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Contributions for which a new and improved version or alternative is available, under a different name, and anything that has now been incorporated into the standard distribution.

I have put all the old documentation versions that I could find in here.

 AlternativeToDirAlternative to dir()  H.W. OvermanJun 18 2005WIN superceded Library Routines
 AmortizationTables2Amortization Tables  Kenneth RhodesFeb 6 1999DOS rejected superceded
   80ApcDllAPC dll  Daniel KlussMay 9 2006WIN Language Tools superceded
 ArwenArwen  MikeNov 12 2007WIN rds-hosted superceded
 AssemblerForEuphoriaAssembler for Euphoria  Alexander YakovlevFeb 4 1997GEN rds-hosted Machine-Level superceded
 1300AssociativeLists-tablesAssociative Lists (Tables)  Jiri BaborSep 9 2002GEN superceded Library Routines
 Bigatom-FloatingPointNumbersBase10ArbitraryPrecisionbigatom.e - floating point numbers base 10 arbitrary precision.  cargoanDec 27 2014GEN Mathematics superceded
 BoidsBoids  Matthew LewisSep 5 2003WIN rds-hosted Mathematics superceded
 CompiledHtmlHelpForEuphoriaV30Compiled HTML help for Euphoria v3.0  Brett PantaloneJan 21 2007WIN rds-hosted Documentation superceded
 CompiledHtmlPdfForEuphoriaV30Compiled HTML PDF for Euphoria v3.0  Dave BunchJun 13 2007GEN rds-hosted Documentation superceded
 DeluxeSlideShow3Deluxe Slide Show3  don coleMay 1 2007WIN rds-hosted Utility Programs superceded
 DocumentationInHelppcFormatDocumentation in HelpPC Format  Detlef ReimersOct 22 1998DOS rejected superceded
 DosrescueFor40DOSRescue for 4.0  Shawn PringleJan 25 2016WIN superceded
 2400DosRescueImprovementDos Rescue improvement  InsolorJul 16 2013WIN superceded
 DosRescueWithSmallFixDos Rescue with small fix  Marco AchuryFeb 3 2010WIN superceded Library Routines
 EditaEdita  Pete LomaxAug 28 2013WIN Editors superceded
 EditabyPeteLomaxAsAzipFileEDITA (By Pete Lomax) as a .zip file  don coleApr 9 2008WIN Editors superceded
 EditabyPeteLomaxAutomaticInstallerEDITA (By Pete Lomax) automatic installer  don coleApr 9 2008WIN Editors superceded
 EditabyPeteLomaxWithSourceEDITA (By Pete Lomax) with source  don coleApr 9 2008WIN Editors superceded
 EditaEuphoria40SyntaxFileEdita Euphoria 4.0 Syntax File  Greg HaberekSep 4 2009WIN Editors superceded
 EditaEuphoria40SyntaxFile2Edita Euphoria 4.0 Syntax File  GSAC3Sep 7 2009WIN Editors superceded
 EditaManualbyPeteLomaxEdita Manual (By Pete Lomax)  don coleApr 9 2008GEN rds-hosted Editors superceded
 Euglfw3EuGLFW3  Andy P.Aug 21 2016WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos superceded
 Euglfw3WithExamplesEuGLFW3 with examples  Jean-Marc DUROJan 19 2016GEN rds-hosted Graphics Demos superceded
 EuiupEuIup  Andy P.Jul 7 2016GEN rds-hosted User Interfaces superceded
 Euphoria22DocumentationAsCompiledHtmlEuphoria 2.2 Documentation as Compiled HTML  Adam WeedenMar 24 2000WIN rds-hosted Documentation superceded
 Euphoria24-DocumentacionEnEspanolpdfEuphoria 2.4 - Documentacion en espanol (PDF)  Fernando VeloOct 21 2003WIN rds-hosted Documentation superceded
 Euphoria24-DocumentacionHtmlEnEspanolEuphoria 2.4 - Documentacion HTML en espanol  Fernando VeloOct 21 2003WIN rds-hosted Documentation superceded
 Euphoria24DocumentationAsCompiledHtmlEuphoria 2.4 Documentation as Compiled HTML  Brian BrokerOct 14 2003WIN rds-hosted Documentation superceded
 Euphoria25DocumentationAsCompiledHtmlEuphoria 2.5 Documentation as Compiled HTML  Brian BrokerMar 10 2005GEN rds-hosted Documentation superceded
 Euphoria31-311HelpInChmFormatEuphoria 3.1/3.1.1 Help in chm format  txj2000Apr 17 2008GEN rds-hosted Documentation superceded
 Euphoria311DocumentationInJapaneseofflineEditionEuphoria 3.1.1 Documentation in Japanese(Offline edition)  RDS / Ninetailfox SoftwareFeb 24 2010GEN rds-hosted Documentation superceded
 Euphoria31ChmDocumentationEuphoria 3.1 CHM documentation  DominiqueBJun 16 2007GEN rds-hosted Documentation superceded
 Euphoria31ReferenceManualInRussianEuphoria 3.1 Reference Manual in Russian  Igor KachanDec 24 2011GEN rds-hosted Documentation superceded
 Euphoria41FunctionListEuphoria 4.1 function List  John SalviSep 9 2012GEN rds-hosted Documentation superceded
 Euphoria4ApiDocumentationEuphoria 4 API Documentation  Tom CiplijauskasApr 18 2012GEN rds-hosted Documentation superceded
