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Contributions which only run on the Linux platform

 AnagramQuizProgram2Anagram Quiz Program  Jerry StoryMar 7 2010LNX Games
 BinariesForOSXbinaries for Apple OSX v4.0.5  James CookNov 23 2017LNX
   30CallEuphoriaRoutinesOnAnotherMachineCall Euphoria Routines on Another Machine  Pete EberleinFeb 18 2000LNX
 CausesOfHealthProblemsCauses of Health Problems  Jerry StoryMar 7 2010LNX
 CgiOn-linePhoneBookCGI On-line Phone Book  Andy CranstonJun 25 2002LNX rds-hosted
 CheckUserAndPasswordCheck User and Password  Jean-Marc DUROSep 24 2012LNX rds-hosted
 DcScalableRandomNumberGeneratorDC Scalable Random Number Generator  Dan McGrathAug 27 2005LNX rds-hosted Library Routines
 DemoRunnerForGtkLibraryDemo Runner for GTK Library  Chris BurchNov 26 2002LNX rds-hosted
 Devdspdevdsp  Michael J. SabalJun 25 2004LNX rds-hosted
 Domecalcdomecalc  Kenneth RhodesMar 22 2012LNX rds-hosted Mathematics
 DoomsdayPerpetualCalendarDoomsday Perpetual Calendar  Irv MullinsOct 25 2003LNX rds-hosted
 EditorSyntaxFilesEditor Syntax Files  Ken RhodesFeb 4 2001LNX rds-hosted
  350EeForLinuxEE for Linux  Irv MullinsOct 25 2003LNX rds-hosted
 Emacs-syntaxEuphoria 3.1.1 syntax highlighting for GNU Emacs  Shian LeeNov 20 2017LNX rds-hosted
 EncryptDecryptEncrypt / Decrypt  irv mullinsJul 6 2004LNX
   50EuappeuApp  Matt ArriolaJul 19 2003LNX rds-hosted User Interfaces
 EuAssistantEu Assistant  Jesse AdkinsMar 9 2007LNX rds-hosted
 EuexpatForLinuxVer012EuExpat for Linux ver. 0.1.2  Damien "damo" HodgkinMay 27 2005LNX rds-hosted Internet
 EugtkDemosEuGTK Demos  irv mullinsMar 10 2008LNX rds-hosted
 1550EugtkGtkLibraryForEuphoria40EuGTK - GTK Library for Euphoria 4.1b2  Irv MullinsAug 2019LNX WIN User Interfaces
  100EuphoriaCgiSetupEuphoria CGI Setup  Irv MullinsFeb 12 2001LNX rds-hosted
 EuphoriaSupportFileForTheGeanyProgrammingEditorEuphoria support file for the Geany Programming Editor  Kenneth RhodesOct 27 2011LNX rds-hosted Editors
 EuphoriaSvgIconsEuphoria SVG Icons  Alexander ToressonMar 19 2005LNX rds-hosted
 EuxosdeuXosd: Wrapper for the XOSD on-screen display library  Ira HillJan 2 2012LNX rds-hosted
 ExeccommandexecCommand  Jean-Marc DUROSep 24 2012LNX rds-hosted
 FaxManagerFax Manager  Chris BurchAug 25 2004LNX rds-hosted
 FileAndPipeLibrariesFile and Pipe Libraries  Jeff FieldingFeb 22 2000LNX rds-hosted
 FileCommands2File Commands  Ted FinesFeb 16 2001LNX rds-hosted
 FileNamesToLowerCasefile names to lower case  Carlos ValdesDec 28 2008LNX rds-hosted Utility Programs
 FreebudgetV132FreeBudget v1.3  Jean-Marc DUROSep 5 2012LNX rds-hosted Simple Demos
 FtpLibraryFTP Library  Jean-Marc DUROSep 10 2012LNX rds-hosted Internet
 FtpServerFTP Server  Jean-Marc DUROSep 24 2012LNX rds-hosted Internet
 GeditSyntaxForEuphoria40GEdit Syntax for Euphoria 4.0  Mario SteeleJan 16 2009LNX rds-hosted Editors
 GnuplotInterfaceForEuphoriagnuplot interface for euphoria  Greg HaberekJan 17 2012LNX Mathematics
 GraphicseForLinuxgraphics.e for Linux  Mike SabalSep 9 2000LNX rds-hosted
  500GraphicsEngineForLinuxGraphics Engine for Linux  Bernie RyanDec 20 2000LNX rds-hosted
  185GtkLibraryGTK Library  David CunySep 7 1999LNX rds-hosted
 GtkOpenglExtensionGTK OpenGL extension  Michael J. SabalJan 11 2005LNX rds-hosted Library Routines
