation
 StockTickerStock Ticker  Tom JanesApr 2 2003WIN Internet
 StonesGameStones Game  David CunyOct 22 1999WIN rds-hosted Games
 StratagemGameStratagem Game  Mark AkitaNov 15 2001WIN rds-hosted Games
  150StretchBitmapStretch Bitmap  Martin StachonFeb 5 2002WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 StructulatorStructulator  Ron TarrantOct 14 2002WIN rds-hosted
 SudokuSUDOKU  marco zambranoApr 20 2007WIN rds-hosted Games
 SudokuTrainerSudoku Trainer  Jean-Marc DUROJul 13 2012WIN rds-hosted Games
 SudokuTwoSudoku  Eric RandallNov 23 2007WIN rds-hosted Games
 SuperscriptingWindowsCalculatorSuperscripting Windows Calculator  Shawn PringleJan 21 2016WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 SwfFileFormatSWF file format  Daniel KlussMay 10 2004WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 SwigEuphoriaSWIG/Euphoria  David CunyAug 19 2000WIN rds-hosted Language Tools
  100SyntaxFilesForCrimsonEditorSyntax Files for Crimson Editor  Andrew HallJul 22 2004WIN rds-hosted Editors
  600SyntaxHighlightingEditorSyntax Highlighting Editor  Don PhillipsJun 2 2002WIN rds-hosted Editors
 SynthSoundSynth Sound  MikeMay 7 2012WIN rds-hosted Sound
  400System-wideHotkeysSystem-Wide Hotkeys  Ting (Aku)Jun 17 2003WIN rds-hosted
  600SystemTrayIconsSystem Tray Icons  Thomas Parslow (PatRat)Apr 10 2003WIN rds-hosted
 TabControlSupportRoutinesTab Control Support Routines  Russell K. DavisFeb 18 2000WIN rds-hosted
  170TableDatabaseManagerTable Database Manager  KittenABAug 25 2006WIN rds-hosted Database
 TankGameTank Game  Mark AkitaSep 4 2001WIN rds-hosted Games
 TankhunterTankHunter  Ira HillDec 26 2011WIN rds-hosted Games
 TaskDialogsForWindowsVistaAndLaterTask Dialogs for Windows Vista and later  Arthur CrumpJun 28 2013WIN rds-hosted
 TcpDemosTCP Demos  Robert SzalayMar 31 2003WIN rds-hosted Internet
  100TelnetProtocolTelnet Protocol  Michael RaleyOct 5 2000WIN rds-hosted Internet
 TemplateHandlerTemplate Handler  Dan MoyerOct 3 2001WIN rds-hosted
  100TerragenToEuTerrainDemoTerragen to Eu Terrain Demo  your average JoeFeb 13 2006WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
  300TestToCompareEuphoriaAndCGraphicsTest to Compare Euphoria and C Graphics  Andrew KatzApr 28 2007WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
  150Tetrix3Tetrix3  MicOct 20 2003WIN Games
 TextEncoderText Encoder  Mike The SpikeMar 19 2001WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 TexterTexter  AndyJul 6 2005WIN rds-hosted Editors
 TextFileReplaceText File Replace  Andras SzaboDec 16 2004WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 TextFileViewerText File Viewer  Greg HaberekDec 14 2002WIN rds-hosted Editors
 TgsFlatAssemblerTG's Flat Assembler  Hayden McKayMay 28 2016WIN rds-hosted Language Tools
 TheEuphoriaSubCommanderProjectThe Euphoria Sub Commander project  ChrisBurch3Nov 23 2007WIN rds-hosted Games
 TheScite-ruEditorForBilingualEu25The SciTE-RU Editor for Bilingual EU 2.5  Igor KachanNov 12 2008WIN Editors
 TheVoiceOfEuphoriathe voice of Euphoria  Michael RaleyFeb 8 2005WIN rds-hosted Sound
 ThreadManager01Thread Manager 01  Al GetzAug 10 2005WIN rds-hosted
