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Rejected contributions - not appropriate for Phix, particularly DOS and wxEuphoria.
Some contributions may have been marked DOS when they should really be WIN, or even GEN, and hence need un-rejecting.
Note that non-working contributions that can/should be fixed should be categorised as broken, not rejected.

 2-dPlottingPackage2-D Plotting Package  Leonid ShulmanApr 12 1999DOS rejected
 3-dPolygon-fillDemos3-D Polygon-Fill Demos  MicNov 9 1999DOS rejected
 3-dPolygon-fillDemos-svgaModes3-D Polygon-Fill Demos (SVGA modes)  MicJan 24 2000DOS rejected
 3-dSpriteEditor3-D Sprite Editor  Graeme BurkeMay 18 1998DOS rejected
 3-dTicTacToe3-D Tic Tac Toe  Jerry StoryMar 7 2010GEN rejected
 3-dWireFrameDemos3-D Wire Frame Demos  Colin EllisMay 13 1999DOS rejected
 3dGamePrototypes3D Game Prototypes  Mark HonnorFeb 23 1997DOS rejected
 3dGraphing3d graphing  J.F. SoucailleFeb 13 1997DOS rejected
 3dSpinningPolygonObjects3D Spinning Polygon Objects  Roderick JacksonApr 15 1999DOS rejected
 3dStarFieldSimulation3D star field simulation  Marco AchuryOct 20 2008DOS rejected
 4dosDescriptionFiles4DOS Description Files  Al TaylorFeb 5 1998DOS rejected
 4dosDescriptionFilesAndFilename-split4DOS Description Files and Filename-Split  Al TaylorNov 9 1997DOS rejected
 4InARow4 in a row  Carlos ValdesMay 22 2008DOS rejected
 AcceptAccept  Fred ManganNov 16 2006DOS rejected
 AccessFileNamesViaFatAccess File Names via FAT  Daniel KlussOct 1 2002DOS rejected
 AdvancedDosSourceEditorAdvanced DOS Source Editor  Tom JanesDec 27 2011DOS rejected
 AiBots1AI Bots #1  George BrooksFeb 9 2001DOS rejected
 AiBots2AI Bots #2  George BrooksFeb 19 2001DOS rejected
 AiChatterBotAI Chatter Bot  George BrooksMar 9 2002DOS rejected
 AlarmAlarm  Jesse AdkinsAug 1 2006GEN rejected
 AliensGameAliens Game  Jiri BaborMar 29 1997DOS rejected
 All-in-one32-bitOpeneuphoria41ForBeginnersAll-in-One 32-bit OpenEuphoria 4.1 for beginners  Jean-Marc DUROAug 27 2015LNX rejected
 All-in-one32-bitOpeneuphoria41ForBeginners2All-in-One 32-bit OpenEuphoria 4.1 for beginners  Jean-Marc DUROMay 21 2015WIN rejected
 All-in-one64-bitOpeneuphoria41ForBeginnersAll-in-One 64-bit OpenEuphoria 4.1 for beginners  Jean-Marc DUROAug 28 2015LNX rejected
 AllInOneInstallerAll In One Installer  Shawn PringleMar 10 2016LNX rejected Language Tools
 AmortizationTables2Amortization Tables  Kenneth RhodesFeb 6 1999DOS rejected superceded
 AnacrosticPuzzlesAnacrostic Puzzles  Jim GallagherNov 29 1999DOS rejected
 AnimatedCarWithSoundEffectsAnimated Car With Sound Effects  Lewis TownsendApr 10 1998DOS rejected
 AnimationDemo1Animation demo #1  Peter BlueApr 11 1996DOS rejected
 AnimationDemo2Animation demo #2  Peter BlueJul 16 1996DOS rejected
 ArabellaexArabella.ex  James GilgenMay 3 2011DOS rejected
 ArcsArcs  Jiri BaborJan 25 1999DOS rejected
 AreDrivesReadyAre Drives Ready?  Craig GilbertNov 11 1997DOS rejected
 AreYouADumbBlondeAre You a Dumb Blonde?  Olafur OskarNov 9 1997DOS rejected
 ArtificialLifePlatformArtificial Life Platform  Travis MayJun 5 2000DOS rejected
 Astroastro  Mike ManturovAug 5 2010DOS rejected
 AudioCdRoutinesAudio CD routines  Jacques DeschenesAug 15 1997DOS rejected
 AudioRipperPlusAudio Ripper Plus  Greg HaberekFeb 28 2006WIN Sound broken rejected
 Aurora-b-v2Aurora_b_v2  SharachanFeb 28 2005DOS rejected
 AutotextAutotext  Roy ShepherdSep 21 1998DOS rejected
 Backendw-exe-improvedbackendw.exe (improved)  Al GetzSep 19 2009WIN Language Tools rejected
 BacteriaAndMegamanDemosbacteria & megaman demos  intJan 30 2004DOS rejected
 BalenfaireBalenfaire  Lewis TownsendJul 1 1998DOS rejected
 Base64DecoderBase 64 Decoder  Daniel JohnsonSep 28 1998DOS rejected
 1000BassAudioLibraryBASS Audio Library  Elliott Sales de AndradeNov 23 2005WIN Sound broken rejected
  100BassCdLibraryBass CD Library  Elliott Sales de AndradeNov 23 2005WIN Sound broken rejected
 BassencEncodingLibraryBassEnc Encoding Library  Elliott Sales de AndradeNov 23 2005WIN Sound broken rejected
  650BassmodLibraryBASSMOD Library  Elliott Sales de AndradeJul 6 2004WIN Sound broken rejected
 BassvisLibraryBassVis Library  Elliott Sales de AndradeJun 18 2005WIN Sound broken rejected
 1150BeginnersGuideToEuphoriaBeginner's Guide to Euphoria  David GayAug 1 1997DOS rejected
 BilingualEuphoria25Bilingual Euphoria 2.5  Igor Kachan, Robert CraigJun 15 2005GEN rds-hosted Language Tools rejected
 BinaryFile-searchBinary File-Search  Carlos ValdesApr 22 1998DOS rejected
  100BinderGuiInterfaceBinder GUI Interface  Rod DamonNov 7 2005WIN rds-hosted Language Tools rejected
 BitmapEditorBitmap Editor  Eduardo OkadaMar 17 1998DOS rejected
 BitmapManipulationRoutinesBitmap Manipulation Routines  Colin TaylorJun 24 1999DOS rejected
 BmCrunchBM Crunch  Graeme BurkeJun 3 1998DOS rejected
 BmDirectoryCruncherBM Directory Cruncher  Jesus ConsuegraJun 2 1998DOS rejected
 Bmp2mem2filev9bmp2mem2filev9  practicing01Mar 23 2005DOS rejected
 BotmatchBotMatch  Ralf NieuwenhuijsenDec 24 1998DOS rejected
 BouncingAndRippleEffectsIntrobouncing and ripple effects intro  int-inputMar 25 2004DOS rejected
 BounderBounder  Mark AkitaNov 22 2000DOS rejected
 BruteForceSudokuSolverbrute force sudoku solver  Harm VeenstraNov 29 2005DOS rejected
 BunchOfDemosBunch of Demos  Shark ByteNov 13 2000DOS rejected
 BundlebmpFilesBundle .BMP Files  Ricardo Niederberger CabralJul 6 1997DOS rejected
 BundleOfSampleProgramsBundle of Sample Programs  Cad CretaSep 9 2002DOS rejected
 BurgessBurgess  Mark AkitaSep 20 2000DOS rejected
 C-64CharacterSetC-64 Character Set  J-Man Th'ShamanMay 27 1998DOS rejected