 GtkWrapperDeclarationsGTK Wrapper Declarations  David CunySep 7 1999LNX rds-hosted
 HolisticEncryptionHolistic Encryption  Peter BlueMar 9 2004LNX rds-hosted
 HttpFetcherHTTP Fetcher  Mark BrownMar 7 2008LNX Internet
 JapiForLinuxTestedAndReadySamplesjapi for linux tested and ready samples  Carlos ValdesJan 30 2009LNX rds-hosted
 LinuxConsoleUtilitiesLinux console utilities  Chris BurchFeb 4 2004LNX rds-hosted
 LinuxSerialCommunicationLibrarylinux serial communication library  jacques deschenesJun 21 2009LNX rds-hosted
  100LlamaGtkEnhancementsLLama/GTK Enhancements  J. BrownSep 24 2002LNX
 McsyntaxEuphoria 3.1.1 syntax highlighting for Midnight Commander  Shian LeeNov 17 2017LNX rds-hosted
 MemoryChallengesMemory Challenges  irv mullinsDec 17 2010LNX rds-hosted Games
 MidnightCommanderSyntaxHighlightingMidnight Commander syntax highlighting  prickleJul 31 2009LNX rds-hosted Editors
 Multi-playerWordGameUsingSocketsMulti-player Word Game Using Sockets  Irv MullinsFeb 15 2000LNX rds-hosted
 MyLinksMy Links  irv mullinsMar 16 2010LNX rds-hosted Simple Demos
  100NcursesForEuphoriancurses for Euphoria  Chris BurchJan 26 2006LNX rds-hosted
 NetscanNetscan  irv mullinsMar 19 2010LNX rds-hosted
 NewtForEuphoriaNewt for Euphoria  Greg HaberekJul 2 2012LNX User Interfaces
 PebblesGamesForDosAndLinuxPebbles Games for DOS and Linux  Benjamin FitchJan 10 2001LNX rds-hosted
 PipeIOPipe I/O  J. BrownApr 1 2002LNX rds-hosted
 Poptpopt  Jeff NyczDec 21 2003LNX rds-hosted Library Routines
 QtToEuphoriaGtkQt to Euphoria Gtk  ninoidApr 21 2010LNX rds-hosted
 ResumeToolresume tool  P. SpauldingJul 8 2007LNX Simple Demos
 RolodexRolodex  ChrisAug 26 2003LNX rds-hosted Simple Demos
 RoutinesForSvgalibRoutines for SVGALib  Marcos DonnantuoniFeb 6 2000LNX rds-hosted
 ScriptsForTheXjedEditorScripts for the xJed Editor  Humberto YeverinoAug 31 2000LNX rds-hosted Editors
 SdlWrapForLinuxSDL_Wrap for Linux  Mark AkitaApr 9 2003LNX rds-hosted
 SimpleSmtpLibrarySimple SMTP Library  Peter BlueJan 17 2004LNX rds-hosted Internet
   50SimpleText-modeUserInterfaceSimple Text-Mode User Interface  Irv MullinsOct 28 2003LNX rds-hosted
 SushiStomperSushi stomper  ChrisBurch3Oct 21 2007LNX rds-hosted Internet
   14SvgaGraphicsInLinuxSVGA Graphics in Linux  Pete EberleinAug 8 1999LNX rds-hosted
  625SyntaxColoringSyntax Coloring  Irv MullinsApr 24 2004LNX rds-hosted
 Taglisttaglist  Harry ByersJun 16 2013LNX rds-hosted Sound
 Tidy-backupForWee043Tidy-Backup for WEE 0.43  Kenneth RhodesJan 4 2016LNX rds-hosted Language Tools
 UnicodeConsoleUtilitiesUnicode Console Utilities  Jean-Marc DUROSep 5 2012LNX rds-hosted Utility Programs
 UnzipUtilityUnzip Utility  Ken RhodesNov 20 2000LNX rds-hosted
 UseStdinAndStdoutOnLinuxUse STDIN and STDOUT on Linux  Matt LewisFeb 8 2006LNX rds-hosted
 Utf8DialogsUTF8 Dialogs  Jean-Marc DUROJan 29 2015LNX rds-hosted User Interfaces
 VowelPlayVowel Play  Russell K. DavisMar 9 2001LNX rds-hosted
 WebServerAndClientWeb Server and Client  Pete EberleinMar 1 2000LNX
 Wee048mWEE 0.48m  Kenneth RhodesFeb 16 2017LNX rds-hosted Editors
 WeeEditorV047ModifiedWEE Editor v0.47 modified  Kenneth RhodesMar 12 2016LNX rds-hosted Editors
 XmotorXMOTOR  Bernie RyanFeb 16 2006LNX rds-hosted
 Zipsearchzipsearch  Jim PishloJan 20 2010LNX Database
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