Definition: sequence identifier
-- or --
integer i = sequence(object x)
Description: This serves to define the sequence type.
You can also call it like an ordinary function to determine if an object is a sequence.
Comments: When invoked as a function, returns 1 if x is a sequence otherwise returns 0.

Note that sequence(x) and not atom(x) are effectively identical.

A sequence can hold all string values, but the reverse is not true.
Example 1:
sequence s
s = {1,2,3}
Example 2:
if sequence(x) then
    sum = 0
    for i=1 to length(x) do
        sum = sum + x[i]
    end for
    -- x must be an atom
    sum = x
end if
See Also: atom, integer, string, object, Sequences, Core Language