 CalculatriceCalculatrice  Stephane LamyAug 10 2004DOS rejected
 CardGameEngineCard Game Engine  The ReaperFeb 19 1997DOS rejected
 CausewayManualCauseWay Manual  Igor KachanMay 12 2002DOS rejected
 CdPlayerCD Player  Greg HaberekJan 12 2003DOS rejected
 ChangesToDos32libChanges to DOS32Lib  Matt ArriolaMay 3 2001DOS rejected
 ChatFacilityChat Facility  Nick MetcalfeDec 18 1998DOS rejected
 CheckAvailableMemoryCheck Available Memory  Jacques DeschenesOct 9 1997DOS rejected
 CheckDosVersionCheck DOS version  Marco AchuryJul 11 2008DOS rejected
 ChessClockChess Clock  Ernest CheamOct 9 1998DOS rejected
 ChessProgramChess Program  Normand BlaisAug 23 1998DOS rejected
 ColorCubeGameColor Cube Game  Stafford WhiteNov 9 1998DOS rejected
 ColorfulPatternsColorful Patterns  Mark AkitaMay 24 2001DOS rejected
 ColorSquaresColor Squares  Safiq VirjeeSep 29 2003DOS rejected
 Colorviewercolorviewer  practicing01Aug 1 2005DOS rejected
 Com1InterruptHandlerCOM1 Interrupt Handler  Jean Marie DecruNov 22 2000DOS rejected
 CommandLineCalculatorCommand Line Calculator  Matt SephtonApr 27 1997DOS rejected
 CompareFilesCompare Files  Jean-Marc DUROMay 22 2015GEN rejected
 ComplexNumberswithFractalDemosComplex Numbers (with Fractal Demos)  Nick MetcalfeJul 3 1998DOS rejected
 Connect-4GameConnect-4 Game  Normand BlaisApr 28 1997DOS rejected
 ConvertFontToSequenceConvert Font to Sequence  Wayne OvermanAug 29 2000DOS rejected
 ConvertTextFilesToWebPagesConvert Text Files to Web pages  DB JamesNov 24 1999DOS rejected
 ConvertToUnicodeConvert To Unicode  Igor KachanAug 4 2003DOS rejected
 CopyTo-FromWindowsClipboardCopy To/From Windows Clipboard  Jacques DeschenesJul 10 1997DOS rejected
 CreateAnimatedGifsCreate Animated GIFs  Nick MetcalfeSep 14 1999DOS rejected
   50CreateaviFilesCreate .AVI Files  Peter BlueJun 21 1999DOS rejected
 CrtMonitorTestProgramV20CRT Monitor Test Program v2.0  cumesoftwareDec 15 2004DOS rejected
 CssGeneratorCSS Generator  Fred ManganMar 16 2007DOS rejected
 CutABitmapCut a Bitmap  Robert NalleyJun 1 1999DOS rejected
 CybrgodsFirstProgramCybrGod's First Program  CybrGodNov 30 1996DOS rejected
 DadoDiceProgramDado Dice Program  Marcos DonnantuoniDec 20 1999DOS rejected
 DancingManDancing Man  Lee WooSeobMay 3 1997DOS rejected
 DarkFront-endDark Front-End  The Mega-ZZTerAug 23 2002DOS rejected
 DeathRotozoomerDeath RotoZoomer  MicAug 27 1999DOS rejected
  300DebianPackageOfThePublicDomainVersionOfEuphoriaDebian package of the Public Domain version of Euphoria  Alexander ToressonJan 3 2006LNX rejected
 Demo-packDemo-Pack  Liquid-Nitrogen SoftwareJul 1 1997DOS rejected
 Demo0demo0  practicing01Mar 1 2005DOS rejected
 DevilManGameDevil Man Game  Liquid-Nitrogen SoftwareJun 30 1997DOS rejected
 DialogEditorDialog Editor  David CunyNov 12 1998DOS rejected
  115DietMongerAssKickerDiet Monger @$$ Kicker  Jerry StoryMar 7 2010GEN rejected
 DiffVeryFastCommandLineUtilitydiff very fast command line utility  Alan OxleyJan 13 2006DOS rejected
 DinoChasedino chase  intFeb 24 2004DOS rejected
 DirectoryCompareDirectory Compare  Rolf SchroederOct 20 1999DOS rejected
 DiskBrowserDisk Browser  Caballero RojoFeb 26 2000DOS rejected
 DiskImageDisk Image  Free PlayNov 24 2001DOS rejected
 DiskUtilitiesDisk Utilities  Craig GilbertMar 2 1998DOS rejected
 DisplayAndConvertGraphicsFilesDisplay and Convert Graphics Files  Caballero RojoSep 23 1999DOS rejected
 DisplayAndEditFontsDisplay and Edit Fonts  No SolutionFeb 26 2000DOS rejected
 DisplayTextPicturesDisplay Text Pictures  George BrooksNov 17 2000DOS rejected
 DocumentationInHelppcFormatDocumentation in HelpPC Format  Detlef ReimersOct 22 1998DOS rejected superceded
 Dos32libDOS32Lib: DOS32 Library with Demos  David CunyJun 1 1999DOS rejected
 DosCommandMenuDOS Command Menu  Olafur OskarMar 9 1997DOS rejected
 DosFileSystemLibraryV100DOS File System Library v1.00  Shian LeeDec 18 2012DOS rejected
 DosGraphicsCharactersDOS graphics characters  David MoneyOct 9 2006DOS rejected
 DosGuiRoutinesDOS GUI Routines  Andrew GreenwoodOct 26 1999DOS rejected
 DosImageGalleryDOS Image Gallery  George BrooksNov 19 2002DOS rejected
 DosInterruptRoutinesDOS Interrupt routines  Hayden McKayAug 31 2004DOS rejected
 DosInterruptTesterDOS Interrupt Tester  CenSeJun 23 2000DOS rejected
 DosLongFilenamesDOS Long Filenames  Juergen LuethjeAug 8 2005DOS rejected
 DosMessageBoxDos message box  Emlyn MerlynOct 19 2004DOS rejected
 DosUtilitiesDOS Utilities  Colin TaylorSep 10 2001DOS rejected
 DosWindowFunctionsDOS Window Functions  Martin StachonSep 3 2002DOS rejected
 DosWindowManagerPrototypeDOS Window Manager Prototype  David CunyJun 2 1998DOS rejected
 DragontownGameDragonTown Game  David SteinDec 2 1999DOS rejected
 DrawBitmapImagesDraw Bitmap Images  Lee WooSeobSep 1 1997DOS rejected
 DynamicIncludeFilesDynamic Include Files  Mark HonnorMar 30 1999DOS rejected
 E-rolodexAndE-notesE-Rolodex and E-Notes  Matt ArriolaDec 13 1999DOS rejected
 EcstacySoundSystemEcstacy Sound System  Liquid-Nitrogen SoftwareJun 17 1999DOS rejected
 EdgarsEscapadeEdgars Escapade  Emlyn MerlynOct 19 2004DOS rejected
 EditorEditor  Peter EmpsonApr 9 1998DOS rejected
 EeEditorEE Editor  David CunyJan 29 2000DOS rejected
 EeEnhancementsEE Enhancements  Drazen MravinacJun 27 2000DOS rejected
  200Emagine12Emagine 1.2  Emlyn MerlynNov 4 2004DOS rejected
 EnglishClockEnglish Clock  Neil KubeMay 6 1997DOS rejected
 EnhancedBcformEnhanced bcform.e  David JarvisMay 18 2003DOS rejected
 EnhancedDirFunctionEnhanced dir() Function  Francis BussiereMay 30 1997DOS rejected
 EnhancedEdEditorEnhanced Ed Editor  Robert EvansAug 14 1997DOS rejected