  200TileModelTile Model  MikeJul 2 2007WIN rds-hosted
 TimedmsgTimedMsg  Fred ManganMar 2 2010WIN rds-hosted
  300TimeitV02TimeIt v0.2  Guillermo BonvehiApr 23 2004WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 TimerTimer  Brett PantaloneApr 4 1999WIN rds-hosted
  600TimesheetProgramTimesheet Program  Jonas TempleNov 2 2004WIN rds-hosted
 TimeStatusBarTime Status Bar  OtterDadNov 24 2008WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 TimeTestTime Test  Andy CranstonMar 22 2002WIN rds-hosted
 TinyptcForEuphoriaTinyPTC for Euphoria  Adam DanielssonFeb 14 2003WIN rds-hosted
 TojptoJP  Wolfgang FritzSep 18 2009WIN Documentation
 TonysEugridsortTony's EUGridSort  Tony StewardFeb 21 2005WIN rds-hosted
 TopazEditorTopaz Editor  AndrewMay 30 2002WIN rds-hosted Editors
   80TorutoRU  Wolfgang Fritz / Igor KachanSep 8 2009WIN Documentation
  100TowersOfHanoiTowers of Hanoi  Martin StachonAug 16 2002WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 TraceRouteTrace route  alban readFeb 18 2006WIN rds-hosted Internet
 TraceUtilityTrace utility  Phil FrenchDec 25 2014WIN rds-hosted Language Tools
 TranslationHelperForEnhancedIdeTranslation Helper for Enhanced IDE  Roland StowasserDec 15 2007WIN rds-hosted
 TranslatorSupportForMingwAndPellesCTranslator Support for MinGW and Pelles C  Konstantinos TampourisNov 5 2006WIN rds-hosted Language Tools
 TravellingSalesmanTwoTravelling Salesman  MicApr 28 2002WIN rds-hosted Mathematics
 TruliteTruLite  Liquid-NitrogenMar 1 2005WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
 1250TsunamiRecordManagerWrappersTsunami Record Manager wrappers  H.W. OvermanJun 18 2005WIN rds-hosted Database
 TurbopowerAsyncProTerminalTurboPower Async Pro Terminal  Jean-Marc DUROOct 1 2014WIN rds-hosted
 Tutor2Tutor2  Fred ManganFeb 26 2016WIN rds-hosted Documentation
 TutorialTutorial  Don PhillipsDec 31 2001WIN rds-hosted Documentation
 UcalcWrapperAndCalculatorUCalc Wrapper and Calculator  Alex ChamberlainOct 28 2005WIN rds-hosted Mathematics
  100UdpUDP  GazApr 4 2008WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 UnicodeConversionLibraryUnicode Conversion Library  Greg HaberekJul 14 2005WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
 UnitsUnits  Mike DuffyMar 1 2006WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 UpxerUPXer  wes hermansonMay 5 2006WIN Utility Programs
  350UrlMonikerWrapperURL moniker wrapper  MicSep 8 2003WIN rds-hosted Internet
 User32AndGdi32WrappersUser32 & GDI32 Wrappers  Andy P.Jul 18 2012WIN rds-hosted
 UseResourcesFromAdllUse Resources from a .DLL  Francis DowlingFeb 23 2003WIN rds-hosted
  160UseResourcesFromdllFilesUse Resources from .dll files  David MillsOct 10 2003WIN rds-hosted
 UsingAPrinterWithWin32libUsing A Printer With Win32Lib  Irv MullinsDec 28 2001WIN rds-hosted
  300UuidWin32ApiFunctionsWrappersUUID (GUID) win32 api functions wrappers  jacques deschenesJul 21 2006WIN rds-hosted Database
 VersionControlProgramVersion Control program  Andy DrummondApr 24 2006WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 VersionInformationVersion Information  Wolfgang FritzFeb 23 2001WIN
