These routines can be applied to individual atoms or to sequences of values. See sequence operations.

abs - calculate the absolute (unsigned) value of a number or sequence of numbers
sum - add together all elements of a sequence, however deeply nested
sqrt - calculate the square root of a positive number
rand - generate random numbers
sin - calculate the sine of an angle
arcsin - calculate the angle with a given sine
cos - calculate the cosine of an angle
arccos - calculate the angle with a given cosine
tan - calculate the tangent of an angle
arctan - calculate the arc tangent of a number
log - calculate the natural logarithm or a number
floor - round down to the nearest integer
remainder - calculate the remainder when a number is divided by another
round - round a number to the specified precision
ceil - round a number up to the next integer
sign - returns -1, 0, or +1 for negative, zero, or positive numbers respectively
mod - the remainder of two numbers using floored division
trunc - the integer portion of a number
power - calculate a number raised to a power
PI - the mathematical constant PI (3.1415926...)
gcd - the greatest common divisor of two numbers or a sequence of numbers
factorial - the factorial of an integer
factors - the integer factors of a number
prime_factors - the prime factors of a number