 EnhancedEuphoriaEditor-germanEnhanced Euphoria Editor (German)  Detlef ReimersAug 18 1998DOS rejected
 EnhancedLanguageWarGameEnhanced Language War Game  Matt ArriolaAug 19 2000DOS rejected
  400EnhancedMemcopyForActionGamesEnhanced mem_copy() for action games  Michael BolinJun 2 1998DOS rejected
   25EnhancedOpenForLongNamesEnhanced open() for long names  Mike Nelson / Gabriel BoehmeMay 14 2000DOS rejected
 EnhancedRatlandGameEnhanced RatLand Game  Liquid-Nitrogen SoftwareMay 28 1997DOS rejected
 EnhancedRotatingStarEnhanced Rotating Star  Joshuah GoldsteinJun 15 2001DOS rejected
 EnhancedTruecolorLibraryEnhanced TrueColor Library  Hawke'Nov 7 1998DOS rejected
 EnvironexEnviron.ex  Marco AchuryJul 14 2008DOS rejected
 EscreenGraphicsEscreen Graphics  Emlyn MerlynMay 27 2004DOS rejected
 EsperantoMovieEsperanto Movie  George BrooksMay 1 2005DOS rejected
 Etch-a-sketchCloneEtch-A-Sketch Clone  Greg PhillipsFeb 10 1999DOS rejected
 Eu3-64bitHow to run Euphoria 3.1.1 on 64-bit Linux  Shian LeeDec 9 2017LNX rejected
 Eu3namedpipesNamed Pipes for EU3  Jean-Marc DUROOct 14 2017WIN rds-hosted rejected
 Euphoria-install-packageeuphoria-install-package  Shawn PringleMay 5 2012WIN rds-hosted Language Tools rejected
 Euphoria24ForSharpZaurusPdaEuphoria 2.4 for Sharp Zaurus PDA  Mark BrownApr 7 2005LNX rds-hosted rejected
 Euphoria40TipBinariesForLinux-32Euphoria 4.0 tip binaries for Linux/32  Shawn PringleMar 9 2016LNX rds-hosted rejected
 EuphoriaAsADllEuphoria as a dll  Jeremy PetersonDec 23 2005WIN rejected Language Tools
 EuphoriaChannelForNeoplanetEuphoria Channel for NeoPlanet  Adam WeedenApr 14 1999DOS rejected
 EuphoriaConcentrationGameEuphoria Concentration Game  Irv MullinsMay 25 1998DOS rejected
 EuphoriaDocsInNortonFormatEuphoria Docs in Norton format  Claire Anglehart, Francis BussiereApr 9 1997DOS rejected superceded
 EuphoriaDocumentationInRussianEuphoria Documentation in Russian  Igor KachanApr 23 2002GEN rejected Documentation
 EuphoriaIcons2Euphoria Icons  Alan LittleMay 1 1998DOS rejected
 EuphoriaIcons22Euphoria Icons  Daniel BersteinJun 2 1998DOS rejected
 EuphoriaIntelOsxComponents-IncompleteEuphoria Intel OSX components. ( incomplete )  alban readNov 19 2006GEN rds-hosted Language Tools rejected
 EuphoriaKeywordsForUltraeditEuphoria Keywords for UltraEdit  Giovanni CardonaAug 1 1999DOS rejected
 EuphoriaLightCyclesEuphoria Light Cycles  Mike Howell, Chris SchenckMay 5 1997DOS rejected
 EuphoriaNortonGuideEuphoria Norton Guide  Pablo Alvarez GonzalezApr 14 2011DOS rejected
 EuphoriaPlusEuphoria Plus  Alex ChamberlainJan 5 2005GEN Language Tools rejected
 EuphoriaSyntaxInTextpadEuphoria Syntax in TextPad  Stanislav SitarAug 11 1999DOS rejected
 EuphoriaVersionFinderEuphoria Version Finder  CChrisFeb 20 2007GEN rds-hosted Language Tools rejected
 EuportableInstallerEuPortable Installer  Andreas WagnerApr 08 2018WIN Language Tools rejected
 EureapEUREAP  Ricardo M. FornoNov 14 2006DOS rejected
 EusetupInstallProgramEuSetup Install Program  Matt ArriolaOct 2 1999DOS rejected
 Euthreadeuthread  James CookJun 19 2017GEN rejected Language Tools
 EvenFasterFloodFillEven Faster Flood Fill  Nick MetcalfeMar 25 1999DOS rejected
 EventEngineEvent Engine  Daniel McGrathJul 17 2000DOS rejected
 EventsInHistoryEvents in History  George BrooksOct 27 2002DOS rejected
 ExampleOfDosDistributionFileExample of DOS distribution file  Marco AchuryMay 1 2008DOS rejected
 ExceptionHandlingException Handling  Mike NelsonApr 29 2003GEN rejected Language Tools
 ExeloadExeload  Marco AchuryJul 12 2008DOS rejected
 ExperimentalThreadLibraryExperimental Thread Library  Jeff FieldingFeb 20 2000LNX rejected
 ExtractCommentsAsDocumentationExtract Comments as Documentation  Einar MogenSep 4 1998DOS rejected
 ExtraGoodiesExtra "goodies"  Rob CraigApr 3 1999DOS rejected
 FaceWithBumpMapEffectFace with Bump Map Effect  Joy MagikJan 29 2001DOS rejected
 FadeOutDemoFade Out Demo  Eduardo OkadaAug 15 1997DOS rejected
 FallAndSiftFall & Sift  Lewis TownsendApr 14 2000DOS rejected
 FallingSnowFalling Snow  Matt SephtonMay 29 1997DOS rejected
 FancyColoredFontsFancy Colored Fonts  Eduardo OkadaOct 8 1997DOS rejected
 FancyColoredPatternsFancy Colored Patterns  Mark AkitaMar 12 2001DOS rejected
 FancyCursorDemoFancy Cursor Demo  Nick MessengerJul 27 2001DOS rejected
 FancyFillRoutineFancy Fill Routine  Jacques DeschenesJun 23 1997DOS rejected
 FancyMousePointersInSvgaFancy Mouse Pointers in SVGA  Igor KachanJan 18 2001DOS rejected
 FancyTexturesFancy Textures  David PlettsMar 15 1997DOS rejected
 FasterBoxesFaster Boxes  Irv MullinsOct 2 1998DOS rejected
 FasterGamePrototypeFaster Game Prototype  Michael BolinFeb 28 1997DOS rejected
 FasterPaletteRoutinesFaster Palette Routines  Greg HarrisDec 11 1997DOS rejected
 FastfileV031bFastFile v0.31b  Hayden McKayAug 18 2004DOS rejected
 FastImageRoutinesFast Image Routines  Jiri BaborApr 13 1997DOS rejected
 FastLoadOfBitmapImagesFast Load of Bitmap Images  Wayne OvermanFeb 13 2000DOS rejected
 FastPrintInMode18Fast Print in Mode 18  Igor KachanAug 8 2001DOS rejected
 FightFight!  Justin MunizSep 19 2005DOS rejected
 FileCommandsFile Commands  Daniel BersteinMar 10 1999DOS rejected
 FileDisplayFile Display  Matt SephtonDec 12 1997DOS rejected
 FileFinderFile Finder  Jim DuffyOct 5 2000DOS rejected
 FileSplitter2File Splitter  PatRatFeb 14 1998DOS rejected
 FillDemoFill Demo  Jos HermansApr 3 1999DOS rejected
 FillDemosFill Demos  Colin TaylorApr 15 1999DOS rejected
 FindAddedFilesFind Added Files  Joseph MartinJun 9 1997DOS rejected
 FirebirdServerOdbcFirebird Server ODBC  Steve BaxterJan 14 2010WIN rejected
