mov ecx,<required size in bytes>
        mov edx,<era>
        mov rcx,<required size in bytes>
        mov rdx,<era>
        call :%pGetPool
Description: Internal routine to obtain raw memory, intended for use by the likes of pAllocStr, pAllocSeq, pStoreFlt, pStoreMint, pStack, and pAlloc. The latter (the hll allocate() function) is in fact just a slim wrapper that remembers the actual size yielded, as needed for pFreePool.

The era, or effective return address, is the value which is translated to a line number when reporting a fatal error. Obviously it is much better to report errors on a line such as s[i] = x in preference to a call :%pGetPool in pAllocStr etc, and to complicate matters further, the era should be that of say the call to :%opConcat rather than the call of :%pAllocStr within that function. Any such errors should only occur after a rogue poke, incorrect memory allocation size, or similar.

Can return 0, which should be fatal for everything except allocate().
Returned memory contains whatever garbage was already there.
On return: [32] eax is raw pointer, edx is allocated size, all other registers (except ebx/ebp/esp) trashed
[64] rax is raw pointer, rdx is allocated size, all other registers (except rbx/rbp/rsp) trashed
Defined in: builtins\VM\pHeap.e