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Contributions that are known to work on Phix.

 1200Diamond-liteObjectOrientedLibraryDiamond-Lite Object Oriented Library  Mike NelsonMar 6 2003GEN phix Language Tools
 4400DiamondObjectOrientedLibraryDiamond Object Oriented Library  Mike NelsonMar 14 2004GEN phix Language Tools
 DosRescueForPhixDos Rescue For Phix  Pete Lomax18th Sep 2017WIN phix
20175EnhancedIde2Enhanced IDE  Judith EvansJul 27 2008WIN phix
  -10EuallegroRepackagedEuAllegro repackaged  Ray SmithDec 14 2007WIN phix Games
 EuchipmunkphysicsEuChipmunkPhysics  AndyMar 22 2017WIN phix Library Routines
 EuWinGuiPhixEditionEuWinGui : Phix Edition  ChrisBurch3Jan 30 2017WIN phix
 Libcurldllslibcurl dlls for windows  Pete LomaxDec 24 2017WIN phix
   50ReadZipFileInfoRead ZIP file info  Jeff FieldingJul 28 2001GEN phix Utility Programs
 WallClockWallClock  Pete LomaxSep 4 2017GEN phix
18045Win32libWin32Lib  Win32Lib TeamJun 17 2008WIN phix
 Win32lib7ForPhixwin32lib7 for Phix  ChrisBurch3Dec 19 2016WIN phix
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