 FireworksUsingNeilFireworks using Neil  Andrew GaineyMay 31 1999DOS rejected
 Fli-autodesk-AnimationPlayer.FLI (Autodesk) Animation Player  Peter BlueJan 15 1997DOS rejected
 FloodFillFlood Fill  Jiri BaborJan 2 2000DOS rejected
 FogEffectsfog effects  int-inputApr 1 2004DOS rejected
 FontPackageFont Package  David CunyAug 1 1997DOS rejected
 FontPackage2Font Package  Jiri BaborDec 5 1998DOS rejected
 FontRoutinesFont Routines  Matt ArriolaAug 25 2000DOS rejected
 FormbuilderwxFormBuilderwx  Jim SmileyMay 22 2005WIN rejected
 Fractal3-dMapsFractal 3-D Maps  Travis MayDec 28 1999DOS rejected
 FractalCloudsFractal Clouds  Jiri BaborAug 4 1998DOS rejected
 FractalDemosFractal Demos  Joshua MilliganApr 2 1997DOS rejected
 FractalExplorerFractal Explorer  Daryl van den BrinkAug 13 2001DOS rejected
 FractalLandscapeGeneratorFractal Landscape Generator  Michael PackardFeb 14 1998DOS rejected
 FractalPatternsFractal Patterns  Lijo JosephMay 31 1999DOS rejected
 FreedomGuiForFreedosFreedom GUI for FreeDOS  Tom JanesDec 27 2011DOS rejected
 FreedosFloppyBootDiskWithEuphoriaFreedos floppy boot disk with Euphoria  Marco AchuryFeb 24 2008DOS rejected
 Full-screenFireFull-Screen Fire  MicJul 29 1999DOS rejected
 FuzzyLogicFuzzy Logic  Hawke'Oct 3 1998DOS rejected
   50GaMathV12GA Math V1.2  DB JamesSep 30 2005DOS rejected
 GameDemoGame Demo  Mark HonnorSep 12 1997DOS rejected
 GameLibraryBasedOnEseGame Library based on ESE  Jeffrey FieldingJul 28 1999DOS rejected
 GameObjectPositioningGame object positioning  Emlyn MerlynOct 19 2004DOS rejected
 GameOfLifeGame of Life  Jiri BaborSep 18 1997DOS rejected
 GasketGasket  Joel GarciaAug 19 2001DOS rejected
  450GdLibraryGD Library  Elliott Sales de AndradeOct 19 2005GEN Library Routines broken rejected
 GemrxneqGEMRxnEq  Don CahelaApr 15 2014DOS rejected
 GeneralUtilityRoutinesGeneral Utility Routines  Jeff ZeitlinJun 9 1997DOS rejected
 GeneticAlgorithmsGenetic Algorithms  Jeff FieldingApr 5 1999DOS rejected
 GetkeyReplacementget_key() replacement  Michael BolinApr 1 1997DOS rejected
 GifLoaderGIF Loader  Mike CarrollApr 20 1997DOS rejected
 GomokuGamegomoku game  Carlos ValdesMay 22 2008DOS rejected
 GpsBotGPS Bot  George BrooksNov 4 2002DOS rejected
 GraphicalButtonsGraphical Buttons  Jim LacovaraSep 13 1997DOS rejected
 GraphicalWindowsGraphical Windows  Mike FowlerApr 18 1997DOS rejected
 GraphicsBundleGraphics Bundle  Lewis TownsendApr 10 1998DOS rejected
 GraphicsDemoGraphics Demo  Joy MagikJan 9 1999DOS rejected
 GraphicsTutorialsGraphics Tutorials  DJ D (Quarter Moon)Jul 16 1999DOS rejected
 GroundworkForText-basedAdventureGameGroundwork for Text-Based Adventure Game  JacenJan 8 2005DOS rejected
 GuessTheAnimalGuess The Animal  Doug EdmundsAug 11 1997DOS rejected
   30GuiEditorEnhancementsGUI/Editor Enhancements  Pete EberleinJul 24 1997DOS rejected
 GuiForDosGUI for DOS  Irv MullinsAug 13 1998DOS rejected
 GuiRoutinesGUI Routines  Daniel BersteinApr 20 1997DOS rejected
 GuiWithScrollingListsGUI With Scrolling Lists  Wayne OvermanSep 6 1999DOS rejected
 HangmanCheaterHangman Cheater  Jerry StoryMar 7 2010GEN rejected
 HangmanGame2Hangman Game  John ShaoDec 9 2002DOS rejected
 HayesGameHayes Game  Einar MogenNov 19 1999DOS rejected
 HeatIndexCalculationheat index calculation  John LivingstoneFeb 13 2004DOS rejected
 Hi-speedFontDriverForEuphoriaHi-speed FONT driver for Euphoria  Tom JanesDec 26 2011DOS rejected
 Hi-speedVesaDriverForEuphoriaHi-speed VESA driver for Euphoria  Tom JanesDec 26 2011DOS rejected
 HicolorRotozoomerHiColor RotoZoomer  MicNov 26 1999DOS rejected
 High-resMouseClickableButtonsHigh-Res Mouse / Clickable Buttons  Graeme BurkeJan 31 1998DOS rejected
 Highly-optimizedRotateAndZoomHighly-optimized Rotate and Zoom  MicFeb 9 2000DOS rejected
 HilleysUtilitiesHilley's Utilities  Lucius L. Hilley IIIFeb 19 1997DOS rejected
 Huffit-HuffmanEncoderDecoderHuffit.ex - Huffman encoder/decoder  DB JamesOct 22 2005DOS rejected
 Icon-PaintIcon - Paint  Michael BolinJan 26 1997DOS rejected
 ImageAndPaletteRoutinesImage and Palette Routines  Lucius Lamar Hilley IIIJun 5 1997DOS rejected
 ImageViewerImage Viewer  Paul PlummerApr 15 2002DOS rejected
 ImprovedMouseRoutinesImproved Mouse Routines  Jiri BaborDec 8 1999DOS rejected
 Infinite-gameToolkitInfinite-Game Toolkit  Rod JacksonMay 28 2001DOS rejected
 InteractiveEuphoriaInterpreterInteractive Euphoria Interpreter  Roderick JacksonJun 5 1999DOS rejected
 Invaders-RegisteredVersionInvaders - Registered Version  Michael PackardMar 19 2001DOS rejected
 JpgReaderJPG Reader  Al GetzFeb 24 1999DOS rejected
 KareraKarera  Jon VelascoSep 13 1999DOS rejected
 KdeMenusKDE Menus  Brecht PynooMar 24 2000DOS rejected
 KeyboardInterruptHandlerKeyboard Interrupt Handler  Michael BolinFeb 5 1998DOS rejected
 KeyboardLightsKeyboard Lights  Daniel KlussAug 13 2003DOS rejected
 KeyboardStatusFunctionKeyboard Status Function  Marcel KollenaarMay 3 1997DOS rejected
 KillerTruckGameKiller Truck Game  Joy MagikFeb 16 1999DOS rejected
 KisswxeuphoriakissWxEuphoria  Jean-Marc DUROJan 2 2016GEN rejected
 KolibriOsAndEuphoriaForDosKolibri OS and Euphoria for DOS  Igor KachanOct 15 2007DOS rejected
 LaguiLibraryLAGui Library  Lewis TownsendJul 21 1999DOS rejected
 LandscapeDemoLandscape Demo  Liquid-Nitrogen SoftwareAug 9 1997DOS rejected
 LanguageResourceRoutinesLanguage Resource Routines  Martin SchutApr 3 1999DOS rejected
 LanguageWarContestLanguage War Contest  RDSDec 8 2005DOS rejected
 Latin-squareBasedCryptosystemLatin-square based cryptosystem  CJ SilverNov 27 2003DOS rejected
 LcdTestProgramV20LCD Test Program v2.0  cumesoftwareMay 10 2004DOS rejected
