Definition: string s = prompt_string(string prompt)
Description: Prompt the user to enter a string of text. The prompt parameter is a string that will be displayed on the screen. The string that the user types will be returned, minus any new-line character.
pwa/p2js: Not supported. JavaScript simply cannot "stop executing" while it waits for user input, instead you must specify a routine for it to call after they have, so any (legacy) code using this routine is just simply not structured in the right way to be able to be run in a browser, not that it should be overly difficult to refactor into something that can (and no longer uses this), using (say) KEY, or perhaps more relevantly a VALUE_CHANGED handler on a gText().
Comments: If the user happens to type control-Z (which indicates end-of-file), "" will be returned.

If this routine is too simple for your needs, feel free to copy (and ideally rename) it and make your own more specialized version. You can find the original in builtins\get.e
name = prompt_string("What is your name? ")
See Also: gets, prompt_number