 EuphoriachmFileEuphoria .chm file  Dominique BodinNov 4 2006GEN superceded Documentation
 EuphoriaDocsInNortonFormatEuphoria Docs in Norton format  Claire Anglehart, Francis BussiereApr 9 1997DOS rejected superceded
 EuphoriaDocumentationGeneratorEuphoria Documentation Generator  Junko MiuraApr 4 1999GEN rds-hosted Extra Stuff from RDS superceded
 EuphoriaDocumentationInJapaneseonlineEditionEuphoria Documentation in Japanese(Online edition)  RDS / Ninetailfox SoftwareJan 17 2010GEN Documentation superceded
  150EuphoriaEncyclopediaEuphoria Encyclopedia  Travis BeatyDec 14 2000GEN rds-hosted Documentation superceded
  690EuphoriaGamesPackEuphoria Games Pack  Ray SmithDec 8 2000WIN Games superceded
 EuphoriaHelpEuphoria Help  Al GetzFeb 16 2003WIN rds-hosted Documentation superceded
 EuphoriaHelpFileEuphoria Help File  Dan EveringhamMay 9 2014GEN rds-hosted Documentation superceded
 EusqliteeuSQLite  Ray SmithFeb 26 2016WIN Database superceded
 EusqliteUpdateEuSQLite update  Chris BurchApr 19 2016GEN Database superceded
   85GatewayToWin32libExamplesGateway to Win32Lib Examples  Dan MoyerSep 9 2000WIN rds-hosted superceded
  150Glfw-AnOpenglFrameworkGLFW - An OpenGL Framework  Elliott Sales de AndradeJan 3 2004WIN rds-hosted superceded
 HighLevelAssemblerHigh Level assembler  micJun 5 2007GEN rds-hosted Machine-Level superceded
 Iup4eu3iup4eu3  Charles NewbouldJul 21 2016WIN rds-hosted User Interfaces superceded
 IupeuIupEu  Jeremy CowgarApr 18 2008GEN User Interfaces superceded
 MakeDllsWithTheTranslatorMake .DLL's With the Translator  Matthew LewisFeb 28 2001WIN rds-hosted superceded
 MEditorM Editor  Pete LomaxSep 2 2004WIN Editors superceded
 Mini-assemblerMini-Assembler  Pete EberleinDec 30 2001GEN rds-hosted Machine-Level superceded
  100ModifiedIdeModified IDE  Dan MoyerNov 23 2000WIN rds-hosted superceded
 1275OpenglGraphicsForEuphoriaOpenGL Graphics for Euphoria  MicMar 23 2008WIN rds-hosted Graphics Demos superceded
 PatchedVersionOfWin32libPatched version of Win32Lib.ew  Martin StachonDec 14 2001WIN rds-hosted superceded
 PatchesForOtherPeoplesProjectsPatches for other people's projects  Shawn PringleMay 4 2011WIN superceded rejected
 PdfDocumentationSvn3379pdf documentation svn3379  Tom CiplijauskasAug 27 2010GEN rds-hosted Documentation superceded
 PdfHelpFile.PDF Help File  Euler GermanAug 3 2002GEN rds-hosted Documentation superceded
 PeFileFormatReaderPE File Format Reader  Graeme BurkeOct 19 2006WIN superceded Language Tools
 PetesPrettyPrintPete's Pretty Print  Pete LomaxSep 11 2004GEN Library Routines superceded
 PftppFTP  Pete LomaxNov 17 2006WIN Internet superceded
 Poke2Peek2uPeek2spoke2 / peek2u /peek2s  Bernie Ryan / Rolf SchroederOct 14 2001GEN rds-hosted Library Routines superceded
 RefmandocInMsWordFormatREFMAN.DOC in MS Word Format  John DeHopeAug 15 1997WIN rds-hosted Documentation superceded
 RefmandocInSpanishREFMAN.DOC in Spanish  Carlos GonzaliaApr 17 1997GEN rds-hosted Documentation superceded
 RefmanInSpanishRefman in Spanish  Ricardo FornoAug 21 2002GEN rds-hosted Documentation superceded
   30SetSubsystemTypeSet Subsystem Type  Jeremy CollakeApr 25 2002WIN rds-hosted superceded
 SharedMemoryLibraryShared Memory Library  Elliott Sales de AndradeNov 21 2002LNX superceded
 ShareMemoryBetweenProcessesShare Memory Between Processes  Mario Steele / Jason MirwaldMar 24 2004WIN superceded
  500TdllTDLL  Daniel KlussSep 23 2005WIN rds-hosted superceded
 UnofficialEuphoriaVersion4ChmHelpFileUnOfficial Euphoria version 4 chm Help file  ne1unoJun 30 2011GEN rds-hosted Documentation superceded
 UnofficialEuphoriaVersion4ChmHelpFileBetaUnOfficial Euphoria version 4 CHM Help file beta  ne1unoJul 3 2010GEN Documentation superceded
 Utf8-Unicodev101UTF-8 <--> Unicode (v1.01)  Shian LeeMay 10 2012GEN superceded Library Routines
 Win32libForEuphoria40BetaWin32lib for Euphoria 4.0 beta  MikeJan 26 2010WIN rds-hosted superceded
  350WindowsEditor-MWindows Editor  MikeJul 30 2001WIN superceded Editors
 WindowsHelpFileWindows Help File  Euler GermanAug 18 2002GEN rds-hosted Documentation superceded
 WindowsHelpFileForEuphoria21Windows Help File for Euphoria 2.1  WOLF InI SoftwareApr 12 1999WIN rds-hosted Documentation superceded
 WindowsHelpFileForEuphoria212Windows Help File for Euphoria 2.1  Fabio RamirezAug 7 1999WIN rds-hosted Documentation superceded
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