 LemonHeadzGameLemon Headz Game  Liquid-Nitrogen SoftwareMay 17 1999DOS rejected
 Lenseslenses  int-inputMar 27 2004DOS rejected
 LightCyclesLight Cycles  Big JohnnyMar 4 1999DOS rejected
 LightgameLightGame  Ira HillDec 26 2011LNX rejected
 LinkPuzzleLink Puzzle  Normand BlaisDec 5 1998DOS rejected
 ListRoutinesList Routines  D. B. JamesOct 20 1999DOS rejected
 LoadersForGifAndPcxFormatsLoaders for .GIF and .PCX formats  Michael BolinSep 28 1997DOS rejected
 LogChangesToADirectoryLog Changes to a Directory  Rod DamonFeb 25 1999DOS rejected
 LogikPuzzleLogik Puzzle  Normand BlaisApr 22 1997DOS rejected
 LongFilenameAndConsoleRoutinesLong Filename and Console Routines  Ken RogerDec 27 2000DOS rejected
 M19clipM19CLIP  Fred ManganSep 27 2007DOS rejected
 MagicCardTrickMagic Card Trick  Luis Raúl Campos ArribasDec 3 1998DOS rejected
 MagnifyingGlassMagnifying Glass  Jiri BaborAug 14 1997DOS rejected
 MakeGifAndPcxFilesMake GIF and PCX files  Christopher StreetJan 8 1998DOS rejected
 MakeMyDayMake My Day  Alan TuJan 26 1999DOS rejected
 MakeNiceBoxesMake Nice Boxes  Stafford WhiteSep 29 1998DOS rejected
 MakeTransparentImageMake Transparent Image  Caballero RojoJan 31 2000DOS rejected
 ManageYourBankAccountsManage Your Bank Accounts  Jean-Marc DuroFeb 1 2002DOS rejected
 ManipulatePointersManipulate Pointers  Jeff FieldingSep 5 1998DOS rejected
 MastermindGameMasterMind Game  Normand BlaisApr 28 1997DOS rejected
 MastermindGame2MasterMind Game  SlimesoftAug 15 1997DOS rejected
 MathematicalExpressionParserMathematical expression parser  CrashApr 20 2009DOS rejected
 MathFunctionParsingAndPlottingMath Function Parsing and Plotting  Detlef ReimersFeb 24 1999DOS rejected
 MathGeometryAndMetricConversionsMath, geometry and metric conversions  Dave BrockOct 2 1996DOS rejected
 MatrixScreenSaverMatrix Screen Saver  Carl WhiteJul 16 2000DOS rejected
 MemcopyComparisonMemcopy comparison  Emlyn MerlynSep 7 2004DOS rejected
 MemoryCardGameMemory Card Game  David StangerFeb 15 2004DOS rejected
 MemoryGameMemory Game  Roy ShepherdAug 25 1998DOS rejected
 Menumenu  Hayden McKayNov 23 2003DOS rejected
 MenuDisplayUtilityMenu Display Utility  Daniel BersteinOct 24 1996DOS rejected
 MerchantmanMerchantman  David StangerFeb 13 2005DOS rejected
 MercuryGameMercury Game  Liquid-Nitrogen SoftwareMay 29 1997DOS rejected
 MicrosaraMusicGeneratormicroSARA Music Generator  David CunyMay 21 1999DOS rejected
 MidgetMusicProgramMidget Music Program  Andrew GreenwoodDec 16 1999DOS rejected
 MidiFilePlayerMIDI File Player  Peter MillanMar 29 2000DOS rejected
 MidiPlayerMidi Player  Nick MetcalfeAug 10 1998DOS rejected
 MidiPlayerAndOtherStuffMIDI Player and Other Stuff  Andrew GreenwoodOct 13 1999DOS rejected
 MightyMouseRoutinesMighty Mouse Routines  Pete EberleinJun 2 1998DOS rejected
 MikesStory-rpgGameMike's Story (RPG game)  Mike WeverOct 22 2003DOS rejected
 MimizuGameMimizu Game  Francisco MoralesJan 26 2000DOS rejected
 MinefieldAndScreenSaverMinefield and screen saver  Neil KubeAug 20 1996DOS rejected
 MineSweeperGame2Mine Sweeper Game  Rockman XJun 17 1999DOS rejected
 MineSweeperGame22Mine Sweeper Game  Craig MeierDec 30 2000DOS rejected
 MinnieMouseRoutines"Minnie" Mouse Routines  Colin TaylorAug 1 1999DOS rejected
 MisticalElementGameMistical Element Game  Eduardo OkadaJan 21 1998DOS rejected
 Mode19GraphicsEngineMode 19 Graphics Engine  Hollow Horse SoftwareFeb 19 1997DOS rejected
 Mode19Machine-codedLibraryMode 19 Machine-coded Library  MicAug 8 1999DOS rejected
 Mode19SpritesDemoMode 19 Sprites Demo  Rockman XJun 17 1999DOS rejected
 ModeXGraphicsMode X Graphics  Pete EberleinDec 12 1997DOS rejected
 ModifiedEuphoria301SetupProgramForDosOrWindowsModified Euphoria 3.0.1 setup program for DOS/Windows  Juergen LuethjeNov 7 2006WIN rds-hosted Language Tools rejected
 ModPlayerMod Player  Pete EberleinApr 26 1998DOS rejected
 MoreEuphoriaIconsMore Euphoria Icons  DadeMay 5 1998DOS rejected
 MousePointerShapesMouse pointer shapes  Viktor MilankovicsSep 4 1996DOS rejected
 MouseRoutinesMouse Routines  Mr. Smily :-)Jun 18 1997DOS rejected
 MouseRoutines2Mouse Routines  Jiri BaborMar 18 1998DOS rejected
 MvmVirtualMachineMVM Virtual Machine  Matt ArriolaJan 27 2003DOS rejected
 MymahjonggMyMahjongg  Vincent GonzalesAug 1 1998DOS rejected
 N-tisN-TIS  Marcos DonnantuoniSep 27 1999DOS rejected
 NationalPatcherForTheOwCompiledProgramsNational patcher for the OW compiled programs  Igor KachanMar 28 2007DOS rejected
 NeilGraphicsLibraryNeil Graphics Library  Pete EberleinSep 22 1999DOS rejected
 NeilguiLibraryNeilGUI Library  Lewis TownsendApr 21 2000DOS rejected
 NeuralNetworkNeural Network  Jeff FieldingApr 7 1999DOS rejected
 NewImagingDriverForEuphoriaNew IMAGING driver for Euphoria  Tom JanesDec 26 2011DOS rejected
 Newton-raphsonLoadflowProgramNewton-Raphson Loadflow Program  Gerardo V. LozadaApr 21 2004DOS rejected
 NewTranslucencyEffectNew Translucency Effect  Joy MagikFeb 25 1999DOS rejected
 NewweekNewWeek  don coleOct 7 2010DOS rejected
 NiceFormNice Form  Terry ConstantJun 6 1998DOS rejected
 NokiaLcdDisplayNokia LCD Display  Sotiris BellosAug 16 2003DOS rejected
 NumbersExpressedAsWordsNumbers Expressed as Words  Guillermo FriantFeb 19 1999DOS rejected
 Oidzone-FullSourceOidZone - FULL SOURCE  Michael PackardMar 25 2001DOS rejected
 OptimizedKillerTruckGameOptimized Killer Truck Game  MicFeb 17 1999DOS rejected
 OrnamentalGardenPlantsOrnamental Garden Plants  Jerry StoryMar 7 2010GEN rejected
 PacerGraphicsDemoPacer Graphics Demo  Mark AkitaSep 29 2000DOS rejected
