mov eax,...
        lea edi,[...]
        call :%pStoreMint   -- [edi]:=eax, as float if rqd
        mov rax,...
        lea rdi,[...]
        call :%pStoreMint   -- [rdi]:=rax, as float if rqd
Description: Store a machine-word sized integer, as a float if necessary. Deallocates previous content.

Aside: This routine is a relatively recent addition; there are many places in the backend that use %pStoreFlt that would benefit from conversion to this routine. However gains would be neglible and I am in no rush to add new bugs.
On return: [32] all registers preserved
[64] rcx/rdx/rsi (and rax/rdi/rbx/rbp/rsp) preserved, others may be damaged
Defined in: builtins\VM\pHeap.e