 VerySimplePrintingWithWin32libVery Simple Printing with Win32lib  Fred RansomMay 27 2011WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 VerySimpleWebcamExampleVery Simple Webcam Example  Dave ProbertApr 22 2005WIN rds-hosted
 ViewIconsInexeOrdllView Icons in .exe or .dll  Greg HaberekMar 11 2003WIN rds-hosted
 VirtualPrintervirtual printer  Michael RaleyApr 8 2007WIN rds-hosted
 VirtunomeVirtunome  Greg HaberekFeb 28 2006WIN Sound
 VisualEuphoriaCodeEditorVisual Euphoria Code Editor  Daniel BersteinNov 9 1998WIN rds-hosted Editors
 VisualEuphoriaPrototypeVisual Euphoria Prototype  Tom JanesDec 7 2001WIN rds-hosted
 W32engine2w32Engine2  VinobaMay 7 2011WIN rds-hosted
 W32graphicscalingW32GraphicScaling  Fred ManganMar 24 2012WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
 WackozeEuphoriaEditorWackoze Euphoria Editor  Jean-Marc DURONov 27 2014WIN rds-hosted Editors
 WarehouserReplayUtilityWarehouser replay utility  Michael RaleyNov 29 2004WIN rds-hosted Games
 WareHouserTileMatchingGameWare Houser tile matching game  Michael RaleyMay 4 2007WIN rds-hosted Games
 WarGame-unfinishedProjectWar Game (unfinished project)  Einar MogenSep 25 2003WIN rds-hosted Games
  300WatchServerwatch server  jacques deschenesJan 28 2005WIN rds-hosted
  200WavEditor.WAV Editor  Daryl van den BrinkMay 15 2003WIN rds-hosted Sound
 Wdemoswdemos  Fred ManganFeb 26 2016WIN rds-hosted Documentation
  100WebBrowserWeb Browser  AndrewMar 22 2002WIN rds-hosted Internet
   25WebPageConstructionToolWeb Page Construction Tool  Trevor DixonMay 4 2001WIN rds-hosted Internet
  300WebServerWeb Server  Peter BlueNov 21 2002WIN Internet
  500WebServerTwoWeb Server  Daniel KlussMay 28 2003WIN Internet
  100WebShepherdWeb Shepherd  Mark SmithJan 19 1999WIN rds-hosted
 Win32ApiDocumentationWIN32 API Documentation  MicrosoftJan 1 1995WIN rds-hosted Documentation
 Win32ApiOn-lineDescriptionWIN32 API On-line Description  MicrosoftJan 1 1995WIN Documentation
 Win32ApiWrappersWIN32 API Wrappers  Jason MirwaldNov 17 2002WIN rds-hosted
  200Win32ApiWrappersTwoWIN32 API Wrappers  Jacques DeschenesJun 1 1998WIN rds-hosted
   75Win32CommonDialogsAndMenusWIN32 Common Dialogs and Menus  Jacques DeschenesDec 4 1997WIN rds-hosted
 1150Win32dib053Win32Dib 0.5.3  Tommy CarlierNov 17 2005WIN
 Win32EditorPrototypeWin32 Editor Prototype  David CunyJul 17 1999WIN rds-hosted Editors
 5500Win32EngineWin32 Engine  Bernie RyanMay 31 2011WIN rds-hosted
  200Win32EngineRWin32 Engine_R  Igor KachanSep 14 2004WIN rds-hosted
 Win32ErrorCodesWin32 Error Codes  Jean-Marc DUROAug 18 2016WIN rds-hosted Documentation
 Win32FileUtilitiesWIN32 File Utilities  Jeff FieldingDec 28 2000WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
 Win32HeaderFilesWIN32 Header Files  Hendrik MundtAug 29 1999WIN rds-hosted Documentation
 Win32IdeWIN32 IDE  Al GetzAug 25 2000WIN rds-hosted
18045Win32libWin32Lib  Win32Lib TeamJun 17 2008WIN phix
 Win32lib7ForPhixwin32lib7 for Phix  ChrisBurch3Dec 19 2016WIN phix
 Win32libAndOpenglDemosWin32Lib + OpenGL Demos  cklesterJul 27 2004WIN
  300Win32libCustomGuiWin32lib Custom GUI  H.W. OvermanJun 18 2005WIN rds-hosted