 PaddleAndBallGamePaddle & Ball Game  Ralf NieuwenhuijsenAug 7 1998DOS rejected
  100PadlockIOEncryptionLibraryPadlock I/O Encryption Library  Roderick JacksonJul 16 2001DOS rejected
 PaletteEditorPalette Editor  Marco Tulio MarmolejosMay 4 1999DOS rejected
 PaletteEditor2Palette Editor  Leonid ShulmanApr 28 1999DOS rejected
 PaletteManagementPalette Management  Colin TaylorJan 25 1999DOS rejected
 PaletteRoutinesPalette Routines  Hayden McKaySep 21 2004DOS rejected
 ParameterEstimationInOdesParameter Estimation in ODEs  Don CahelaJan 20 2014DOS rejected
 PasswordProtectorPassword Protector  Nicholas KocejaAug 3 2004DOS rejected
 PatchesForOtherPeoplesProjectsPatches for other people's projects  Shawn PringleMay 4 2011WIN superceded rejected
 PcSpeakerToolboxPC Speaker ToolBox  Craig GilbertJun 20 2001DOS rejected
 PestlrnPESTLRN  Don CahelaOct 12 2011DOS rejected
 PhongIlluminationPhong Illumination  MicJan 13 2000DOS rejected
 PicassoPicasso  Roderick JacksonOct 29 1999DOS rejected
 PingPongPing Pong  Andrew MitchellSep 21 1998DOS rejected
 PixelBubblespixel bubbles  int-inputMar 26 2004DOS rejected
 PlainOldDocumentationGeneratorPlain Old Documentation Generator  Buddy HyllbergAug 26 1999DOS rejected
 PlasmaEffectPlasma Effect  MicFeb 3 2000DOS rejected
 PlaystationControllerDriverPlaystation Controller driver  sotiris bellosNov 26 2003DOS rejected
 PoemWithFallingSnowPoem with Falling Snow  Lee WooSeobMay 25 1997DOS rejected
 PoGaP o k e r Game  Normand BlaisOct 6 1999DOS rejected
 PolarCoordinatesDemoPolar coordinates demo  George T.Feb 22 1997DOS rejected
 PolyglotEditorPolyglot Editor  Igor KachanJul 17 2002DOS rejected
 PolygonTextureMappingDemoPolygon Texture Mapping Demo  Pete EberleinOct 21 1997DOS rejected
 PongGamePong Game  C. J. SilverJan 4 2003DOS rejected
 PortingFromWin32libToWxeuphoriaPorting from win32lib to wxEuphoria  Jean-Marc DUROMay 13 2015GEN rejected
 PortPatchesFor31Projects40Port patches for 3.1 projects 4.0  Shawn PringleApr 21 2011WIN rejected
 PrecalculatedEncodedMaskingPrecalculated Encoded Masking  Pete KingJul 28 1999DOS rejected
 ProfileTimeInWin32Profile_Time in WIN32  Daniel KlussOct 25 2007WIN rds-hosted Language Tools rejected
 ProverbGeneratorProverb Generator  George BrooksApr 3 2002DOS rejected
 PushButtonsPush Buttons  Hayden McKayNov 29 2003DOS rejected
 PutsxyForGraphicsAndTextModesPutsxy for Graphics & Text Modes  David MosleyJun 16 2001DOS rejected
 QbasicProgramsInEuphoriaQBasic Programs in Euphoria  Matt ArriolaAug 26 1999DOS rejected
 QbasicToEuphoriaTranslatorQBasic to Euphoria Translator  David CunyMar 17 1999DOS rejected
 QeEditorVersion239-finalReleaseQE Editor version 2.3.9 (final release)  Shian LeeOct 1 2012DOS rejected
 Rainrain.ex  jiri baborMar 16 2004DOS rejected
 RandomAccessFileOperationsRandom Access File Operations  Derek BrownApr 1 1999DOS rejected
 RandomMazeGeneratorRandom Maze Generator  Ralf NieuwenhuijsenJun 6 1997DOS rejected
 RaycasterRaycaster  Stewart MacKenzie-LeighJan 4 2004DOS rejected
 RayCastingMazeDemoRay Casting Maze Demo  Hollow Horse SoftwareJan 19 1998DOS rejected
 ReadAndWriteIcOnParallelPortRead/Write IC on Parallel Port  David JarvisOct 30 2003DOS rejected
 ReadAndWriteIniFilesRead/Write INI files  Jean-Marc DUROOct 5 2010DOS rejected
 ReadAndWriteParallelPortRead/Write Parallel Port  David JarvisMay 18 2003DOS rejected
 Real-timeLandscapeGeneratorReal-Time Landscape Generator  MicJan 2 2000DOS rejected
 RecordLockingRecord Locking  Hugo RozasDec 8 1998DOS rejected
 Red-green-blueAdjusterRed-Green-Blue Adjuster  Normand BlaisMar 22 1997DOS rejected
 ReplaceexVerReplace.ex ver.:1.10b easy modify  PikkSep 28 2010DOS rds-hosted rejected
 RiverCardGameRiver Card Game  Normand BlaisFeb 27 1997DOS rejected
  220RomFontRom Font  Jiri BaborJan 8 2000DOS rejected
 RotatingStarRotating Star  David StangerMay 29 2001DOS rejected
 RotozoomerRotoZoomer  Joy MagikMar 1 1999DOS rejected
 Rotozoomer2Rotozoomer  MicJul 29 1999DOS rejected
 SafeSequenceAccessSafe Sequence Access  Drazen MravinacAug 11 1999DOS rejected
 SampleCodeForCgiProgrammingSample Code for CGI Programming  Irv MullinsSep 28 1999DOS rejected
 SaveSequenceToAFileSave Sequence to a File  Art AdamsonJul 3 1998DOS rejected
 ScaledImagesScaled Images  Jiri BaborJul 2 1998DOS rejected
 ScavangeScavange  Fred ManganMay 9 2010GEN rds-hosted Database rejected
 ScientificAmericanScientific American  Gavin DoigMar 29 1997DOS rejected
 Scooanoidscooanoid  practicing01Feb 27 2005DOS rejected
 ScreenSaversScreen Savers  Davi FigueiredoMay 30 1998DOS rejected
 ScreenSavers2Screen Savers  Les RogersJul 31 2004DOS rejected
 ScrollingBitmapDisplaysScrolling Bitmap Displays  Eduardo OkadaNov 13 1997DOS rejected
 ScrollingHelicopterDemoScrolling Helicopter Demo  Joy MagikFeb 14 1999DOS rejected
 SeeHowAQuicksortWorksInDetailSee How a Quicksort Works in Detail  Steve BaxterJan 14 2010DOS rejected
 SepinskiTriangleSepinski Triangle  Joshua MilliganMar 25 1997DOS rejected
 SerialIOSerial I/O  Peter BlueJun 8 1997DOS rejected
 SetYourMonitorOnFireSet your monitor on fire!  Jiri BaborJan 15 1997DOS rejected
 ShortCircuitComputationProgramShort Circuit Computation Program  Gerardo V. LozadaApr 22 2004DOS rejected
 ShowStringsInExerrShow Strings in ex.err  Bob EliaFeb 20 2002GEN rejected Utility Programs
 SierpinskiTriangleDemoProgramSierpinski Triangle Demo Program  cumesoftwareJan 27 2005DOS rejected
 SimpleButtonDemoSimple Button Demo  Eduardo OkadaJun 1 1998DOS rejected
 SimpleChessProgramSimple Chess Program  Normand BlaisAug 1 1999GEN rejected
 SimpleChessProgramTwoSimple Chess Program  Normand BlaisApr 7 1999DOS rejected
