Sequence Manipulation

length - return the length of a sequence
repeat - repeat an object n times to form a sequence of length n
reverse - reverse a sequence
append - add a new element to the end of a sequence
prepend - add a new element to the beginning of a sequence
flatten - remove all nesting from a sequence
join - concatenate all elements of a sequence, with optional delimiter
split - Split a sequence on the specified delimiter into a number of sub-sequences.
split_any - Split a sequence on any of the specified delimiters into a number of sub-sequences.
trim - Trim whitespace from strings.
columnize - convert a set of sequences into a set of columns
tagset - create the sequence of integers {1,2..n}
substitute - replace all instances of a substring
shuffle - randomise the order of s
permute - return the nth permute of a given set

See Also: Concatenation