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Contributions that need attention

This page can also be used as a simple ticket system, with inline (and syntax coloured) code rather than an attachment/download when appropriate.
Note that "[[!broken]]" is a call to action, whereas "-- this is broken" is just a comment.
Should you start working on something in this list, adding a named and dated comment on the entry may help eliminate duplication of effort.
You can see any previously fixed entries here, if anything ever gets [[!broken]] replaced with [[!fixed]].

  150LoopLibLOOP lib  Lewis TownsendFeb 22 2001GEN Language Tools broken
 RayCastingDemoRay Casting Demo  Hollow Horse SoftwareJan 6 1998DOS broken
 TwinsGameTwins Game  Jiri BaborJan 30 1997DOS rejected broken
 XmlWindowDesigningXML window designing  pajaroSep 19 2004WIN rds-hosted broken
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