 SimpleCompilerAndInterpreterSimple Compiler/Interpreter  Detlef ReimersAug 18 1998DOS rejected
 SimpleDllCompilerAndLoaderSimple DLL compiler/loader  Patrick QuistMay 3 2000DOS rejected
 SimpleEncryptionProgramTwoSimple Encryption Program  Matt ArriolaJan 10 2001DOS rejected
 SimpleExceptionHandlingMechanismSimple Exception Handling Mechanism  Mike NelsonJun 24 1999GEN rejected Language Tools
 SimpleMenuRoutineSimple Menu Routine  L. Raúl Campos ArribasApr 22 1998DOS rejected
 SimpleMenuSystemSimple Menu System  Normand BlaisOct 6 1999DOS rejected
 SimpleMousePaintingSimple Mouse Painting  Nicholas KocejaJun 1 2004DOS rejected
  300SimpleObject-orientedGamesProgrammingUsingWxeuphoriaSimple Object-Oriented Games Programming using wxEuphoria: A cross-platform solution  Ray OsmondJul 20 2009GEN rds-hosted rejected
 SimpleProgrammingLanguageSimple Programming Language  MikhaelFeb 22 1999DOS rejected
 SimpleSpriteDemoSimple Sprite Demo  Jos HermansApr 26 1999DOS rejected
 SimpleTextUserInterfaceSimple Text User Interface  Irv MullinsNov 11 1998DOS rejected
 SimpleTimerScreenSaverDemosSimple Timer Screen Saver Demos  Lorri Wolk-LaniewskiJan 2 2004DOS rejected
 SineWaveSine Wave  Mr. SmilyMay 22 1997DOS rejected
 SkipperSkipper  ken mortensonAug 25 2006DOS rejected
 SlideShowMakerSlide Show Maker  Robert MylleMay 25 2001DOS rejected
 SlotMachineGameSlot Machine Game  Carl CutrellSep 19 1998DOS rejected
 SmallRipleEffectDemosmall riple effect demo  int-inputMar 23 2004DOS rejected
 SmartboardChessProgramSmartBoard Chess Program  Normand BlaisJan 3 2000DOS rejected
 SmashPacksmash pack  int-inputMar 14 2004DOS rejected
 SmnParticleSimulatorSMN Particle Simulator  John RinglandFeb 5 2006DOS rejected
 SmoothScrollingOfTextFilesSmooth Scrolling of Text Files  DB JamesMar 7 2000DOS rejected
 SnackAttackSnack Attack!  Michael PackardMay 18 2001DOS rejected
 SnakersGameSnakers Game  The ReaperMar 1 1997DOS rejected
 SnowAndBubblessnow and bubbles  int-inputApr 2 2004DOS rejected
 SolarConquestGameSolar Conquest Game  John LeithJun 23 1997DOS rejected
 SolarSystemDemoSolar System Demo  Damian PoirierDec 14 2000DOS rejected
 SomeAsmExamplesSome ASM examples  David EltrosoftJul 9 2004DOS rejected
 SoundEffectsVersion20Sound Effects version 2.0  Jacques DeschenesMar 20 1999DOS rejected
 SourceBackupUtilitySource Backup Utility  Andrew MitchellFeb 2 1999DOS rejected
 SpaceInvaders-TheNextGenerationV104Space Invaders - The Next Generation v1.04  Peter BlueJan 8 1997DOS rejected
 SpaceRaceGameSpace Race Game  Mike SabalApr 30 1998DOS rejected
 SpaceTabConverterSpace/Tab Converter  Terry ConstantJun 6 1998DOS rejected
 SparseMatrixInputSparse Matrix Input  Gerardo Valenzuela LozadaJun 1 1998DOS rejected
 SpinningEuphoriaCubeSpinning Euphoria Cube  Lorri Wolk-LaniewskiFeb 23 2003WIN rejected Graphics Demos
 SpinningLinesDemoSpinning Lines Demo  FricadelliOct 26 1996DOS rejected
 SpiralsDemoSpirals Demo  Mark AkitaMay 18 2000DOS rejected
 SpriteAndIconEditorSprite and Icon Editor  Roy ShepherdSep 21 1998DOS rejected
 SpriteEditorSprite Editor  Einar MogenApr 30 1998DOS rejected
 SpriteEditorTwoSprite Editor  Colin TaylorSep 21 1997DOS rejected
 SpritesSprites  Eduardo OkadaSep 29 1997DOS rejected
 SpriteSpeedLessonSprite speed lesson  Emlyn MerlynOct 26 2004DOS rejected
 SpritesScrollingBackgroundsAndVirtualScreensSprites, Scrolling Backgrounds and Virtual Screens  Lee WooSeob, his friendJul 13 1997DOS rejected
 StackplayerStackplayer  Eduardo OkadaMay 8 1998DOS rejected
 StarBurstStar Burst  Mark HonnorAug 4 1997DOS rejected
 StarDateConverterStar Date Converter  Joe MartinApr 2 1997DOS rejected
 StarDemoStar Demo  Cycle SoftwareJan 26 1998DOS rejected
 StarfieldDemoStarfield Demo  Vikas PatelAug 15 1997DOS rejected
 StarKiller-RegisteredVersionStar Killer - Registered Version  Michael PackardMar 19 2001DOS rejected
 Starranger-RegisteredVersionStarRanger - Registered Version  Michael PackardMar 25 2001DOS rejected
 StarsST@RS  Nahuel CarballoNov 18 2003DOS rejected
 Starthief-RegisteredVersionStarThief - Registered Version  Michael PackardMar 19 2001DOS rejected
 StarWarsSpaceStrategyStar Wars Space Strategy  JacenApr 2 2005DOS rejected
 Stereo3-dDemoStereo 3-D Demo  Oscar BrynolfApr 14 1997DOS rejected
 Svgasvga.e  Hayden McKayMar 31 2005DOS rejected
 SvgaGameDemoSVGA Game Demo  Graeme BurkeJan 17 1998DOS rejected
 SvgaLibsvga lib  Hayden McKayFeb 16 2005DOS rejected
 SvgaMouseSolutionSVGA mouse solution  Peter BlueJun 28 1996DOS rejected
 SwirlingDotsSwirling Dots  Mark AkitaDec 28 2000DOS rejected
 SwirlingLoopsSwirling Loops  Mark AkitaDec 28 2000DOS rejected
 SwitchGameSwitch Game  Andrew GreenwoodOct 29 1999DOS rejected
 TagListGuiTag List GUI  Rod DamonSep 18 1997DOS rejected
 TargaFilesTarga Files  Zac PavlovJul 3 1998DOS rejected
 TemperatureConversionTemperature Conversion  Stafford WhiteDec 10 1998DOS rejected
 Tetris-likeGameTetris-like Game  MaximilianoSep 13 2003DOS rejected
 TextDisplayInGraphicsModesText Display in Graphics Modes  Jiri Babor / David GayJan 13 2000DOS rejected
 TextEditorText Editor  Matt ArriolaAug 25 2000DOS rejected
 TextGuiEnhancementText GUI Enhancement  Matthew WhiteheadAug 7 1997DOS rejected
 TextModeDirectScreenWriteText Mode Direct Screen Write  Jiri BaborNov 30 1998DOS rejected
 TextureMappingDemoTexture Mapping Demo  Mark HonnorSep 29 1997DOS rejected
 TextWindowsText Windows  Craig GilbertNov 6 2002DOS rejected
 TheDrawFunctionThe Draw() function  Igor KachanApr 18 2007DOS rejected
 TheEeThe EE:CS Editor  Carl WhiteJul 16 2000DOS rejected
 TheGameThe Game  Mr. TrickAug 24 2001DOS rejected