   70Win32libDllExampleWin32Lib Dll Example  Logan KodyszMay 23 2006WIN rds-hosted
  325Win32libexWin32LibEx  Matthew LewisAug 21 2000WIN rds-hosted
  300Win32libKeywordLookupWin32Lib Keyword Lookup  Andrew HallAug 7 2004WIN rds-hosted Documentation
 Win32libRestructuredWin32Lib Restructured  Jean-Marc DURONov 2 2014WIN rds-hosted
  250Win32libTutorialsWin32Lib Tutorials  Wolfgang Fritz and Ad RienksApr 15 2002WIN
 Win32libWizardCollectionWin32Lib Wizard Collection  SpockyMar 17 2000WIN rds-hosted
  100Win32ProfileLibraryWin32 Profile library  CChrisAug 6 2007WIN rds-hosted
 Win32ScreenSaverWIN32 Screen Saver  Jacques DeschenesMar 1 1998WIN rds-hosted
 Win32UtilitiesWIN32 Utilities  Matt ArriolaSep 9 2000WIN rds-hosted
   50Win3dWin3D  SpockyMay 17 2000WIN rds-hosted
  500WinampWrapperWinAmp Wrapper  MicAug 23 2001WIN rds-hosted
 2430WinclassCPlusPlusStyleLibraryWinClass C++ Style Library  Al GetzApr 30 2006WIN rds-hosted
  200Windirwin_dir()  Greg HaberekDec 17 2005WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
 WindllWinDLL  Matt LewisDec 18 2003WIN rds-hosted
 WindosForRussianLettersWinDOS for Russian letters  eggMar 21 2006WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
  200WindowAnimationWindow Animation  Logan KodyszMay 29 2006WIN rds-hosted
  400WindowFindingFunctionsWindow Finding Functions  PatRatJun 25 2001WIN rds-hosted
 WindowsAnimationEffectWindows Animation Effect  MicApr 3 2000WIN phix
 WindowsDebuggingToolWindows Debugging Tool  Al GetzNov 13 2000WIN rds-hosted
 1375WindowsEditor-32-bitWindows Editor (32-bit)  Mike CarrollApr 24 1999WIN Editors
 WindowsEditor-JDWindows Editor  Jacques DeschenesMay 3 2000WIN rds-hosted Editors
   75WindowsEditor-PEWindows Editor  Pete EberleinDec 4 2014WIN rds-hosted Editors
 WindowsEditor-RBWindows Editor  Robert BrambilaJan 21 2000WIN rds-hosted Editors
 WindowsExplorewindows explore  amir rezaJul 18 2004WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 WindowsHookDemoWindows Hook Demo  Andreas WagnerApr 30 2011WIN rds-hosted
 WindowsIdeEnhancementWindows IDE enhancement  ShawnAug 14 2005WIN rds-hosted
 WindowsLibraryWindows Library  LoganDec 6 2002WIN rds-hosted
 WindowsMidiRoutinesWindows MIDI Routines  Brent HughAug 7 1999WIN rds-hosted
 WindowsMixedCommandProgramWindows Mixed Command Program  Alex BlanchetteNov 23 2004WIN rds-hosted
 WindowsMonitorWindows Monitor  Jean-Marc DUROJul 20 2012WIN rds-hosted
 WindowsProgrammingLibraryWindows Programming Library  Eric RandallJun 4 2002WIN rds-hosted
  100WindowsPuzzleGameWindows Puzzle Game  Stanislav SitarAug 16 2000WIN rds-hosted Games
  560WindowsRegistryReadAndWriteWindows Registry Read/Write  Davi FigueiredoNov 30 2002WIN rds-hosted
  150WindowsRulerWindows Ruler  Travis BeatyJan 18 2001WIN rds-hosted
  300WindowsSerialPortAccesswindows serial port access  jacques deschenesMay 24 2009WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
   80WindowsServicesLibraryWindows Services library  Michael J. SabalJun 8 2007WIN rds-hosted
 WindowsTaskingDemo01Windows Tasking Demo 01  Al GetzSep 23 2005WIN rds-hosted Language Tools
 WindowsTelnetClientWindows Telnet Client  Jean-Marc DUROMay 15 2016WIN rds-hosted Internet
