Sequence Manipulation

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apply apply a function to every element of a sequence
append add a new element to the end of a sequence
columnize convert a set of sequences into a set of columns
extract Retrieve a set of elements from a sequence according to some supplied set of indexes
flatten remove all nesting from a sequence
join concatenate all elements of a sequence, with optional delimiter
join_by flexible columnisation of results for easier reading
length return the length of a sequence
permute return the nth permute of a given set
prepend add a new element to the beginning of a sequence
reinstate The logical counterpart to extract()
repeat repeat an object n times to form a sequence of length n
reverse reverse a sequence
shuffle randomise the order of a sequence
split Split a sequence on the specified delimiter into a number of sub-sequences
split_any Split a sequence on any of the specified delimiters into a number of sub-sequences
split_path The logical counterpart to join_path(), split_path() breaks up a path into a sequence of path fragments
substitute replace all instances of a substring
substitute_all replace all instances of each of a set of substrings
tagset create the sequence of integers {1,2..n}
tagstart simple convenience wrapper of tagset
trim Trim whitespace from strings
vslice Return the specified column of every element of a sequence
See Also: Concatenation