 TheHilleyCollectionThe Hilley Collection  Lucius L. Hilley IIIMay 21 1999DOS rejected
 TheJacquesDeschenesCollectionThe Jacques Deschenes Collection  Jacques DeschenesMar 20 1999DOS rejected
 TheJiriBaborCollectionThe Jiri Babor Collection  Jiri BaborSep 18 1997DOS rejected
 TheLandsOfKaritarenThe Lands of Karitaren  Lewis TownsendOct 22 2000DOS rejected
 TheLocalizedInterpretersAndBackendsThe Localized Interpreters & Backends  Igor Kachan, Robert CraigApr 19 2005DOS rejected
 ThermometerDeviceThermometer Device  Jesus ConsuegraJun 3 1997DOS rejected
 TheSephtonCollectionThe Sephton Collection  Matt SephtonMay 29 1997DOS rejected
 TheSilverCrownRpgGameThe Silver Crown RPG Game  AndrewJan 29 2001DOS rejected
 Tic-tac-toeTic-tac-toe  CJ SilverNov 27 2003DOS rejected
 TransparencyEffectTransparency Effect  Joy MagikFeb 3 1999DOS rejected
 TravellingSalesmanTravelling Salesman  Art AdamsonFeb 22 1997DOS rejected
 TravellingSalesmanProblemTravelling Salesman Problem  Jiri BaborNov 22 2000DOS rejected
 Tree-growingDemoTree-Growing Demo  Martin StachonMar 25 2001DOS rejected
 Triangle-generatorGraphicsTriangle-generator graphics  Chris BarhamMay 7 1996DOS rejected
 TrianglePuzzleTriangle Puzzle  Terry MoriartyOct 27 1998DOS rejected
 TributeDemoTribute Demo  Wayne OvermanFeb 16 1999DOS rejected
 TriDominiumGameTRI Dominium Game  RicardoJan 23 1998DOS rejected
 TrigonometryTrigonometry  Nathan DudekMar 17 1997DOS rejected
 TronGameTron Game  Andrew GreenwoodOct 29 1999DOS rejected
 TrueColorLibraryTrue Color Library  Christopher StreetJan 21 1998DOS rejected
 TurnStilePuzzleTurn Stile Puzzle  Normand BlaisJan 2 1999DOS rejected
 TurtleGraphicsTurtle Graphics  Jiri BaborJan 2 2000DOS rejected
 TurtleGraphicsTwoTurtle Graphics  Normand BlaisDec 12 1998DOS rejected
 TwinsGameTwins Game  Jiri BaborJan 30 1997DOS rejected broken
 TwirlingPicturesTwirling Pictures  Jiri BaborJul 22 1999DOS rejected
 TwoGamePackTwo Game Pack  Normand BlaisApr 1 1997DOS rejected
 Txt2binTXT2BIN  Pierino MoroFeb 9 2006DOS rejected
 TypehexCommandV10TypeHex Command v1.0  cumesoftwareMar 30 2005DOS rejected
  100UnlimitedAlphabetInterpreterUnlimited Alphabet Interpreter  Igor KachanOct 5 2002GEN rds-hosted Language Tools rejected
  480UpdatedPdInterpreterSourceFilesUpdated PD Interpreter Source Files  Daryl BorderDec 2 2004GEN rejected Language Tools
 UsefulDosRoutinesUseful DOS Routines  Drazen MravinacAug 11 1999DOS rejected
 UsefulRoutinesUseful Routines  Mathew HounsellMar 13 2000DOS rejected
 VariableSaveAndRestoreVariable Save/Restore  Terry ConstantJun 9 1998DOS rejected
 VectorFontLibraryVector Font Library  Peter BlueOct 28 1997DOS rejected
 VectorGraphicsGameVector Graphics Game  Robert PilkingtonApr 19 1999DOS rejected
 VegaVectorGraphicsLibraryVega Vector Graphics Library  Colin TaylorAug 26 1999DOS rejected
 VegetalFormsFractalVegetal forms Fractal  Marco AchuryJul 18 2008DOS rejected
 VenusfliAnimationFilevenus.fli animation file  RDSJan 22 1997DOS rejected
 VideoForEuphoriaVideo for Euphoria  Peter BlueAug 7 1999DOS rejected
 ViewportViewport  Hawke'Sep 21 1998DOS rejected
 VirtualGraphicsLibraryVirtual Graphics Library  Jiri BaborFeb 19 1999DOS rejected
 VirtualMachineVirtual Machine  Matt ArriolaFeb 26 2001DOS rejected
  180VirtualThreadManager02Virtual Thread Manager 02  Al GetzAug 22 2005WIN rejected Language Tools
  150VisualEuphoriaVisual Euphoria  JoeOct 14 2004WIN Language Tools rejected
 WaterAlgorithmWater algorithm  int-inputMar 20 2004DOS rejected
 WavyLinesDemoWavy Lines Demo  Mark AkitaMay 20 2000DOS rejected
 Waxy-writer-betaWaXy_Writer (Beta)  Jesse AdkinsMay 14 2006GEN rejected
 WeirdScreenEffectsWeird screen effects  Cameron BuschardtAug 20 1996DOS rejected
 WidgetsForDosGuiWidgets for DOS GUI  Jiri BaborDec 6 2003DOS rejected
 Win32LibRestructedForEu3Win32Lib Restructured for Eu3  Jean-Marc DURODec 2 2017WIN rds-hosted rejected
 WindChillCalculationwind chill calculation  John LivingstoneFeb 13 2004DOS rejected
 WindowConstructorWindow Constructor  Mike FowlerJul 2 1998DOS rejected
 WindowLibraryWindow library  Hayden McKayDec 3 2003DOS rejected
 WindowsForDosWindows for DOS  Caballero RojoOct 4 1999DOS rejected
 WindowsInDosWindows in DOS  Wayne OvermanDec 24 2000DOS rejected
 WordFindingProgramWord finding program  Art AdamsonJun 12 1996DOS rejected
 WordmongerEncodingSchemeWordMonger Encoding Scheme  Buddy HyllbergSep 7 1999DOS rejected
 WormGameWorm Game  Jiri BaborMar 6 1997DOS rejected
 WormHoleEffectWorm Hole Effect  MicDec 20 1999DOS rejected
 WormsDemoWorms demo  GazApr 4 2008DOS rejected
 WxedbwxEDB  Matthew LewisMay 10 2013GEN rejected
 WxeditorwxEditor  Greg HaberekJul 8 2008GEN rejected
 WxeditorTwowxEditor  Jean-Marc DURONov 14 2014GEN rejected
 WxeuhthelpwxEuHTHelp  Kenneth RhodesMar 2 2006GEN rejected
 WxeuphoriawxEuphoria  Greg HaberekJan 9 2009GEN rejected
 WxeuphoriaFunctionswxEuphoria functions  Jean-Marc DUROJun 4 2015GEN rejected
 WxeuphoriaTwowxEuphoria  Matthew LewisJun 20 2011GEN rejected
 WxidewxIDE  Matthew LewisApr 15 2013GEN rejected
 WxpetalswxPetals  MannequinJul 29 2005GEN rejected
 XmasGameXMAS game  The ReaperJan 11 1998DOS rejected
 Xp3ActionGameXp3 Action Game  Liquid-Nitrogen SoftwareMay 24 1997DOS rejected
 Xp3EngineSourceXp3 Engine Source  Mark HonnorMay 24 1997DOS rejected
  100YetAnotherTetrisCloneYet Another Tetris Clone  MrTrickFeb 12 2004WIN Games rejected
 YVsXGraphingY vs X graphing  Andrew BaronJan 3 1997DOS rejected
 ZargaloidsGameZargaloids Game  Joseph BolinJul 1 1997DOS rejected
 ZoomZoom  Eduardo OkadaSep 3 1997DOS rejected
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