 WindowStylesExplorerWindow Styles Explorer  Don PhillipsDec 7 2001WIN rds-hosted
 WinlibsimplewinlibSimple  Jean-Marc DUROMay 26 2015WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
 WinlinguaWinLingua  GalileoFeb 5 2005WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 WinmaniaWindowsLibraryWinMania Windows Library  Tone SkodaMar 4 2008WIN rds-hosted
 WinmxnapWinMXnap  Chris BenslerDec 2 2001WIN rds-hosted Internet
  100WinprintWinPrint  Rod DamonJan 11 2006WIN rds-hosted
  200Winprog-PetzoldProjectWinprog/Petzold Project  Craig GilbertApr 8 2012WIN
 WipeWipe  Rob SteelOct 23 2008WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 WipForSdlDatafilesWIP for SDL datafiles  Steven AllenJul 13 2005WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos
 WmlWML  Alex ChamberlainOct 30 2004WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 WmotorWMOTOR  Bernie RyanFeb 16 2006WIN rds-hosted
 WordwebInterfaceWordWeb Interface  Ross BoydJan 9 2002WIN rds-hosted Library Routines
 WorldDistanceCalculatorWorld Distance Calculator  Greg HaberekMay 4 2005WIN Utility Programs
 WrappedFunctionsForWin32Wrapped Functions for WIN32  Chris BenslerMar 5 2002WIN rds-hosted
  450WrapperForBlatSmtpE-mailSendingwrapper for Blat SMTP e-mail sending  Michael RaleyMar 14 2005WIN rds-hosted Internet
  550WrapperForHawknlWrapper for HawkNL  Elliott Sales de AndradeSep 3 2002WIN rds-hosted Internet
 WrapperForIcmpWrapper for ICMP  Fabio RamirezApr 16 2001WIN rds-hosted Internet
 WrapperForOpenGlWrapper for Open GL  Mike The SpikeJan 3 2001WIN rds-hosted
 WrapperForSkincrafterActivexWrapper for SkinCrafter ActiveX  Matthew LewisMay 27 2005WIN rds-hosted
  200WrapperForTheEu2cWindowsTranslatorWrapper for the Eu2C Windows translator  Juergen LuethjeSep 26 2007WIN rds-hosted Language Tools
  400WrapperForWininetdllWrapper for WinInet.dll  Fabio RamirezApr 16 2001WIN rds-hosted Internet
  300XchatPluginInterfaceXChat Plugin Interface  Elliott Sales de AndradeSep 20 2003WIN rds-hosted Internet
 XcomInterceptorEditorXcom Interceptor Editor  Pete KingApr 5 2000WIN Games
  540Xcontrols206xControls 2.0.6  Greg HaberekJun 17 2008WIN
 XdirXDIR  Larry MillerApr 19 2004WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs
 XmlToSequenceXML to Sequence  Jean-Marc DUROAug 31 2013WIN rds-hosted Internet
 XmlWindowDesigningXML window designing  pajaroSep 19 2004WIN rds-hosted broken
 Xmlzippdfiumbeginsqlite, mail, http, xml, zip and pdfium  begin7/7/18WIN
  100XpmIconLibraryXPM Icon Library  Jonas TempleDec 19 2002WIN rds-hosted
 1700XpmmerXpmIconGeneratorXPMmer XPM Icon Generator  Andy DrummondJul 27 2007WIN rds-hosted
 XsConverterXS Converter  Frank DowlingApr 4 2007WIN rds-hosted Simple Demos
 Yagl4euYAGL4EU  Jeremy PetersonNov 19 2006WIN Games
 YahtzeeYahtzee  Some SlackerFeb 11 2006WIN Games
 YetAnotherCalculatorYet Another Calculator  llamedosoJul 11 2008WIN Simple Demos
 YetAnotherHaikuGeneratorYet Another Haiku Generator  A.C.HarperDec 17 2003WIN Simple Demos
 ZapoxOpenglGameEngineZapox OpenGL Game Engine  Steve AllenJun 7 2013WIN Graphics Demos
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