Definition: string res = ppf(object o, sequence options={})
Description: Return object pretty printed (with embedded \n), no trailing \n.
For options, see ppOpt.
Comments: The previous pretty_print options are restored on exit.

ppExf is a pre-optional-parameters version of this routine.
ppOpt({pp_IntFmt,"%d.00 US$"})
ppOpt({pp_FltFmt,"%.2f US$"})

x=ppf(1) -- x is "1.00 US$"

Note the deliberate setting of both pp_IntFmt and pp_FltFmt to yield consistent results.

The following one line could be used instead of the above, apart from the options not being permanent:
x=ppf(1,{pp_IntFmt,"%d.00 US$",pp_FltFmt,"%.2f US$"})
See Also: pp, ppOpt